102 – Suicide Run?

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(You are in the ‘killing fields’ (Map Area #46) in front of the mysterious installation at the north end of the second dome (Map Area #47). The area is brightly lit from bulbs on an unbroken chain link fence that surrounds the compound, which allows you to clearly see the monstrous warbot which has emerged!)

(Although most of the party managed to reach cover, Vash was caught by twin plasma blasts and lies – apparently dead – on the ground.)

Still Alive!

Deeper Caves Map

With the party members behind cover and out of view, the war machine stops – at least momentarily. An eerie quiet descends upon the battlefield…

Suddenly the silence is broken by a moan from Vash! In a weak voice he speaks: “Someone help me. I’m still alive, only I’m very badly burned.”

(Vash must have been slowed by his rad sickness to have been caught flat-footed like that by the warbot.)

(He has performed a ‘Karma Burn’, spending all of his Luck Points for a chance at survival – but he’s at 0 hit points, and barely conscious. I’d recommend using some medi-spray to give him new skin, plus some stimshots to get him back on his feet – that is, if you can get to him…)

It seems that the warbot’s plasma blasts did not incinerate your companion, as you initially thought! His charred and injured form lies on the ground about ten feet away. He is in plain view of the sentry robot, but it appears to be ignoring him – perhaps it does not consider the injured savant a threat, or maybe it is using Vash as bait?

Hearing his moaning companion from beyond the protective cover of the wrecked building, Thrakazog struggles with his options. He knows he’ll probably be safe (for now) if he remains where he is and waits for the warbot to retreat from wherever it came. But Vash’s life hangs in the balance, and there lies a fellow who has saved his own life, on more than one occasion.

Thrak grits his teeth and realizes the decision has been made for him. He can’t abandon such a stalwart companion. “Somebody get out there to Vash when that thrice-gods-damned machine moves out. And be quick about it!” Saying that, Thrak intends to make a cautious but hurried move from his current location to a position further west (Map Area #44) so he can take pot-shots at the warbot from (hopefully) enough cover to offer protection from the death rays it apparently has in abundance. Thrak prays that it will be enough to draw the machine sufficiently far away so that his other companions can tend quickly to the fallen Vash.

Mustering his courage, Soggul puts himself in harm’s way again. “I will draw this beast’s attention. Get Vash and save him.” The three-armed mutant runs to cover, away from the party, emitting a sonic howl on the way. His third arm draws his pistol and he begins to fire on the next cover spot, even further away.

(I’ll let Soggul burn a Luck Point to change the specifics of his last post and stave off his growing fear…)

(Also, I’m not sure which pistol you’re referring to. I’ll assume that Sikich loans Soggul his GSh-18 Russian Pistol for this action. Let me know if you scavenged a pistol earlier that I just forgot to add to Soggul’s sheet.)

Jumrak cries with joy: “He is alive! The gods are merciful today!” Hearing Soggul’s insane plan, he poises myself ready to run out to retrieve Vash as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Sikich holds up a hand for the others to wait (Jumrak holds his action) and peeks around the cover just enough to get a line of sight, then he musters his telekinetic powers to haul Vash into cover with him.

Cobb gets ready to help Jumrak and Sikich recover Vash. Once they get him to relative safety Cobb will make a ” Stockpile” check to see if he managed to pick up anything along the way that might help Vash (some kind of first aid item that he may have ‘absentmindedly’ picked up while looting or scouting).

(I’m not quite sure if Sikich intended for Thrak and Soggul to wait as well, but I’m going to assume that they will still make their attempt at a distraction while Sikich uses his Telekinesis power to retrieve Vash.)

(Cobb’s Stockpile roll is 6 +3 = 9; not enough to possess anything of use for these circumstance.)

Suicide Run?

War Machine

War Machine

“Now!” mutters Thrakazog as he dashes from cover, running east and diving behind another pile of rubble before making a potshot.

Since deciding on his near-suicidal course of action, Soggul has been biting at the edge of his riot shield to muster up courage. Frothing now at the mouth, he leaps into the open and howls – emitting a sonic blast at the warbot – while charging towards the infernal machine!

Meanwhile, Sikich concentrates his psionic powers upon Vash’s prone form and pulls your wounded companion towards cover.

(Let’s roll initiative and see the order of events. Thrak rolls 14, Soggul gets 12 -2 = 10, Sikich gets 7 -4 = 3, and the warbot rolls 2 -2 = 0. Initiative order is conveniently the same as the posting order, though it will likely put Soggul in a world of hurt…)

(Thrak’s attack roll is a natural 20! Total damage is 22 points, though some of this is absorbed by the robot’s Damage Reduction. Soggul’s sonic blast inflicts 13 damage; the war machine fails its save. Soggul’s pistol shot is 2 +2 = 4; a miss.)

