96 – Further Exploration

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(You’re still in the hospital operating room (Map Area #6) with the disabled aescapulator. Thrak and Soggul both volunteered as guinea pigs and sampled some of the medication on hand. Although neither suffered ill effects, they weren’t healed by either the Supergen or the Herculin. The rest of the party has received old-fashioned first aid.)

(Jumrak was disgusted with your thrill at finding loot – in particular the cybernetic body parts. He has warned the group forcefully not to mock the Gods or poison yourselves with tainted artifacts.)

Firelight Vigil

Hospital Map

Kronic sets up a sentry location in the hallway with his laser rifle and plasma pistol ready. He figures he can easily charge anyone who gets past the firing lane. Suspecting a rest of several days, he asks Jumrak to sit vigil with him to watch as the others take the time to heal up.

Kronic reminds the party that you are on the outside of the mongoliant defenses. Those defenses are to keep something that’s out here away from the mongos. There is something dangerous that the mongos are either afraid of out here, or at least respect. We have to decide if that is worth investigating or if we should try and get our revenge on the mongos now…

Kronic suggests that the cybernetic parts could be used to trade or bargain with the mongos – maybe to get us access… Not sure how to communicate with them though other than with the pointy ends of my claws.

Vash listens as they discuss posts and chuckles out lightly. “Well… at least it might be more comfortable than that half sunken building?”

Kronic will also possibly start a fire and make sure we all get some hot food, and if Jumrak will cover him he will go get water from the river to boil.

(At some point during your recuperation, Kronic and Jumrak will take a quick trip to the shore to collect water. The GM rolls some dice, but doesn’t say anything. The trip is quick and uneventful; duo make it back without any hassles.)

Jumrak spends most of his time keeping an eye on things with Kronic. The vigil consumes his attention, but thoughts drift to the question of what’s next. Once everyone feels that they’re healed up, do you finally try to establish some kind of safe route to the surface? Talking with Kronic reveals a strong desire to exact revenge, but indeed there is the suspicion of something more vile and dangerous down here, and perhaps now that we’re at our strongest it would be an ideal time to breach the unknown on our way out. All my time Jumrak prays to the Gods for strength and blessings, but now he asks for more – he prays for guidance, for a sign of the righteous thing to do. Now is the time to make our next big move, whatever it may be!

(Jumrak is right. You’re loaded up with enough meds now to make a go at either the mongoliants… or whatever it is that they fear further in the Second Dome. Jumrak feels a sense of foreboding of what lies ahead – but also feels strangely drawn forward.)

Once Kronic and Jumrak return with water, Soggul offers to make a small fire indoors and cook some of the fishsticks. He uses a bent instrument tray as a cooking surface and makes a small fire pit out of discarded stones.

Medication and Healing

With no immediate effect showing itself from the injection of the ‘Supergen’, Thrak resigns himself to doing most of his healing the old fashioned way. He consoles himself with the thought that, provided sufficient time and bed-rest, he’s the fastest healer of the bunch and should up and rumbling again in a couple days.

Thrak responds to Jumrak’s earlier rant against the Ancients: “I don’t think you have to worry about us making mock of the Gods, or following the doomed path of the Ancients, friend Jumrak,” Thrakazog says quietly from his prone position. His eyes are closed, but his attention is fully on the dour outlander and the tone of his voice is neutral. “I certainly have no intention of tying myself to any of these mechanical abominations. I prefer my body to remain whole and intact, the way it is. Or, well, the way it will be again in a few days,” he adds with a wry smile. “If we can put some of the meds to use for our healing and betterment, then I do not see the harm in that. We should, of course, use caution in all the new things we encounter, and I appreciate you being our voice in that.”

His middling attempt at diplomacy expired, Thrakazog settles himself to rest even further and recuperate. “Thanks for keeping watch over us here Kronic,” is the last thing he says before nodding off.

After the injection of Herculin, Soggul looks over his body to see what effect it had. Not seeing his wounds get any better, Soggul smirks. Minutes pass and Soggul feels the onset of the drug. He feels… off, but in a good way.

Vash frowns as the shot does not heal Soggul. “I’m sorry… let me see about getting you mended with these old standbys at least.” He offers.

Soggul looks over his wounded body. “Something… is definitely happening… I feel better, but I don’t know exactly how.” The three-armed mutant tries to figure it out on his own, but not being as sharp as some of the others, he is unable to discern what exactly is different about him. Looking to Vash, Soggul nods. “I will undergo any treatment you recommend for me, friend.”

(Soggul looks completely normal. Well, as normal as a three-armed mutant can look. He definitely feels pumped – stronger and tougher. The effects wear off a couple of hours later, and he returns to normal with no side effects.)

