Talents & Proficiencies

Many talents are identical to class special abilities. A character essentially receives these talents for ‘free’ when they gain them as a class ability, without having to meet the prerequisites.

Also note that if you gain a talent that you already possess as a class special ability, you can select another class talent or general talent to take its place (you must possess all prerequisites).

In rare cases, you may be presented with the situation that you must pick a talent from among a list that you do not meet the prerequisites for. In this case, select one of the talents listed, but you do not receive the benefits of that talent until you meet all the prerequisites.

Although this page is organized by category, you are eligible for any talent or proficiency as long as you meet the prerequisites.

General Talents

Talent Prerequisites
[ATTRIBUTE] Training ²
Additional Language ²
Defensive Training ¹
Offensive Training ¹
Resist Disease
Resist Poison
Resist Psionics
Resist Radiation

Mutant Talents

Talent Prerequisites
Additional Perk * One or more mutant perks, Low Creep Contamination
 – Improved Perk Additional Perk, one or more mutant perks, Moderate Creep Contamination
 – Advanced Perk Additional Perk, Improved Perk, one or more mutant perks, High Creep Contamination
Multiattack * Two or more natural weapons, class Atk bonus +1
 – Improved Multiattack Multiattack, two or more natural weapons, class Atk bonus +3
Duck Agi 13+, pint-sized or small-sized
Natural Armour Expertise Natural Def bonus +1
Plague Carrier End 13+, Accumulated Resistance
Pounce Agi 13+, one of Adrenaline Control or Fleet Feet
Rend Str 15+, Claws
Tearing Bite Bite Attack

Enforcer Talents

Talent Prerequisites
Haul Class Str bonus +1
Combat Expertise * Int 11+, class Atk bonus +1
 – Combat Style ² Int 11+, Combat Expertise, class Atk bonus +3
Weapon Familiarity * Class Atk bonus +1
 – Weapon Focus ² Weapon Familiarity, class Atk bonus +3

Outlander Talents

Talent Prerequisites
Creep Detector Per 11+
Favoured Enemy ² Per 11+, class Atk bonus +2
Survivor End 11+, class End bonus +1
Terrain Mastery ² Per 11+, class End bonus +1
Toughness End 11+
Tracking Per 11+
Trailblaze Per 11+, class End bonus +1

Scavenger Talents

Talent Prerequisites
Disable Device Agi 13+, class Agi bonus +1
Evasion Agi 13+, class Agi bonus +2, class Def bonus +1
Lightning Reflexes Per 11+
Scav Scan Per 11+
Sleight of Hand Agi 11+, class Agi bonus +1
Sneak Attack ¹ Agi 13+, class Agi bonus +2, class Atk bonus +1
Stockpile ¹ Lck 13+, class Lck bonus +1

Savant Talents

Talent Prerequisites
Coordinate * Cha 11+, class Cha bonus +1
 – Inspiration Cha 13+, Coordinate, class Cha bonus +2
 – Greater Inspiration Cha 15+, Coordinate, class Cha bonus +3
Cunning Linguist Int 13+, speak two or more languages, class Int bonus +1
Exploit Weakness * Int 11+, class Int bonus +1
 – Trickery Int 13+, Exploit Weakness, class Int bonus +2
 – Greater Trickery Int 15+, Exploit Weakness, Trickery, class Int bonus +3
Hidden Lore ¹ Per, Cha, or Int 13+; class Per, Cha, or Int bonus +2
Inner Strength One or more psionic powers
Practiced Manifester Cha 13+, existing ISP pool
Psionic Knowledge * Cha 11+, existing ISP pool
 – Improved Psionic Knowledge Cha 13+, Psionic Knowledge, existing ISP pool
 – Advanced Psionic Knowledge Cha 13+, Psionic Knowledge, Improved Psionic Knowledge, existing ISP pool
Strong Mind Cha 11+, class Cha bonus +1
Tech Familiarity * Int 11+, class Int bonus +1
 – Tech Increase Int 13+, Tech Familiarity, class Int bonus +2
 – Tech Craft ² Int 15+, Tech Familiarity, Retro- or Advanced-Tech, Class Int bonus +3
Treat Injury * Per 11+, class Per bonus +1
 – Improved Healing Per 11+, Treat Injury, class Per bonus +1
 – Advanced Healing Per 13+, Treat Injury, Improved Healing, class Per bonus +2
 – Medical Miracle Per 15+, Treat Injury, Improved Healing, Advanced Healing, class Per bonus +3
Useful Trivia ¹ Int 13+, class Int bonus +2
Wild Talent Cha 11+, no psionic powers

Armour Proficiencies

Proficiency Prerequisites
Light Armour Proficiency *
 – Medium Armour Proficiency Light Armour Proficiency
 – Heavy Armour Proficiency Light Armour Proficiency, Medium Armour Proficiency
 – Power Armour Proficiency Advanced-Tech, Light Armour Proficiency, Medium Armour Proficiency, Heavy Armour Proficiency, class Def bonus +1
Shield Proficiency

Weapon Proficiencies

Proficiency Prerequisites
Basic Blasters * Advanced-Tech
 – Advanced Blasters Advanced-Tech, Basic Blasters
 – Exotic Blaster ² Advanced-Tech, Basic Blasters, class Atk bonus +1
Basic Firearms * Retro-Tech
 – Advanced Firearms Retro-Tech, Basic Firearms
 – Exotic Firearm ² Retro-Tech, Basic Firearms, class Atk bonus +1
Simple Weapons *
 – Improvised Weapons Simple Weapons
 – Martial Weapons Simple Weapons, Improvised Weapons
 – Exotic Martial Weapon ² Simple Weapons, Improvised Weapons, Martial Weapons, class Atk bonus +1
Unarmed Combat *
 – Brawl Unarmed Combat
 – Improved Brawl Unarmed Combat, Brawl

* Entry-level talent for a given talent tree.
¹ This talent can be selected multiple times. Its effects stack.
² This is actually a number of separate talents. Each time it is selected, a specific category must be chosen.

Talents in italics may be unavailable or of limited use to characters from low-tech backgrounds.


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