0.3 Player Characters

Current Characters

Here are status updates and direct links to the character sheets for current PCs:

  • Cobb: Stark white skin, sharp teeth, sees better at night than he does in the day? That ain’t no vampire boy! Vampires don’t shake like a junkie. That’s just Cobb, the scavenger. (29 of 29 hp.)
  • Jumrak: He may be simple, but this mountain man ain’t stupid – Jumrak is one tough customer and he’ll take you out if you’re in his or the gods’ ways (and if he can see you). (49 of 49 hp.)
  • Kronic: Derek’s character, a near-human enforcer and deadly clawed brawler. (14 of 33 hp.)
  • Sikich: Al’s character. Tall and thin, the reptilian Sikich is a brilliant mind mage. (16 of 16 hp, 0 of 5 ISP.)
  • Soggul: Doublenix’s character. A three-armed mutant with unusual mental deficiencies, Soggul was long a slave in the mongoliant arena. (33 of 33 hp.)
  • Thrakazog: Shrouded in an unhealthy yellow glow, his nearly eight-foot frame towers over friend and foe alike, his prehensile tail drawing further attention to a mutant who stands out among mutants. (31 of 31 hp.)
  • Vash: Jeremy’s character, a stock human savant and tech shaman. (19 of 19 hp, Unconscious.)

You’ve also got ‘Blinky’, a sociopathic hyper-intelligent robot janitor (which is either an NPC or an artifact, depending on your opinion).

Deceased Character

Here is the character sheet (at time of death) of the PC who never made it out alive:

  • Cormac: Shared character, a mutant savant with psionic powers. (Killed by Lord Sogor of the Lost City Mongoliants, see Flash! Bang! for details.)

Party Lairs and ‘Stash’

The Lost City

The group has established three lairs/hideouts within the Lost City:

The first ‘hideout’ was on the top floor of a building in the Flooded Quarter (Map Area #11), while the second was in the artillery building outside the mongoliant stadium (Map Area #10). You’ve also stashed some gear in the former lair of the Mongoliant Lord Sogor (beneath the stadium, Map Area #23).

Your stash includes a collection of management books (about 60), a library of medical texts, a collection of military texts, a heavy wrench, a broken sawed-off shotgun, and crates of 7.62mmR and 9mm ammo. Sogor’s lair also contains a significant amount of electronic gear that was too bulky to transport.


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