0.4 Out-of-Character Discussion

You can use this page for Out-of-Character (OoC) discussion.

(Not that I’m too picky about OoC comments in the game itself.)

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115 Responses to “0.4 Out-of-Character Discussion”

  1. Hey, here’s an OoC bit of discussion:

    Would it be possible to provide an RSS feed just for the Scorched Earth comments? I have included the main site in my Google Reader for post updates, but if we could get feed updates on the comments too, that might help speed up participation. (Says the last guy to get his stats submitted. My bad.)

    Just a thought. I don’t know if WordPress can do that.

  2. I’ve put the RSS feeds in the ‘other links’ sidebar. I’ve never used an aggregator; let me know if these work.

    Full RSS feed: https://scorchedearthrpg.wordpress.com/feed
    Comments only feed: https://scorchedearthrpg.wordpress.com/comments/feed

  3. I’ve moved some of the discussion that was occuring here directly into the ‘Dawn Isn’t Coming’ post, since it pertained to your corrent situation.

    As a note, I’m not too picky about OoC comments to the posts themselves; I’ll work them ‘in-character’ into the next post.

  4. FYI – you can sign up for a WordPress account to make it easier to participate in the game. You’ll be ‘logged on’ and automatically comment with the same ID. Plus you’ll get to use an avatar, if that’s the kind of thing that turns your crank.

  5. Don’t forget about your Luck Points – you can call for a re-roll in a post by spending one.

  6. (Comment moved to 05 – One Step Closer… by K-Slacker.)

  7. Has Cormac picked a minor psionic power yet? Perhaps it hasn’t been discovered yet, but could be manifested very soon…?

  8. Cormac’s player wanted to see the psionics rules before picking a power, but I haven’t heard from him for a couple weeks now. If someone *else* wants to pick a power for him, they can go right ahead…

  9. I’d like to pick the Distract minor power on Cormac’s behalf. And I’ve got some ideas for this slick savant… at least for now!

  10. Done. Cormac’s sheet has been updated.

  11. My apologies for being silent on that last post. My internet filter at work is sometimes finicky about the websites it blocks, and Scorched Earth got the axe, hence I am unable to comment from work. (Goddamn the Man!) And then it’s after 10 PM at home in the evenings when I have any time to myself, and I forget. (People with kids will understand this.)

  12. Just sending myself a comment in my RSS feed as a reminder to select 10 TU worth of basic equipment as part of my next action for the current post.

    Go-go Gadget helicopter!

  13. My guess regarding the green, hilly carpet in the back room of the bar was that it was an indoor putting green.

    Apparently I was close, so maybe one of you guys can take a clue from that and figure it out?

  14. Close enough. You probably also figured that the ‘little white balls’ were golf balls and that the ‘little clubs’ were putters. 100 XP to Cobb.

  15. Ah, I posted my reply to the new post before seeing these comments here. I certainly don’t mind not getting the XP, but my story still stands.

    Since Thrakazog has leveled up, he’ll take a 4th level of Enforcer. He likes to think of himself as smarter than your average brawler, but still is stronger than he is smart. Since his first weapon proficiency was the Fullblade, he’ll take Club as his 4th level weapon proficiency. (I assume this will allow him to wield his wrench more proficiently — if not, then I’ll make a different choice.)

    If there are any other selections I need to make for Thrak’s 4th level, let me know. As far as I know, that’s it.

  16. Thrak can already handle a club with his ‘Simple Weapons’ proficiency. You might want to pick ‘Unarmed Combat’, ‘Basic Firearms’, or maybe ‘Heavy Armour’.

  17. Right then.

    Thrak has normally found it difficult to acquire armour fitted to his size, so would probably not have developed that proficiency quite yet. Given the new thrust of experience with our stolen guns, it would then make sense to pick the Basic Firearms proficiency as his next. That’ll do for me. Though for now, he’ll need a guiding Lando Calrissian to his Han Solo (“A little higher, just a little higher!”), considering he can’t see any better than Han fresh out of the carbonite.

  18. So, the “separate part of the city on the other side of the “river” along the wall” in my post is referring to the piece of land with building #10 on it. Also, I’m hoping that my slicker sense and useful trivia abilities might come in handy here, hint hint…

  19. (I’ll include this in the next game post, but here’s a preview since you asked…)

    This part of the Lost City (map location #10) seems particularly silent and dismal; a swamp of marshy ground, ruined buildings, and thick mist rolling in from the underground river cutting it off from the rest of the city. The distant hoots and hollers of unknown city creatures seem lost here. Dominating the cracked and ruined rooftops is a huge domed building in the distance, to the south.

