Cormac (Deceased)

(Slain by Lord Sogor, King of the Mongoliants of the Lost City, during a heroic attempt to save the party from certain doom.)

Raygun Death

“A man of preternatural attractiveness, Cormac has a charisma almost spectral in nature. He is of course a mutant, but far from being abhorrent, possesses a beauty that bathes all those who meet him. The most noticeable physical aspect of him is his skin which shifts constantly through a scene of blues and greens. Cormac also manifests a beatific calm in all but the most chaotic circumstance, seemingly a man out of time with the entropy of an earth ravaged by such devastation and torpor. Perhaps he sees things that others do not but he can appear even more unearthly than his mutancy might indicate. Despite this he displays a constant and powerful dedication to those he considers his friends and indeed makes friends of the people he meets very easily. His comrades who are often more earthbound and physical than him help to anchor his thoughts and actions and he is often able to apply his intellect to situations in a most practical and successful way.”

“Cormac talks little of his past but what small fragments he gives away speak of times spent in cities, working at any jobs available that would utilise his talents and provide enough coin to live. Of family he speaks even less and attempts at conversation on the subject often lead nowhere. More important to him is the future, the moulding of which he sees as the only useful and practical destiny for survivors. Although dark days are all around, he sees a flickering light in the distance that provides both illumination and warmth to a mind determined never to descend into the depths of depression or savagery that others around him so often embrace.”

– Cormac

General Information:

Character Name: Cormac (Deceased)
Primary Player: (Shared Character)
Genotype: Mutant Human
Background: Slicker
Class & Level: Savant (2nd lvl)
Experience Points: 3,560 XP (Posthumously eligible for 3rd)
Luck Points: 0 (2 maximum)
Creep Contamination: Low


Attribute Score (Base Mod) Attribute Check
Strength: 7.92 (-2) -1
Perception: 13.37 (+1) +3
Endurance: 13.77 (+1) +2
Charisma: 17.55 (+3) [Prime] +9 *
Intellect: 14.93 (+2) [Prime] +8
Agility: 10.09 (+0) +1
Luck: 13.50 (+1) +2

* +2 against mind-influencing effects (strong mind trait).


Base Combat Stats
Hit Points: DEAD! (17 maximum)
Initiative Modifier: +1
Base Attack Bonus: +1
Base Defense Bonus: +1
Size Category: Medium
Base Speed: Normal (1 range category/round)
Running Speed: Fast (2 range categories/round)
Weapons Attack Damage
Minigolf Putter (melee) Atk: +0 Dmg: 1d4-2
Crit: 19-20 Range: Melee
Minigolf Putter (thrown) Atk: +2 Dmg: 1d4-2
Crit: 19-20 Range: Short
Knife (melee) Atk: -1 Dmg: 1d4-2
Crit: 19-20 Range: Melee
Knife (thrown) Atk: +1 Dmg: 1d4-2
Crit: 19-20 Range: Short
Unarmed Combat Atk: -1 Dmg: 1d4-2 (subdual)
Crit: 20 Range: Melee
Armour Defense Class Armour Penalty
Reinforced Trenchcoat 13 -0
Flat-Footed * 13 -0
vs. Touch 11 -0
Unarmoured 12 -0

* Always considered flat-footed (stiff motion flaw).


Manifester Level: 0 (cannot augment powers)
Inner Strength Points: 0 (8 maximum)
Minor Power (1 ISP): Distract (Cha DC 14 negates)
Medium Power (3 ISP): Read Thoughts (Cha DC 16 negates)
Major Power (5 ISP): Telekinesis (Cha DC 18 negates)

Character Traits:

Genotype Traits:

  • Genotype: Mutant Human.
  • Increased Creep Threshold: Base Creep Threshold is 2× Endurance score.
  • Morphic Genetics: Develop additional mutations with increasing Creep contamination.
  • Medical Incompatibility: Must succeed an Endurance check (base DC 15) or become ill when using Ancient medicines and related relics.
  • Telekinesis Psi [Maj Perk]: Can move a creature or object by concentrating mind on it. Costs 5 ISP to manifest and remains active for up to 1 minute (concentration required, Cha save vs. DC 18 to resist).
  • Stiff Motion [Maj Flaw]: Always treated as flat-footed; no Agility bonus to Defense. (Actually dissociative disorder, triggered by stress.)

Background Traits:

  • Background: Slicker.
  • Tech Level: Retro-Tech.
  • Languages: Unislang, Gutterspeak (Literate).
  • Slicker Sense: +2 bonus on Perception checks to avoid potential mishaps from damaged structures.

Talents & Proficiencies:

  • Proficiencies: Weapon Proficiencies (Simple Weapons, Basic Firearms), Armour Proficiency (Light Armour).
  • Psionic Knowledge (Distract): Target has a -4 penalty to Perception checks (Cha save vs. DC 14 to resist). Costs 1 ISP to manifest and remains active for up to 1 minute (concentration required).
  • Improved Psionic Knowledge (Read Thoughts): Know the surface thoughts of the mind of any creature within range (Cha save vs. DC 16 to resist). Costs 3 ISP to manifest and remains active for up to 1 minute (concentration required).

Class Abilities:

  • Cunning Linguist: Can make a special Intellect check to try and understand words in an unfamiliar language or decipher a unknown text.
  • Field of Study (Mind Mage): Improved Psionic Knowledge (Read Thoughts).
  • Strong Mind: +2 bonus on Charisma checks against mind-influencing effects.
  • Treat Injury: Can diagnose and heal others. On a successful Perception check against DC 15, 1d4 hit points are restored to a wounded character. (A healer’s kit is required.)
  • Useful Trivia: Can ‘remember’ a bit of data which grants himself or an ally a special benefits (usable 1/day, see savant class description for details). (Daily use expended.)


  • Combat Gear: Minigolf putter (mastercraft), knife, reinforced trenchcoat (hard plastic plates sewn into liner).
  • Miscellaneous Relics: Books (6, untranslated), digital watch (no batteries), cellphone (broken), Ancient suit (bloodstained).
  • Other Possessions: Sling bag, water bottle (full), crude bedroll, crude torches (2).

3 Responses to “Cormac (Deceased)”

  1. Start at 1,000 XP (2nd level).

    +100 XP for character background.
    +145 XP (cumulative) for post comments.
    +205 XP (cumulative) for impressing the GM.
    +860 XP (cumulative) for defeating foes/overcoming obstacles.
    +250 XP for escaping the slaver stockade.
    +1,000 XP for Lord Sogor’s defeat (granted posthumously).

  2. You know, I think Cormac’s ‘Stiff Motion’ trait is more a psychological condition that’s arisen since his imprisonment by the slavers than a true physical mutation. He’s definitely become withdrawn and dissociative… though his psionic abilities seem to be strengthening, almost in compensation.

    Which reminds me, Cormac’s still eligible for a starting talent. He might want to look at ‘Improved Psionic Knowledge’…

  3. Yeah, Improved Psionic Knowledge is excellent – he’ll use it to pick “Read Thoughts”.

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