2.4 Mutations


Most Scorched Earth PCs have one or more special abilities called ‘mutations’. Each mutated character possesses a unique combination of beneficial and detrimental mutations, and thus must be generated from scratch.

All mutations are classified as either mutant perks or mutant flaws. Perks are beneficial, while flaws are baneful. Every mutated character will possess one or more of each.

Not all mutations are equal; some are more powerful (or detrimental) than others. Perks and flaws are broken down into three grades: minor, medium, and major. (A few mutations can belong to more than one grade, depending on how they are rolled.)

For every mutant perk of a given grade that you possess, you must also have a mutant flaw of the same grade. The description for your genotype gives the number of mutant perks that you can have, as well as the mutation grades allowed. Mutant humans have between one to four mutant perks of any grade, plus corresponding flaws.

The following tables list the mutations available and briefly describe their effects:

Go To: Random Mutant Perks Table

Go To: Random Mutant Flaws Table

Go To: Mutation Descriptions

Your GM has more detailed information about these mutations. Ask him if you are not clear on how your perks or flaws work.

In general, mutations of different types stack, so you can have ‘Scaly Armour’ (+4 natural armour) over your ‘Thick Hide’ (granting +2 natural armour) for a total of +6 to Defense. Lucky mutant.

Generating Mutations:

Mutations are determined randomly. You generate mutations by rolling d% on the Mutant Perks Table for a given grade, then rolling d% on the Mutant Flaws Table of the corresponding grade. Repeat until you are satisfied with your mutations, or until you have reached the maximum number of perks for your genotype.

If you roll the same mutation more than once, simply re-roll the result. (There are some exceptions. ‘Extra Arm’, for example, can be rolled more than once.) Some mutations have opposite or incompatible effects (such as ‘Pint-Sized’ and ‘Plus-Sized’, or ‘Blindness’ and ‘Poor Vision’). If you get a combination that doesn’t make sense, re-roll the last mutation.


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