    (Your useful trivia ability isn’t particularly useful in this circumstance. You can save it a skill check or attack roll later.)

  20. I like the long descriptive posts. It’s sad to leave so early. πŸ˜€ Question: Was there any chairs or sofas in the nicer offices? And hello to everyone. I’m Jeremy (or seppun1). I play Vash now. πŸ™‚

  21. The waiting room in the top storey has a nice couch. The CEO’s chair is very impressive (though bloodstained). There were also nice chairs in the Professional Offices (3rd storey). It would be tricky to transport these; what did you have in mind?

    Oh; and I’ll change all the references on Vash’s page from ‘Bruce’ to ‘Jeremy’.

  22. Hi Jeremy! Welcome.

    I don’t mind the longer posts at all. If it’s something that helps set the tone for a particular chapter or shares useful information, then I’m all for it. I’m normally drawn into the telling the longer it goes on anyway. I think the only real risk might be presuming actions for certain characters that they wouldn’t have taken, but the Slacker would probably try to avoid that.

  23. (Moved from 17 – Roof With A View)

    Hey K-Slacker, somehow I’m automatically registered here. I apologize if this screws up the flow, hoepfully it goes in as a commnet. Wanted to say this PbP looks great.

  24. Sorry guys. I’ll know better next time. Thanks for moving my comment.

  25. No problem.

    I’m out of town (and posting from my blackberry) for a few days.

    By the way; if any players are interested in joining a similar play-by-comment game run by Sentience, check out the ‘Decay’ link in the sidebar.

  26. I like the idea of incorporating the relevant bits of dialogue or action from the comments into the next post. Helps us know your own interpretatioon on events. I’d rather leave out most of the filler, since I’d rather hear about what’s next going to further the plot or set up the next round of actions for us to take.

  27. I like the style that you’ve been running with so far, integrating player dialog and comments as they are relevant. I also like how some posts are short and some are long – it’s good that it changes depending on the game situation.

  28. What range category does the distance between the PCs and the artillery fall in to? What kind of solid, movable objects are close to the group?

  29. Extreme range – too far for Cormac’s telekinesis, and there’s no walking path between the docks and the artillery. Lots of minor debris (rubble, etc) scattered around everywhere, though. Some big pieces, too.

  30. Hmmm, you think one of them big guys would be strong enough to rip off the laser arm and bring it along? πŸ˜€

  31. If you mean the artillery piece, it’s too big to be moved by your crew.

    The mongoliant guard’s blaster rifle (currently being used as a club) is normal-sized, however.

  32. Remember that the Player Character page has summaries for each PC’s current condition (in case you’re having trouble remembering how everyone’s doing).

  33. Sorry for not posting. You actually had me do what I wanted to do. πŸ™‚

  34. Greetings! I’m Vegan, and thrilled to be here. I play Sikich Hurkatz. Post-apoc literature and RPGs are a great joy of mine, ever since the first edition of Gamma World came out oh, decades ago. This game and site are first-rate, and I’m honored to be scouring the deadlands with y’all.

  35. Hey Vegan. Very glad to see you here and picking up a replacement for our lamentably deceased Cormac. (May he rest in peace.) Welcome to this particular motley crew. You’ve given yourself a great start already, I look forward to gaming more with you here!

  36. Regarding my “Soggul Joins” post: I didn’t want to assume that an easy way up to the roof was available, so I wrote a post that took Sikich only around the corner of the building. If circumstances allow for more action on his part, he’ll lead Thrak up to the roof and attack the standing gunner.

  37. (I added some more info about the building as a comment to the ‘Soggul Joins’ post.)

  38. Just wanted to say hello as well. I’m Daryl aka Doublenix and I’ll be taking on the role of Soggul, the three-armed slave the team has rescued. I would have been more active, but I got hit with a viral infection last week and it took me out of commission for awhile. I’m working out my final character details and should be much more active in the days to come. I look forward to interacting with all of you! πŸ™‚

  39. LOL Had to post that one. Soggul’s hard of hearing, so I thought I’d make a little joke with that. πŸ˜›

  40. Random rules question… What do you think of ‘fractional Attributes‘ rule? They’re an idea that I swiped from HackMaster.

