97 – The Bridge

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(The party has continued its conquest of the Ancient hospital (Map Area #43). At grave personal risk, you have recovered an impressive cache of medical supplies and lived to tell the tale. After spending time to heal (and recuperate), you have decided to enter the final few unexplored rooms to recover the treasures within.)

(Given your successes, you’re at a good spot now to decide what you want to do with the rest of the campaign…)

The Road Ahead

Deeper Caves Map

Soggul sets his pike to the side and walks over to the nearest wall, checking structural integrity. “Cobb? What do you think? Could we move some of these stones without disturbing anything?”

Cobb considers the integrity of the rooms, and decides that it would be safe to proceed. Soggul then asks everyone to stand back while he goes for the goodies. “No sense in everyone getting hurt by any trouble.” Typical logic for the three-armed mutant.

“Careful, Soggul,” Thrak warns. “Go for the meds and bandages, we can split them up out here. It’s not like we should expect Vash to be some sort of walking medicine dispenser or anything. And that blue card, yeah… toss that out here too!”

Soggul nods, and starts with the access card and meds, tossing them back to Cobb for storing. (The GM rolls a d20.) All turns out well with the scavenging, and Soggul recovers the rest of the loot for the group.

(All recovered goods will be divided equally amongst the PCs. You are now well-equipped with medical supplies – though some PCs are not biologically adapted to the more advanced healing medications.)

With the loot gathered and distributed, the party gathers to discuss future plans.

Feeling better than he has since before being struck by that invisible internal damage from near the Mongo fortification, Thrak’s confidence is restored and he wants to get moving again. The question now is: where?

“We should sit down here and decide where we’re going to next, guys. This building was our goal for quite a while, but now that we’re here, what’s the next plan of action?”

Soggul voices his opinion: “Where we go will depend on the course we take. We can flee to the surface, leaving the Mongoliant tormentors to plague this underground city. We can go to the Second Dome in order to find out what is inside. Or we can go storm the tormentors’ home, dealing justice for their actions.” It was clear which one of those options Soggul wanted to do, but his need for group approval won out over his hatred. “I will follow your lead, my friends.”

You weigh the options, but immediate escape seems unlikely. You’re not sure how to get to the surface – the mongoliant prisoner you took outside the citadel hinted that there was an exit in the upper caverns, but you’re stuck in the second dome now.

Jumrak considers your choices: “Maybe these access cards lead to some kind of exit from this place. Perhaps we should take a look around this area of the cave for doors we can open – there might be some kind of clue, or a map somewhere.”

Sikich feels much more robust after his rest. He contemplates the problem of the mongoliants for a time after hearing the account of their defenses from Soggul and Thrak. Sikich decides that the group needs an edge, something that will let us bypass or destroy the walls of their stronghold. With this in mind, he suggests, “Letss exploore sssome moore buildingss, try aand fiind moore equuipment, mayybe ssome alliesss.”

Thinking about the layout of the dome (as you saw it from Lord Sogor’s monitoring equipment) Soggul’s suggests two options. “We could always look at that boat in the water or that large building in the distance.” (Map Areas #41 and #48, respectively.)

After long moments of silent contemplation, Thrakazog proposes a plan: “So long as everyone feels up to getting about and moving, I’m all for seeing more of this dome here,” Thrakazog pipes up from his prone position. “That boat seems like it could hold a good stash or two. I’m gonna suggest that we try it, unless anybody else has a stronger preference. Since the ship’s so close by, it makes sense to go there first. And after that we can try out that biggest building in the distance. It looks really… authoritative, or something. Best be extra cautious there.”

Thrak’s proposal sounds reasonable, so you all gear up and prepare to leave the hospital.

The Bridge

With everyone well-rested, well-fed, and well-provisioned, the group elects to conduct further explorations in the second dome – specifically, to check out the nearby barge (Map Area #41).

The large buildings of this ‘downtown’ core provide significant cover from any observers from the mongoliant citadel (Map Area #26), but you are still concerned about other onlookers and decide to travel inconspicuously. This area of the deeper caves is away from the light of the fungus forest (Map Area #30), and is nearly pitch black. Only Cobb possesses the requisite mutant senses to lead the party safely through the ruins.

Creeping between piles of rubble, you carefully walk towards the shoreline. Adjacent to the hospital is a light industrial area; primarily unloading docks and warehouses. Beyond the docks lies a large canal barge, moored to shore via an elevated catwalk.

