100 – Moving On

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(The party watches from behind cover as a group of six crawlers pass by and the leader begins to cross the catwalk towards the cargo barge (Map Area #41). The other crawlers are following closely behind. The nearest creature is about thirty feet away and slightly below you. The catwalk begins about fifty feet from your hiding spot. The slithering creatures are unaware of your presence.)

(Meanwhile, Soggul has slipped away from the group to scout the barge from underwater. Peering inside the hole at the waterlines still reveals he below-decks area of the barge is a chaotic labyrinth of fallen metal catwalks, passages, and air ducts – all partially submerged in water. The barge is full of equipment – all badly rusted and covered in slime. Soggul thinks he catches movement within the barge out of the corner of his eye, but cannot be sure.)

Group Consensus

Deeper Caves Map

Kronic contemplates the group’s options. Move to another site and investigate it knowing the ship is apparently the lair of some semi-aquatic crawler things? Or if we engage them now we can get em all single file as they have to come back across the bridge to get at us one at a time or drop to the water…

He puts it simply to the group: “They appear to have limited ranged weaponry so we can light em up now or move on.”

Thrakazog sniffs the air. “If they weren’t even well-armed, and have been living in that wreck for however long, it’s not likely that we’re going to find anything of value in there,” He still retains a firm grip on his fullblade, not yet letting down his guard. He tries to catch the scent of the passing crawlers, mostly so that he knows it and can identify it again if needed.

He adds, “The next part of our plan involved heading into the big building at the far end of this dome. Perhaps we should go straight there. Stop at a couple of the outer buildings (Map Areas #47 & #45) on the way, and be sure to check and see if we’re drawing any attention from anywhere at all.

“That’s my vote, anyway,” Thrak says with finality, giving the air one last searching sniff.

Sikich nods his head in agreement to Thrak. Although there may still be salvageable items in the boat, it is unlikely to be worth the danger of fighting our way through these beasts, thinks Sikich.

Jumrak nods in agreement as the outcome of the discussion makes sense. Whispering, “Yeah, let’s move out as soon as Soggul finishes his scouting.”

While you quietly discuss options, the crawlers clamber across the catwalk to the floating barge – seemingly oblivious to your presence. They all use the same hand-over-hand brachiate movement that comes unnaturally easily to them. By the time you have decided to move on, the creatures have disappeared into the ship.

And not a moment too soon! Less than a minute after the crawlers leave, Soggul comes ashore. He reports the rusted cargo hold, full of waterlogged gear – and the hints of movement that he thought he saw but never could identify. The three-armed mutant agrees wholeheartedly with your plan to move on.

Moving On

Moving stealthfully away from the water, you return to the downtown core of the deeper caves. Passing east by the ruined hospital once again (Map Area #43), you then turn north towards the large buildings at the north end of the dome.

As before, your progress is uninterrupted and relatively quick in the open streets. Passing some domestic apartments (Map Area #38), you reach a broad avenue. Beyond is what appears to be an open square is a large compound that appears relatively intact (Map Area #46).

(Take a look at the enlarged Deeper Caves map, it shows Map Area #46 and surroundings in good detail.)

Suddenly the area comes alive with light from bulbs on an unbroken chain link fence that surrounds the compound!

The sudden light reveals sandbagged positions lie on either side of the gate leading beyond, under the shadow of which can be seen the barrels of automated weapons still scanning the approaches. A sudden hum seems to buzz through the darkness, but you cannot make out the origin of this new noise.

The bright lights also show a faded metal sign on the chain link fence faces the street. Sikich translates its words from Ancient:

NAC Institute Of Cryogenic Studies
Home Of The Re-Genesis Program Cryogenic Storage Facility

Spray-painted haphazardly across the sign (also in Ancient) is written:

God damn you all!

Various skeletal remains lie littered everywhere around the connecting streets and square, testament to brutal bloodshed that has taken place here.

Security Robot

Security Robot

The gates to the compound beyond are guarded by two concrete pillboxes. Beyond the bunkers a roadblock of concrete ‘dragon’s teeth’ has been erected.

And, after a few moments, you see the source of the odd hum that you heard as the lights came up. A large robot – some type of security ‘bot or war machine, obviously – rolls into view between the bunkers. Its weapons fix on your location, and it advances forward on its enormous treads.

You have taken only a few steps into the broad avenue. The ruins of the domestic apartments are a few paces to your right and can offer reasonable cover.

What are your actions?


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9 Responses to “100 – Moving On”

  1. Wow! Even Thrakazog can see fairly clearly with the sudden influx of light. But what he sees doesn’t comfort him at all. He quickly takes in the fence, the lights, the concrete pill boxes, and of course the trundling war machine making its inexorable way toward the party.

    “Uh, some cover would be good about now, eh guys?” Thrak says. “Let’s hope it’s just automatic or something, and as soon as threats leave the vicinity it goes back to sleep or something.” With that, Thrak leads the way (if he’s first) to backing into the ruins of the domestic apartments nearby. He wants at least two or three thick walls between himself and big gun driving toward them right now.

    “Perhaps we ought to test the perimeter in other areas first, if we wanna get in there, hey?” he adds. “I just hope the lights go out once we disappear. Else we’re in bigger trouble than we can probably handle.”

  2. Move back and into cover! Lets see if we can get around this thing maybe? head (west?) [towards area 37 &45 on the map] and see if we can get around the “check stop battleground”. With all those corpses around here that robot is a menace! Any Mongo remains?

  3. OoC — and a hearty hooray for making it to our 100th post! This has been a fun journey so far. Let’s keep it up.

  4. “Perhaps we should back out until we figure a way around this machine?” Soggul creeps back slowly, unsure of what to do.

  5. (Soggul’s Fear Response causes his voice to crack as he speaks, and he nearly trips over a chunk of rubble as he backs away.)

    (The war machine looms large; it is definitely headed straight towards your group!)

  6. Sikich doesn’t want to get into a fight with this machine if it can be avoided but recalls all the different types of ID’s we have recovered recently, perhaps one of these would work.

    Sikich calls out to the machine, “Greeat aancient waar maachinee. My masster Vassh wisshes too enteer. Whaat ID isss requuired?” Sikich points out Vash as his ‘master’ while he speaks.

  7. Soggul keeps backing away, quicker and quicker. He begins to sweat and a slight tremor in his hands is visibly seen now.

  8. (OOC – Sorry for missing the last post guys; trying to wrap up this job)

    Cobb comes to an abrupt halt when the lights come on and instinctively falls into a crouch. He scans the scene quickly and moves off to the ruined apartments.

    “There must be something important in there, and I’m willing to bet the Mongos haven’t been able to get past that thing.” Looking to Sikich he asks, “What is a cryogenic, and do we want one?”

  9. What is Sikich doing? The creature is probably hungry, and judging by the bones between us and this machine, it has quite an appetite. They will surely be killed and eaten! I quickly pull myself towards cover, but not too far, ready to defend my allies with my trusty axe in hand.

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