  41. From what I’ve seen thusfar, I like it. I don’t know if you include anything like this, but it would be nice to see if slight adjustments could be included for usage. If an attribute is used a lot, then a minor adjustment up could be cool. The same if one is seldom used. However, that would require a lot of extra work on your part, so I don’t know if that would be worth it. *shrug*

  42. Just to clarify, Soggul will be Scav Scanning for concerns before and after entering the water. If he sees anything dangerous, he will hold off on proceding.

  43. (Hmm; I notice the comments are buggy this morning. Some are appearing and disappearing whenever I click reload. Hopefully nothing gets lost.)

  44. Mine were once lost, but now they are found.

  45. Foo? Did I say something wrong?

  46. You caught the Foo! I was fiddling with the comments and it was only online for a few seconds. Just needed a random word.

    Heck, I’ll give Vash 25 XP for catching that.

  47. Figured it would be best for me to try and continue convincing the others to join us. Sikich and I know them the best, so we may be able to sway them better just because of history. *shrug* Just a thought…

  48. (Rescuing the ex-captives is certainly the *heroic* choice of action – and will garner you extra XP – but in practice it will pose some logistics problems: food and water, for example.)

    (Soggul and Sikich would certainly be the best ones to convince the ex-captives. But some of your new companions are rather jaded and cynical (or maybe just pragmatic). I’m interested to hear their opinion on bringing a half-dozen non-combatants onboard… Kronic, for example, might view them as little more than ‘human shields’.)

  49. I (Vegan) am also a bit unclear on the current security situation. I scanned over most of the prior posts, but I’m still not sure if we are secure yet in this town. My impression is that we are in the town, outside of an arena, which is attached to a citadel. Inside the citadel, bad guys still roam.

    So, if we want to set up a base, here, we would still need to take the citadel and empty it of baddies, right?

    Pardon me for asking about this OOC, but this feels like info that Sikich should know but I’m too slow to figure out….

  50. Well, we do have a hideout in an old skyscraper that is in the middle of the water zone. It’s a nice place, we just need to set up better. It’s a little more safe consider the only way to get to us is by water. Vash concern is that we just took half the elite, including the boss. We have wounded. He doesn’t want to lose anymore. There is protection in numbers. πŸ™‚

  51. Okay. Vash can tell me about the old hideout in character. I just wanted to make sure that I was accurately understanding the situation on the ground now. Sikich would know, but since I joined the game only recently, I was a bit hazy on the back story. Thanks!

  52. I don’t think Soggul is even considering that yet K. I think he is thinking only that these people are the only ‘friends’ he has had during his stay and wants them to help fight their former oppressors. Logistics and such would be an afterthought to him.

    However, if logistics become a problem in game, then he will have to address it. LOL

  53. I’ll be away from my computer until Monday night.

  54. No problem, Sikich. I’ve got a busy weekend too and probably won’t update the site until Sunday night.

  55. Yes, Soggul is planning on staying, though he has suggested that the group make camp here tonight. Strength in numbers and all. πŸ™‚

  56. Could they move the Cannon. I don’t mind if they make camp there, I agree with Soggul. There is strength in numbers. But if they move the Gauss Cannon, they should move to the entrance to blast anything that comes out. πŸ™‚

  57. Gotcha; initial recovery at your current location, possibly followed by a move to the flooded quarter.

    Moving the cannon would be a significant engineering endeavour. Essentially it’s ‘fixed in-place’ unless you somehow secure the entire mongoliant territory (including citadel) for at least a week or two.

    Unless you just want to push it over, which would be possible in a few hours at most.

    You *can* point the cannon towards the entrance from the arena, but you can’t hit the citadel. Well; you could even shoot at the stadium itself, I guess, and try to blow a hole through it… Not sure how well that would work.

  58. Okay. Well, even in its current position, the Cannon can still protect them from anyone coming from the entrance, the gate and the water. So, it is temporary safe place.

  59. (Okay; I’ve updated your PC sheets. Take a look at your character and make sure everything looks kosher; I may have missed something.)

    (Feel free to redistribute your gear or to call dibs on some of the swag that has been mentioned in posts; you’ll have time to optimize your equipment during your rest.)

  60. Sikich has been thinking that it would be a good idea to keep the captive tied up in the building underneath the artillery gun. He could be a useful source of information about the citadel.

  61. K-S: How much ammo does Sikich have?

  62. With the bullets you recovered, there are 7 in the clip.

    Ammo counts are included on the character sheets under the ‘Possessions’ section.

  63. Got it. Thanks.

  64. Hmm. Slow day, or else my biological clock has sped up. Daylight savings time did just end. Hmmm.

  65. My apologies for being out of comments for the past while. Just got back from two weeks of holidays. I’m back on the horse and ready to ride.