(The warbot fires once at Thrakazog (who has cover) and once at Soggul (who is in the open). Let the dice fall where they may… Attack rolls are 6 +10 = 16 and 4 +10 = 14, respectively. Both miss! Lucky buggers!)

Racing into the open and diving for cover behind the next pile of rubble, Thrakazog’s glowing body presents an inviting target for the warbot. It swivels its twin plasma turret towards Thrak just as he brings his rifle to bear. With sniper-like precision, Thrakazog manages to put a bullet through one of the robot’s vulnerable external sensors, delaying its attack!

Meanwhile, a new target has appeared for the ‘bot. Having worked himself into a frenzy, Soggul erupts from cover and races towards the deadly machine. His howl rising in volume, Soggul hits it with a sonic blast and fires his borrowed pistol (the shot goes wide).

The warbot’s attention is fixated firmly on the two attackers as Sikich uses his mental powers to carefully lift Vash above the rubble and draw him behind cover. The machine does not respond, and Vash is brought to safety! He moans deliriously as Sikich deposits him gently to the ground…

Suddenly, a gout of orange plasma erupts from the warbot’s turret, striking the rubble that Thrak is hiding behind! Luckily, the cover saves the mutant from a fiery demise.

Soggul is out in the open, however, and the second plasma blast is aimed at him! Miraculously, the shot is poorly aimed and Soggul’s weaving and bobbing save him from death! Realizing the danger that he is in, Sogguls Fear Response kicks in again and he stops mid-charge. The robot’s sensors lock in, and it extends additional weaponry and metallic tentacles from its body…

What are your actions?


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8 Responses to “102 – Suicide Run?”

  1. (I’ve sort of muddled some of the actions that were declared earlier, before you realized that Vash was still alive. By rights, Kronic should have been able to get a shot at the machine as well but I missed his earlier comment.)

  2. Bolstered by his initial success, Thrak gathers what courage remains to him and aims a “burst” shot at the war bot, thinking that the larger target will require a LOT more damage to slow it down significantly. He’ll try his best to keep the bot’s attention away from Vash while Sikich attends to him as best he can.

    Thrak won’t risk another jump to cover while the bot seems focused on him, content instead to fire from the protection offered by the surrounding rubble, but as soon as the bristling weaponry points elsewhere for a moment, the glowing target of a mutant will make a sprint for cover just a little further away in order to draw the deadly machine away from Vash.

  3. (OOC: I did scavenge a pistol, a long while back I believe, but haven’t used it up until this point. I have no idea where it was in the past, so if it is easier to keep track of, let’s just say I borrowed one.)

    Unable to hold back the fear, Soggul screams in a high-pitched tone and begins to run away.

    (K, I’ll leave the direction and how far he goes up to you. Soggul has been fighting it long enough and needs to get the heck outta Dodge.)

  4. (Assuming Jumrak is close to Cobb and Vash)
    “Is there anything you can do for him, Cobb? I don’t know if he can handle another move in his state.” Turning to Vash, “If you have the strength, can you tell us if any of that stuff you have could help you? You know, those concoctions of the ancients?” I can’t believe the words coming from my mouth, but what else can I do to help?

  5. (ooc) sorry I missed the last post… been sick and not near email for a couple days! Bad GM for missing my actions 🙂 hehe.

    Kronic was taking careful aim this whole time looking for a weakness in the robot and setting up a good fireing position from cover… now. I LET HIM HAVE IT. I will fire as many shots as fast as I can with the laser rifle and keep firing until my position is untenable.

  6. Sikich will crawl to Vash’s terribly burnt body and start apply various medicines of the ancients to Vash until he is healed. Vash should have no problems with compatibility with the drugs at least and Sikich begins with simshot B, knowing how effective it was on his own form.

  7. Vash can barely hear anything that is said to him. His skin is on fire, burning, searing. What is not in pain is like a million bugs crawling on his flesh. He can’t even tell if he is screaming anymore.

  8. (OOC – Not sure how this will work or what the Complexity level of these meds are, but since Cobb has been around and has been tended to by Vash, would Retro TEch familiarity allow him a basic enough understanding of the meds to know which ones would likely help Vash? Depending on the response Cobb wil either answer Jumrak accordingly or just wave his hands in frustration because he doesn’t know, and ask Sikich.)

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