“Unusual.” comments Vash, scratching his head. “I don’t understand how ship traffic could have made it so far inland…”

(Unbeknownst to the party, during the twilight of the Ancients the canal system in and around the Lost City was dramatically improved to allow barge traffic into the dome (via enormous sliding doors).)

(In the entropic years in which society began to break down, these canals were especially useful in transporting supplies and consumer goods safely to the domed population centers – thus avoiding the numerous road gangs which had begun to appear.)

From the dim light of the distant fungus forest, you can make out your surroundings. The long narrow catwalk connects the distant looming shape of a beached canal barge with the mainland part of the ruins. It is held up by metal and concrete supports that vanish into the murky black depths of the river below. As you approach, you hear the sound of rusted rivets groaning and old weathered bolts creaking from where the bridge connects to the barge.

What are your actions?


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10 Responses to “97 – The Bridge”

  1. Immediately, Soggul begins to look around, checking the structural integrity of the bridge. “I should go first across since I am the most able swimmer of the group.”

  2. Thrak, from habit, raises his face to sniff the air, trying to sense anything out of sorts, his eyesight being of no aid compared to that of his companions.

    “Let’s settle down here for a few minutes at least and get a feel for the area before rushing across that bridge, guys,” Thrakazog suggests. He feels a little nervous about a long fall into the water he can’t even see in the poor lighting. “Soggul’s got a good idea with him going first, being the best swimmer and all. I say weapons up and at the ready, we take it slow and steady over the bridge, and make our next plan of action once we get on board that boat.”

  3. I can’t really see anything, so I figure I better stay close to Cobb. “You’re going to have to be my eyes, my friend.” I concentrate on listening for anything suspicious.

  4. (The GM rolls some dice, but says nothing.)

  5. Sikich also examines the bridge. Is it of makeshift or perminent construction? Is there any walkway under the bridge? (sometimes included on bridges to make maintenance and repair easier)
    Sikich doesn’t like the look of the box like structure at the other side of the bridge which looks like it could be a guard post – fine if the inhabitants are friendly but not so good otherwise.

  6. (The catwalk appears to have been in place here since before the Fall. It is badly rusted and may not be entirely safe. Sikich notes some railings beneath the main walkway, perhaps originally intended for maintenance, but no lower walkway.)

    (The box-like structure at the far end also appears to be of pre-Fall construction. It is large enough that it could hide a sniper or some such.)

    (Oh; and I never answered Thrak’s scent question: He doesn’t smell anything unusual at this time.)

  7. Well Soggul, you may be the best swimmer but I am the smallest and the lightest… do we have any rope or anything… perhaps I can get across and we can make a tie off rope that we can use as support on the bridge.

    Also if I fall would you telekinetic types be able to move me over to the other side as well perhaps?

    if I do go perhaps I can borrow Thraks goggles of night seeing so I can help out if need be. also if there is trouble over there I can hopefully put up enough of a fight for you guys to come and help me.

    Just some thoughts.

    I do like the idea of waiting to see if anything stirs… lets wait and watch/listen/smell here for a bit (30 minutes) and see if anything stirs.

    Is there a way to reinforce the “bridge” with ropes we have or cabling we have seen in the ruins around here just in case?

  8. Cobb nods his head at everyone. “All good ideas fellas, and I certainly don’t mind being the eyes. I could also creep my scrawny butt across and scope things out if you like, since I can see a little better, and then come back and report on what I find.” Cobb pauses, clarifying himself. “Not that I’m going over there to look for anything like swag or anything like that.” he shakes his head, “I’m all business when I have to be.” He smiles his toothy grin.

  9. I am still leary of the water around here… remember that nasty crab thing we fougth when we first got into this cavern…

    If there are more of those things around falling into the water could be all bad. They might also have a lair on the boat…

    On the same nasty thought… I just thought maybe a scout around the perimeter of the boat might not be a bad idea. Soggul could make a swim around the boat and see what that turns up as well maybe?

    I do not really want him to do that though for the obvious dangerous reasons! Maybe cuz I am puny he could swim with me on his back so I can back him up if things go wrong. At the worst he can leave me behind and I can give things indigestion (flexes his claws)…

  10. Sikich readies himself to use his telekinetic powers to save Kronic should he attempt to cross the bridge and fall.

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