  66. I know what a tsunami is, but what do you call it when a giant wave of paperwork rises up and buries your life for a week?

  67. Origami.

  68. πŸ™‚

  69. (Unless you decide otherwise, I’ll assume your group will stay at the artillery building and wait things out while healing. You’ve got tons of food available if you decide to BBQ one of the fallen sheep; otherwise you’ll run out in a couple days.)

    (You have any plans for the walkie-talkie? Don’t forget about your captive mongoliant, either.)

    (Sikich and Soggul have each gained a level. Sikich – I assume you’ll take another savant level. Soggul – do you want outlander or scav?)

  70. I’ve got a question on how to proceed with the Scorched Earth campaign… Don’t worry; I’m not ending the game or anything like that. In fact, I need to know how much (and how quickly) I should *expand* it.

    First, some history. When I decided to use the Lost City as the basis for the Scorched Earth campaign, I planned on running it in two parts:

    – ‘Part 1’ would involve the PC’s escape from the slavers, your exploration of the Lost City, and finally making it back to the surface. I assumed that the mongoliants would be too tough for your party to handle until after you’d gained some experience and gear.

    – ‘Part 2’ would involve your return to the Lost City to take out the mongoliants, followed by your discovery of the ‘Second Dome’. But it turns out that you’re pretty close to reaching the Second Dome already!

    So my question is this… We’ve been gaming for about 8 months now; exploring the Second Dome could take a similar amount of time. That’s quite a commitment for an online game, and I hate not finishing campaigns cleanly.

    Do you want closure on the ‘initial adventure’ first? (In which case your adventures will be ‘restricted’ to the current dome.) Or do you want continue on into the Second Dome? (This would expand the scope of the game by quite a bit.)

    I can work both approaches very easily into the game – it’s just a matter of preference, really. *But I have to decide which way to proceed before you enter the mongoliant citadel* – so I need to know before the next post, basically.

    So what’s your opinion – one dome or two?

  71. *DIES!* A star wars line. I love it! And I love Blinky! πŸ˜€

  72. I was hoping someone would catch that Ben Kenobi line I threw in there. Star Wars lines make for great literary fodder for these sorts of things, coming only slightly ahead of Monty Python lines.

  73. *DIES!* The little smart Roomba loves me! *sniffles!* I love you, Blinky! No one ever sell you! ;D

  74. Sorry that I didn’t see your post before about the level up K. I’ll leave it up to you which way I go on leveling up based on the skills and actions I take in-game.

    Also, I really love how the game has picked up in frequency, (or that’s how it feels at least). Niiiiiiice πŸ™‚

  75. When you first mention to the robot, I pictured the robot King in the new Burger King commercials that they are showing here. πŸ™‚

  76. Just letting everyone know that I’m still here. Any questions or comments while we wait, just let me know. πŸ™‚

  77. Apologies again for the extended absence. So much for getting lots of posts in during my vacation!

    By the way, the Scorched Earth Play-by-Comment has been active now for over a year!

  78. Woohoo! I would throw up confetti, but there are no more left on Scorched Earth. πŸ˜€

  79. Happy anniversary to our sad, devolved and burnt out campaign. And I mean that in the best possible way!

    Vacations are good for the soul and time off is needed from sport such as this, too, Kelly. I’m glad you took it.

  80. *LAUGHS!* Philosophy and Fishsticks. I like that. πŸ˜€

  81. Hi Al!

    Al’s joined the game; he’s been playing Sikich for a while so I’ve switched the PC sheet to say ‘Al’s Characater’ instead of ‘Shared Character’.

  82. Greetings Al!

    Welcome on board into the wonderful world of, well, a post-apocalyptic world. It’s great fun, and the fish-sticks are yummy!

  83. I’m out of town unexpectedly for a few days. I might have net access and time for gaming stuff, but it’s unlikely.

    In my absense, feel free to chat amongst yourselves and create evil schemes to bedevil your GM.

  84. Still dealing with family stuff…

  85. Everyone, get hell out of there! πŸ˜›

  86. Soggul is not going to go back with the team in a direct route, even if Thrak or anyone else persists. He will attempt to catch up to everyone later, but after throwing the Mongos off the rest of the team. Sorry guys, but this is something he *has* to do.)

  87. Good plan!

    I really hope Soggul survives.

