Sikich (Al’s Character)

“Few fail to notice Sikich Hurkatz. Standing seven-and-a-half feet tall, he would make for an intimidating figure if he weren’t so incredibly thin, the bones of his face and body pressing outward against his tautly drawn skin – and what skin it is! Vaguely reptilian in texture, but even tougher, Sikich’s skin is a mottled pattern of browns, mustards, and olive greens. His large yellow eyes, glittering with an unnerving, piercing intelligence, rest beneath heavy brows, and his hair is a tangled mass of wavy black. His thin dark lips are much too wide for his face, appearing almost to divide his skull into upper and lower halves, revealing several rows of sharp jagged teeth. He speaks only with difficulty, sounding for all the world as if he were indeed some kind of fork-tongued reptile.”

“He wears a dark robe over his studded leather armor, suggesting some kind of monkish aspiration, but the well worn energy pike that he carries (and leans on when at rest) suggests that he is no stranger to the business of inflicting pain. Indeed, there is something slightly unnerving about his appearance, as if he were constantly on alert for any signs of weakness to exploit. Both fascinating and repellent, ethereal and raw, Sikich Hurkatz seems almost to compel attention.”

– Sikich

General Information:

Character Name: Sikich Hurkatz
Primary Player: Al
Genotype: Mutant Human
Background: Slicker
Class & Level: Savant 4
Experience Points: 8,000 XP (11,000 XP req’d for 5th)
Luck Points: 3 (6 maximum)
Creep Contamination: Mild


Attribute Score (Base Mod) Attribute Check
Strength: 6.89 (-2) +0
Perception: 11.29 (+0) +4 P
Endurance: 8.57 (-1) +1
Charisma: 18.32 (+4) [Prime] +12 C
Intellect: 19.77 (+4) [Prime] +12
Agility: 9.93 (-1) -1 A
Luck: 14.19 (+2) +4

P +2 bonus to avoid mishaps from damaged structures.
C +2 bonus against mind-influencing effects, -2 on interaction-related checks (-8 if speech-related), -6 to disguise-related checks.
A -2 armour penalty included.


Base Combat Stats
Hit Points: 16 (16 maximum)
Initiative Modifier: -4 (Adrenaline Deficiency)
Base Attack Bonus: +2
Base Defense Bonus: +1
Size Category: Medium (Plus-Sized)
Base Speed: Normal (1 range category/round)
Running Speed: Fast (2 range categories/round)
Weapons Attack Damage
GSh-18 Russian Pistol Atk: +1 Dmg: 2d6
  (9mm* rounds) Crit: 20 Range: Short
Energy Pike Atk: -4 Dmg: 1d6-2 + 2d6 §
  (12 charges) Crit: 19-20 Range: Reach
Dagger (melee) Atk: +0 Dmg: 1d4-2
Crit: 19-20 Range: Melee
Dagger (thrown) Atk: +1 Dmg: 1d4-2
Crit: 19-20 Range: Short
Unarmed Combat Atk: +0 Dmg: 1d4-2 §
Crit: 20 Range: Melee

§ Attack inflicts subdual damage.

Armour Defense Class Armour Penalty
Studded Leather & Small Shield 14 -2
 — Flat-Footed 14 -2
 — vs. Touch 10 -2
Unarmoured 10 -0


Manifester Level: 0 (cannot augment powers)
Inner Strength Points: 0 (5 maximum)
Minor Powers (1 ISP): Detect Psionics, Far Hand.
Medium Power (3 ISP): Kinetic Blast.
Major Power (5 ISP): Telekinesis.

Character Traits:

Genotype Traits:

  • Genotype: Mutant Human.
  • Increased Creep Threshold: Base Creep Threshold is 2× Endurance score.
  • Morphic Genetics: Develop additional mutations with increasing Creep contamination.
  • Medical Incompatibility: Must succeed an Endurance check (base DC 15) or become ill when using Ancient medicines and related relics.
  • Plus-Sized [Maj Perk]: Treat as one size class larger for opposed checks and weapon use. (7’6″ tall.)
  • Heightened Intellect [Med Perk]: +4 bonus to Intellect.
  • Thick Hide [Min Perk]: +2 natural armour bonus to Defense.
  • Detect Psionics Psi [Min Perk]: Can detect the presence of psionics and psionic individuals. Costs 1 ISP to manifest, and remains active for up to 1 minute (concentration required).
  • Reduced Strength [Maj Flaw]: -4 to penalty to Strength; cannot select as Prime.
  • Adrenaline Deficiency [Med Flaw]: -4 to Initiative.
  • Bizarre Appearance [Min Flaw]: -2 to interaction-related Charisma checks. -6 to disguise-related Charisma checks.
  • Malformed Mouth [Min Flaw]: -2 on speech-related Charisma checks. (Major lisp.)

Background Traits:

  • Background: Slicker.
  • Tech Level: Retro-Tech.
  • Slicker Sense: +2 bonus on Perception checks to avoid potential mishaps from damaged structures.
  • Languages: Unislang, Gutterspeak, High Tongue, Ancient (!) (Literate).

Talents & Proficiencies:

  • Proficiencies: Weapon Proficiencies (Simple Weapons, Basic Firearms), Armour Proficiency (Light Armour).
  • Psionic Knowledge (Far Hand): Move small objects at a limited distance. Costs 1 ISP to manifest and remains active for up to 1 minute (concentration required).
  • Improved Psionic Knowledge (Kinetic Blast): Deal 2d6 force damage to target. Costs 3 ISP to manifest and requires a ranged touch attack.
  • Advanced Psionic Knowledge (Telekinesis): Move or hurl objects with the force of your mind. Costs 5 ISP to manifest; one object up to 25 lbs, maximum medium range.

Class Abilities:

  • Cunning Linguist: Can make a special Intellect check to try and understand words in an unfamiliar language or decipher a unknown text.
  • Field of Study (Mind Mage): Improved Psionic Knowledge (Kinetic Blast), Advanced Psionic Knowledge (Telekinesis). (Included above.)
  • Strong Mind: +2 bonus on Charisma checks against mind-influencing effects.
  • Treat Injury: Can diagnose and heal others. On a successful Perception check against DC 15, 1d4 hit points are restored to a wounded character. (A healer’s kit is required.)
  • Useful Trivia: Can ‘remember’ a bit of data which grants himself or an ally a special benefits (usable 1/day, see savant class description for details).
  • Hidden Lore: Can make a special mental Attribute check to know some relevant information about local notable people, legendary relics, or noteworthy places. Usable 1/session.


  • Combat Gear: GSh-18 Russian Pistol (lots of 9mm* rounds), energy pike (12 charges remaining in e-clip), dagger, studded leather armour (made with chitin), small chitin shield.
  • Miscellaneous Relics: First-aid kit (lots of uses remaining), sealed bandages (3), experimental pills (12), medispray (1 canister), 10 ready-syringes (5 doses Stimshot A, 3 Stimshot B, 3 Anaesthetic, 1 Herculin, 1 Knock-Out, 1 Supergen, 1 sustainer), laser scalpel (charged), healing packs (2).
  • Other Possessions: Frozen fishsticks, dark robes.

One Response to “Sikich (Al’s Character)”

  1. Start at 1,000 XP (2nd level).

    +100 XP for character background.
    +380 XP (cumulative) for post comments.
    +595 XP (cumulative) for impressing the GM.
    +4,660 XP (cumulative) for defeating foes/overcoming obstacles.
    +500 XP for defeating Lord Sogor and surviving Mongoliant Island.
    +250 XP for reaching the Second Dome.
    +600 XP for overcoming the chuul in the Slime Cave.

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