2.5.4 Savant


The Scorched Earth is but a shadow of the age of wonders. Tribes creep through the twisted remains of buildings larger than mountains, and drink from lakes that well up from broken pipes. There are living machines buried deep in the ground, in the ruins of the cities, or roaming the plains. Any of the relics of the past could be a great blessing or terrible danger. The savant leads his people as a wise man, a mind mage, or a technological shaman who attempts to contact and comprehend the secrets of the Ancients.

Savants At-A-Glance:

Class Attributes: Perception, Charisma, and Intellect.
Hit Points: +2 hit points per class level.
Luck Points: +2 Luck Points per class level.
Weapons and Armour: Simple Weapons plus two additional proficiencies.
Combat Ability: Poor Attack, poor Defense.
Special Abilities: Cunning Linguist (at 1st), Field of Study (at 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th), Strong Mind (at 1st), Treat Injury (at 1st), Useful Trivia (at 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th), Hidden Lore (at 3rd, 6th, and 9th), Bonus Talent (at 5th and 10th), Slippery Mind (at 7th).

Game Rule Information:

Class Attributes: A savant has three Class Attributes: Perception, Charisma, and Intellect. At least one of these must be a Prime for the character. Perception improves initiative and is important for awareness checks, Charisma is vital for interaction checks (and psionic powers, if the character has any mental mutations), while Intellect grants bonus languages and is important for many class abilities.

The character adds one (+1) to all Perception, Charisma, and Intellect Attribute checks for every class level. Add one-half this bonus to checks with other Attributes.

Fractional Attribute Advancement: At each class level, the savent increases his fractional Attribute scores as follows: Str +d4, Per +d20, End +d4, Cha +d20, Int +d20, Agi +d4, Lck +d4. He adds his base Luck modifier to each die roll (to a minimum of +0 fractional advancement).

Hit Points: A savant gains two +2 hp per class level. These are added to the character’s base hit points.

Luck Points: When a savant increases in level, he gains +2 Luck Points plus his base Luck modifier. A character can never lose Luck Points when gaining a level, even if his Luck modifier is a negative number.

Combat Ability: A savant has poor attack and Defense progressions.

Weapons and Armour: The character starts with the following weapon and armour proficiencies:

  • Simple Weapons.
  • Two additional proficiencies chosen from Armour Proficiency (Light Armour, Medium Armour, Shields) or Weapon Proficiency (Light Weapons, Martial Weapons, Basic Firearms, Advanced Firearms, Basic Blasters, Advanced Blasters, Unarmed Combat, Brawl).

Starting Equipment: A savant begins with the following gear:

  • Weapons: One Simple or Light Weapon and one Simple Weapon (two weapons total).
  • Armour: One set of Light Armour.
  • Other Equipment: One “Standard Adventurer’s Pack” plus 1d10 TU worth of additional gear.

Special Abilities:

Cunning Linguist: Starting at 1st level, the savant can make a special Intellect check to try and understand words in an unfamiliar language or decipher a unknown text (if literate). The DC is set by the GM. This ability is useful to piece together the meaning of messages in Ancient. On a failed check, the character may draw false conclusions from the message.

Field of Study: At 1st level, a savant selects a particular area of expertise from the list below. The character gains an extra talent related to his specialty at 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th levels. Once a savant has picked a given field of study, all future talents must come from the same list. If the character is eligible for several fields of study, he must select one to advance in starting at 1st level.

  • Wise Man: A perceptive savant’s empathy for others enhances his healing abilities. Select talents from: Field Medic, Improved Healing, Advanced Healing, Medical Miracle… {*** Empathy, Improved Aid, Intuition? ***} (Prerequisite: Perception is a Prime.)
  • Mind Mage: The psionic savant has learned to master his mental powers. Select talents from: Wild Talent, Inner Strength, Practiced Manifester, Psionic Knowledge, Improved Psionic Knowledge, and Advanced Psionic Knowledge. (Prerequisite: Charisma is a Prime.)
  • Tech Shaman: Some savants become well-versed in the lost technological arts of the Ancients. Select talents from: Tech Familiarity, Tech Increase, Tech Craft (select type), and Weapon Proficiency (Basic Firearms, Advanced Firearms, Basic Blaster, Advanced Blasters). (Prerequisite: Intellect is a Prime.)

Note that in addition to the field of study prerequisite, the savant must meet all requirements for his chosen talents. If the savant already possessess every available talent from his field of study, he may select another savant talent or general talent instead.

Strong Mind: A savant’s focus and discipline grant him a +2 bonus on Charisma checks against mind-influencing effects.

Treat Injury: Savants can make a special Perception check to diagnose and heal others. On a successful check against DC 15, 1d4 hit points are restored to a wounded character. A healer’s kit is required. The number restored can never exceed the character’s full normal total of hit points, and a given character can only be healed a maximum of 4 hp per day via this class ability.

Useful Trivia: By 2nd level, the savant has accumulated a vast catalog of information in his brain. Every so often, a fact comes in extremely handy. Once per session, a savant can ‘remember’ a bit of data which grants himself or an ally one of the following benefits:

  • +4 on an Attribute check about to be made,
  • +2 on the character’s next attack,
  • +2 to Defense against the next attack directed at the character,
  • or +1d6 damage to the character’s next succesful attack.

Using this ability counts as a standard action and the bonus must be used in the current encounter. A savant learns more Useful Trivia as he gains experience. The character may use this ability a once daily for every 2 class levels (2/day at 4th, 3/day at 6th, etc.)

Hidden Lore: Starting at 3rd level, a savant may make a special check to see whether his character knows some relevant information about local notable people, legendary relics, or noteworthy places. Before rolling, the player must select which mental Attribute to use for this check – Perception, Charisma, or Intellect. The DC is set by the GM.

Initially, the savant can attempt to use this ability once per game session. He may make one additional attempt for every 3 subsequent class levels (2/session at 6th, 3/session at 9th).

This ability is typically used at the start of an adventure to gain hints about possible encounters, threats, and loot.

Bonus Talent: At 5th level and again at 10th level, the character can select a bonus talent of his choice. He must meet all prerequisites for the talent.

Slippery Mind: This ability represents the savant’s ability to wriggle free from attempts to control or compel him. If a savant of 7th level or above is affected by a mind-influencing effect and fails his Charisma check to resist, he can attempt it again 1 round later at the same DC. He gets only this one extra chance to succeed on his check.

Savant Progression:

Level Attack Defense Special Abilities
1 +0 +0   Cunning Linguist, Field of Study, Strong Mind, Treat Injury
2 +1 +1   Useful Trivia (1/Daily)
3 +1 +1   Hidden Lore (1/Session)
4 +2 +1   Field of Study, Useful Trivia (2/Daily)
5 +2 +2   Bonus Talent
6 +3 +2   Hidden Lore (2/Session), Useful Trivia (3/Daily)
7 +3 +2   Field of Study, Slippery Mind
8 +4 +3   Useful Trivia (4/Daily)
9 +4 +3   Hidden Lore (3/Session)
10 +5 +3   Field of Study, Useful Trivia (5/Daily), Bonus Talent

Class Attributes: Perception, Charisma, and Intellect.

Fractional Advancement: Str +d4, Per +d20, End +d4, Cha +d20, Int +d20, Agi +d4, Lck +d4.

Savants gain 2 hit points and 2 Luck Points per class level.


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