2.5.1 Enforcer


Civilization is the act of imposing order on the chaos of the wilderness. Enforcers act as the strong arm of order, the warriors who defend civilization. Of course, definitions of civilization vary. Enforcers stand atop the walls of forts, holding the line against mutant barbarians besieging the outpost. However, enforcers are also found amid the barbarians below – the mutant chieftain and his best warriors are enforcers, keeping order in the tribe. Enforcers are the thugs, the guards, the defenders, and the hunters of the Scorched Earth.

Enforcers At-A-Glance:

Class Attribute: Strength.
Hit Points: +3 hit points per class level.
Luck Points: +2 Luck Points per class level.
Weapons and Armour: Simple Weapons plus five additional proficiencies.
Combat Ability: Good Attack, poor Defense.
Special Abilities: Weapon Familiarity (at 1st), Haul (at 2nd), Weapon Focus (at 3rd), Bonus Proficiency (at 4th and 8th), Bonus Talent (at 5th and 10th), Weapon Specialization (at 6th), Juggernaut (at 7th), Weapon Mastery (at 9th).

Game Rule Information:

Class Attribute: Strength is an enforcer’s class Attribute and it must be a Prime for the character. Strength is especially important for enforcers because it improves melee attack and damage rolls.

The character gains a +1 bonus to all Strength Attribute checks for every enforcer class level. Add one-half this bonus to checks with other Attributes.

Fractional Attribute Advancement: At each class level, the enforcer increases his fractional Attribute scores as follows: Str +d20, Per +d10, End +d12, Cha +d8, Int +d4, Agi +d12, Lck +d6. He adds his base Luck modifier to each die roll (to a minimum of +0 fractional advancement).

Hit Points: An enforcer gains +3 hp per class level. These are added to the character’s base hit points.

Luck Points: When an enforcer increases in level, he gains +2 Luck Points plus his base Luck modifier. A character can never lose Luck Points when gaining a level, even if his Luck modifier is a negative number.

Combat Ability: An enforcer has a good attack progression but a poor Defense progression.

Weapons and Armour: The character starts with the following weapon and armour proficiencies:

  • Simple Weapons.
  • Five proficiencies chosen from Armour Proficiency (Light Armour, Medium Armour, Heavy Armour, Shields) or Weapon Proficiency (Improvised Weapons, Martial Weapons, Basic Firearms, Advanced Firearms, Basic Blasters, Advanced Blasters, Exotic Weapon (Select Type), Unarmed Combat, Brawl, Improved Brawl).

The enforcer must meet all the prerequisites for the proficiency to select it.

Starting Equipment: An enforcer begins with the following gear:

  • Weapons: One Simple, Improvised, or Martial Weapon; one Simple or Improvised Weapon; and one Simple Weapon (three weapons total).
  • Armour: One set of Light or Medium Armour plus a Shield.
  • Other Equipment: Basic clothing plus 1d4 TU worth of additional gear.

Special Abilities:

Weapon Familiarity: An enforcer gains basic training in all weapon types, and when using any non-proficient weapon he suffers only a -2 penalty on attack rolls. Most characters suffer a -4 penalty on attack rolls when using a weapon in which they are not proficient.

Haul: Since enforcers typically wear heavy armour and wield many weapons, they learn to carry more gear than the typical character. At 2nd level, an enforcer’s Strength is considered 4 points higher for the purpose of determining his carrying capacity.

Weapon Focus: At 3rd level, the enforcer chooses one type of weapon in which he is proficient (unarmed strike and natural weapons can also be chosen as weapons). The character gains a +1 bonus on all attack rolls when using the selected weapon.

Bonus Proficiency: At 4th and again at 8th level, an enforcer gets a bonus Weapon or Armour Proficiency. Select from the weapon and armour list provided in the Game Rules Information, above. The enforcer must meet all the prerequisites for the proficiency to select it.

Bonus Talent: At 5th level and again at 10th level, the character can select a bonus talent of his choice. He must meet all prerequisites for the talent. See the Talents & Proficiencies page for details.

Weapon Specialization: At 6th level, when the enforcer is fighting with his selected weapon (chosen as his Weapon Focus), he gains a +2 bonus on all damage rolls.

Juggernaut: By 7th level, the enforcer has become accustomed to wearing heavy armour. When wearing armour in which he is proficient, his max dodge bonus is increased by 1, his armour penalty is reduced by 1, and penalties to his movement speed are reduced by one ‘step’ .

Weapon Mastery: At 9th level, the character gains an additional +1 bonus on all attack and damage rolls made when using his selected weapon. These bonuses stack with the ones gained at previous levels.

Enforcer Progression

Level Attack Defense Special Abilities
1 +1 +0   Weapon Familiarity
2 +2 +1   Haul
3 +3 +1   Weapon Focus
4 +4 +1   Bonus Proficiency
5 +5 +2   Bonus Talent
6 +6 +2   Weapon Specialization
7 +7 +2   Juggernaut
8 +8 +3   Bonus Proficiency
9 +9 +3   Weapon Mastery
10 +10 +3   Bonus Talent

Class Attribute: Strength.
Fractional Advancement: Str +d20, Per +d10, End +d12, Cha +d8, Int +d4, Agi +d12, Lck +d6.
Enforcers gain 3 hit points and 2 Luck Points per class level.


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