  88. Either way, he would have repaid back (some of) his debt to the group. A day of freedom after captivity is worth giving your life for, in his eyes. He’s more than grateful for that. πŸ™‚

  89. I’m out of town again for a few days. Will post when I return.

  90. (I’m doubting that Soggul heard anything as he has bad hearing. If I’m wrong, I’ll be happy to change my actions)

  91. You’re right; Soggul didn’t hear a thing.

  92. Awesome, thanks K. πŸ™‚

  93. I’ve bumped Thrakazog up a level of enforcer. (Your other option would have been to take a level of Savant, but Sikich and Vash already have that angle covered.) The percentile Attribute increased Thrak’s Luck by one point.

    By the way, Simon, you never did provide a write-up for your character… Interested in doing one now?

    UPDATE: Soggul’s outlander level has been added, too. The hardy mutant’s hit points have now surpassed Thrak’s.

  94. Aye, Slacker, I’ll get on writing something down for Thrakazog’s history.

  95. Cobb – I’ve updated your character sheet. Note that you get to pick a new talent at 5th level. I’ve assumed ‘Sneak Attack’ for now; let me know if there’s something else you’re interested in.

  96. Sikich – I’ve updated your characters sheet; you’ll get to pick a new talent from your Field of Study at 4th. You’re actually eligible for ‘Advanced Psionic Knowledge’, which will allow you to pick a Major Power.

    Psionic Blast or Telekinesis, perhaps?

  97. Gah; I’ve been drafted to assist in house renovations! Gaming time is severely depleted…

  98. Vash – I’ve updated your character sheet. I assumed you picked up ‘Improved Healing’ as your bonus talent. Another good option would be ‘Tech Increase’, if you’d prefer.

  99. Given the nature of Jumrak’s recent activities, he will advance in Enforcer.

  100. Jumrak – Done.

  101. Kronic – I’ve updated your character sheet. Lucky rolls – his Strength and Charisma scores both increased by 1.

  102. I think Sikich will go with Advanced Psionic Knowledge (Telekineseis), which is thematically in keeping with his other powers.

    Is there any benefit to taking the Practiced Manifester talent?

  103. I’ve added Telekinesis to Sikich’s sheet.

    There’s not so much benefit for Practiced Manifester at this point. I had originally intended to take psionics in a slightly different direction, but then never got around to it. Inner Strength (+5 ISP) is another possibility (though Telekinesis is cooler, IMHO).

  104. Who is grabbing the minor medical gear that you’ve found so far? Should I assume it goes to Vash, or split it between the party members?

  105. Sikich will grab some of the medical supplies once Vash has taken what he wants.

  106. I misspelled ‘scalpel’ when I originally posted entry #92, so the link I sent via e-mail won’t work. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out anyways…

  107. Only two guinea pigs? Come on; no other mutant want to risk permanent Attribute damage or death?

    So you’ve tried the Stimshot A earlier and found that it heals hit points, and now you know that Herculin will increase Strength and Endurance. You’re not quite sure what Supergen is doing to Thrak, but he doesn’t seem harmed by it.

    From your experience with the aescapulator, you’re also now able to identify the ‘penlike device’ that you found earlier – it’s a laser scalpel. Sikich is carrying it.

    A note on the pocket nurse: it has three ports that will accept ampules of the same size as a ready syringe, and can be worn on a belt. It’s a fair guess that it’s an automatic med injector…

  108. Hey K. I’m thinking of doing wordpress for two ideas I have and wondered what resources you could point me to. Being a beginner to their service, I’d need some pointers getting started. I like the way you lay out your games and your display of the text. Any info you can give me would be appreciated greatly! πŸ™‚

  109. Sorry, Vash! The sentry robot is a real killer, and it was between you and Sikich.

    Since I’m a spineless GM I’m willing to allow a ‘Karma Burn’ at this point – spend all your Luck Points and we’ll assume you’re down to 1 hp (horribly burned, but still alive).

  110. I was out-of-town for most of a week, and was without internet. I’ll try to catch up on posting soon.

  111. Gah! Over a month! I thought I had it in me to plow through to the end of this one, but I’m not so sure anymore…

    You’re *so* close to the finish line – I’d like to give you a ‘leading’ post to point you in a particular direction, then wrap things up.

  112. Is this game officially dead or are you still hoping to pick it up again?

  113. As the song goes:

    “I second that emotion.”

  114. i’ve just spent the last couple of days reading thru this game, good job all, its been a great read

  115. Thanks, Dejavoo. I appreciate the comment. I dropped the ball at the end there, but it was fun while it lasted!

    (The downside of finding several stable local game groups is that the online games kind of fell apart.)

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