Luck Points

Luck Points were introduced on the SPECIAL Attributes page, but deserve a bit more explanation. Luck Points are a renewable pool of points that you can spend to reroll failed d20 checks. Each character begins play with a number of Luck Points determined by his class (as shown in the table below), plus his Luck modifier. All characters are lucky or unlucky to some degree, but scavengers tend to rely on luck the most.

Luck Points by Class

Class Luck Points
Enforcer 2
Outlander 4
Scavenger 6
Savant 2

A character who selects Luck as a Prime Attribute gains four (+4) additional Luck Points to start and at each class level.

A character can have zero Luck Points at minimum; you can’t have a negative number. The maximum number of Luck Points a character can accumulate is equal equal to your class level plus your Luck modifier (+4 if Luck is a Prime).

Regaining Luck Points:

A character accrues Luck Points by gaining a level (as described later) or sometimes as part of an adventure’s award (at the GM’s discretion). Luck is a fairly rare quantity in the game – be careful how you spend it.

The number of Luck Points a character gains when he increases in level depends on the class he has just advanced in; add the number shown in the table above plus his Luck modifier. A character never loses Luck Points when gaining a level, even if his Luck modifier is a negative number.

Using Luck Points:

A character can spend a Luck Point to reroll an Attribute check, an initiative check, an attack roll, or a saving throw (basically, and d20 roll). Likewise, when an opponent makes a d20 check which directly affects the player character, you can spend a Luck Point to force the GM to reroll. Luck Points cannot be used to reroll damage rolls or percentile rolls (which use other dice than the d20), or effects which do not target the PC.

When a d20 check is made, a player may declare that roll ‘unlucky’ after the fact and announce that he is making a lucky roll. The character spends 1 Luck Point from his pool to reroll the original d20 check. A lucky reroll can be made only once for each Attribute check, attack roll, or saving throw.

The reroll uses the same modifiers as the original check, plus the character adds his Luck modifier to the result. If you are rerolling one of your own checks, you add your modifier as a bonus. If you are forcing the GM to reroll a check against you, you can apply your Luck modifier as a penalty (assuming a positive Luck modifier).

When a character spends a Luck Point, the reroll occurs immediately. The spent Luck Points is deducted from the character’s pool. The result of the second roll is used, whether it succeeds or not.

If a character’s luck pool ever falls to 0 points, he cannot make any lucky rerolls until his pool again has at least 1 point in it.

Note: Don’t forget that you can always attempt a lucky reroll, even on checks that you are not normally allowed to retry. This can be very useful in dangerous situations, such as when you’ve been detected while trying to sneak past a warbot!


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