103 – Warbot Fury

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Deeper Caves Map

(You are in the ‘killing fields’ (Map Area #46) in front of the mysterious installation at the north end of the second dome (Map Area #47). The area is brightly lit from bulbs on an unbroken chain link fence that surrounds the compound, clearly illuminating the fearsome form of the warbot upon the field of battle.)

(The very badly burned Vash has been brought behind cover for medical treatment behind a collapsed wall (providing cover). While several party members attend to Vash, Thrakazog has attempted to divert the machine’s attention away from them by diving behind a nearby pile of rubble and attacking from there. In a rage haze, Soggul has charged the warbot directly, and is now exposed. Kronic has been waiting for a clear shot, and now joins the battle.)

(Kronic rolls 13 +4 = 15 on initiative. The order of events on the field of battle is Kronic 15, Thrak 14, Soggul 10, and the warbot 0.)

The Field of Battle

The robot’s sensors lock in, and it extends additional weaponry and metallic tentacles from its body…

Kronic was taking careful aim this whole time looking for a weakness in the robot and setting up a good firing position from cover… now – HE LETS HIM HAVE IT! He will fire as many shots as fast as he can with the laser rifle and keep firing.

(Seeing as I missed Kronic’s action in the last post, I’m going to let him fire, then move, then fire again this round. He rolls a natural 20 (!) and a 10 +5 = 15. The first shot hits for 26 points of damage (though some is absorbed)!)

War Machine

War Machine

After carefully aiming, Kronic snipes the warbot with his over-sized laser rifle. There is a *pop!* as one of the machine’s sensors implodes from the blast! The diminutive enforcer then dashes to join Thrakazog behind his pile of rubble and attempts another blast (this one fires high). “God damn!” Kronic swears as he checks the machine for damage. “A perfect shot and the thing doesn’t even flinch!”

Bolstered by his initial success, Thrak gathers what courage remains to him and aims a “burst” shot at the war bot, thinking that the larger target will require a lot more damage to slow it down significantly. He’ll try his best to keep the bot’s attention away from Vash while Sikich attends to him as best he can.

(Attack roll is 2 +3 = 5. A miss.)

The shrill staccato of automatic rifle fire fills the Second Dome as Thrak’s bullets ricochet off the wall behind the robot.

Thrak won’t risk another jump to cover while the bot seems focused on him, content instead to fire from the protection offered by the surrounding rubble, but as soon as the bristling weaponry points elsewhere for a moment, the glowing target of a mutant will make a sprint for cover just a little further away in order to draw the deadly machine away from Vash.

Unable to hold back the fear, Soggul screams in a high-pitched tone and begins to run away. (The GM rolls a die.) Panicked, he heads back towards where his companions have pulled Vash and leaps to safety behind the rubble wall.

The warbot fires twice at Kronic, who now has full cover (+8 bonus, for a total Defense Class of 25).

(Attack rolls are 17 +10 = 27 and 19 +10 = 29. I’m going to assume that Kronic spends 2 Luck Points to force rerolls on those… New rolls are 9 +10 = 19 and 15 +10 = 25. Still one hit for 19 damage!)

Kronic howls in pain as a tongue of plasma penetrates the rubble and scorches his body hair off! Luckily, the damage is not as severe as it might have been…

Medical Miracle

Meanwhile, behind the other collapsed wall, the other party members gather around Vash…

Jumrak moves closer to Cobb and Vash. “Is there anything you can do for him, Cobb? I don’t know if he can handle another move in his state.” Turning to Vash, “If you have the strength, can you tell us if any of that stuff you have could help you? You know, those concoctions of the ancients?” (Jumrak can’t believe the words coming from his mouth, but what else can he do to help?)

Vash can barely hear anything that is said to him. His skin is on fire, burning, searing. What is not in pain is like a million bugs crawling on his flesh. He can’t even tell if he is screaming anymore.

Sikich crawls closer to Vash’s terribly burnt body and starts applying various medicines of the ancients to Vash until he is healed. Vash should have no problems with compatibility with the drugs at least and Sikich begins with Stimshot B, knowing how effective it was on his own form.

(Sikich injects Vash with the Stimshot B, restoring 18 hit points! Due to the pain from the burns, however, he is still barely conscious. Furthermore, unless his skin is healed, Vash will suffer a permanent -2 to END and CHA.)

Remembering the remarkable healing effect that Stimshot B had upon Sikich, he nods at the lanky mutant’s decision to use it on Vash. (GM rolls a DC 15 INT check for Cobb; 10 +8 = 18 – success!) Considering the injuries to Vash’s skin, he answers Jumrak’s question: “Help me find the canister labelled Medi-Spray! It should help his burns!” The Medi-Spray is procured quickly, and sprayed over Vash’s burned frame.

(Due to the miracles of Ancient technology, Vash is back up to full hit points! The use of Medi-Spray means that he will suffer no permanent damage from the ordeal – other than some interesting scarring. The near-death experience has still left him unconscious, however.)

(Searing plasma was also detrimental to Vash’s equipment. He loses his flintlock rifle, the Medi-Spray, 4 Readi-Syringes, assorted ampules of medicine, the electronic scanner, and e-clip recharger. Also, his fishsticks have gone from ‘frozen’ to ‘cooked’ and his surgical scrubs are downgraded from ‘good’ condition to ‘charred’.)

“It’sss a medhicalll mihracalll!” whispers Sikich as Vash’s pained moans cease and his wounds begin to rapidly heal before your very eyes. “Hee willl neeed ressst; wee neeed to geth himm to sssafety.”

What are your actions?


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5 Responses to “103 – Warbot Fury”

  1. Thrak peers cautiously at the warbot through a crack in the rubble in order to get a better look at the armaments and defenses it sprouts. He’ll use his “Exploit Weakness” ability to add his INT bonus to attack rolls after observing the ‘bot this round. Then he’ll start firing carefully aimed single rounds (versus the slightly wilder bursts) at the machine in the hopes of eventually disabling it, hopefully with Kronic’s help.

    If a chance to get to better cover presents itself with minimal risk to himself, he’ll take it.

  2. “Looks like that thing is focusing on Thrak and Kronic – what do you guys think about carrying Vash into that building when there’s a decent opening?”

  3. Soggul just lays on the ground, trembling, trying to contain himself. His mind is filled with thoughts of running away. He mumbles incoherently for a few moments, then remains silent as he continues to shake.

  4. Vash lays upon the ground. Alive, but unconscious. His body badly damaged, his flesh seared. It will require much medical attention and rest before he is able to mobile and supportive. Still, he is alive.

  5. Sikich tests his luck by briefly poking his head out of cover and scanning the entire area around where the warbot lairs. He is looking for alternate means to get past the warbot, cover or hiding places that could be used to bypass the defences.

    This done, Sikick grabs the unconscious Vash and tries to drag him back, away from the fight and into better cover. As he drags away Vash, he mutters to himself, “Cyrogenicsss. Thatt meanss frozzen sstuff. Probably moore fissh sstickss.”

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