Sikich feels bad, real bad. He slowly and painfully goes through his medical supplies, laying them out neatly in front of him. Remembering the effect Stimshot A had on one of the group prior, Sikich finally makes his choice – Stimshot B. Sikich injects the chemicals, hoping it will react well with his mutant physiology.

(Woot woot! Another Medical Compatibility roll… This will be a DC 15 Endurance check; Sikich rolls 3 +1 = 4. He’ll burn a Luck Point to reroll, getting 15 +1 = 16 – success!)

(The shot provides instant accelerated healing! Sikich regains all of his hit points! Looks like Stimshot B is an improved version of Stimshot A.)

Vash observes Sikich when the Stimshot B is administered. “Excellent! It looks like you will be up to tip-top shape!”

(I’ve credited each PC with one day’s worth of healing. I’ve assumed that the savants devote long-term care to Thrakazog and Soggul, the two PCs most seriously injured. Thrakazog heals at an absolutely remarkable rate – much, much faster than would normally be expected. You suspect that it is the effects of the Supergen combined with his mutant healing factor.)

(By the next day, you’re all going a bit stir-crazy – but everyone is once again at full hit points.)

During your rest, Vash has noticed an annoying rash on his back, and realizes the spot has been kind of itchy for a while. Being a smart fellow, he recognizes the telltale signs of Creep contamination, and notes that the rash matches the position of the damaged reactor in his pack. “What… ah crap.” He mutters to himself. He reaches into his pack to dig out the reactor. “I have to get rid of this.” He says, trying to think of a good dump location. He glances to the medication still available, curious if there is anything for the contamination.

(Well, there’s the Rad Purge if Vash wants to try it…)

Further Exploration

With the party fully healed, you decide to finish your sweep of the hospital before moving on.

Vash has kept himself busy looking at the new tech that you’ve found. Examining the laser scalpel, he muses: “Well..that torch might be helpful in cutting through something… or maybe repairing?” He offers.

“Hey Vash, will that torch cut through doors we can’t open earlier?” Cobb grins his greedy grin.

Vash is doubtful, but he hands it to Cobb and indicates the remaining closed doors in the hallway “There’s only one way to be sure…” he suggests.

(Note that the laser scalpel is a delicate tool, not useful for cutting through doors. Maybe as an improvised lockpick, though…)

Finding that the laser scalpel is a crude tool for opening doors, Cobb instead uses his orange keycard to open the remaining doors (Map Areas #5, #7, #8, and #9).

Opening the first door (Map Area #5) reveals a clinical operating theatre gone mad – skeletons are strewn about, many leaning against the walls or wherever there is room. Almost all here seem clad in the disintegrating grey uniforms of what may have once been hospital security guards; many appear to have been badly wounded in some kind of riot.

(The GM tosses some dice.) Among the uniformed skeletons are others (doctors and nurses), likewise injured, and what appears to be a very limited supply of medicines – a thorough search uncovers six remaining bandages, a single medi-spray canister, and some eight empty bottles of local anesthetic, and about a dozen used ready-syringes.

The bodies of the guards give up to searchers no less than four stun pistols (all empty, however), two metal batons, a yellow access card, and a professional walkie-talkie (power cell empty).

The next chamber (Map Area #6) is an operating room, this one without a robot. It appears to have been brutally ransacked centuries ago, and skeletons lie strewn about everywhere in a dusty mess. Broken medicine bottles, syringes, and other medical refuse also add to this heap of junk and detritus. (The GM rolls the dice. Your search turns up no swag.)

Next you find yet another operating room (Map Area #7). Inside it appears the electronic operating table (aescapulator) ceased functioning long ago after the ceiling collapsed on it. On the operating table are the skeletal remains of some long-dead patient, lying peacefully as if merely unconscious. One might mistake him for a living human if not for the desiccation of his skin, leaving only a thin layer over the bare bone beneath.

(The GM rolls some dice.) Unlike the first operating room, this one has been completely looted long ago.

Finally, you enter the final room (Map Area #9). Apparently some kind of brutal battle was fought outside this room by a large number of desperate humans long ago. Skeletons (some still clad in featureless white hospital robes and straight-jackets) lie jumbled about inside the heavy metal door.

The darkness inside, once illuminated, reveals a chaotic array of trash and ruin. Broken glass cabinets seem to occupy most of this storage area, and old plastic ampoules and glass bottles lie cracked and smashed all over the floor. The skeleton of some Ancient (a nurse) lies half-disintegrated on the ground here, apparently crushed by falling ceiling panels, along with another in a semi-preserved uniform (a security guard) with what appears to be a weapon in a holster at his side. Apparently they locked themselves in here to remain safe from the escaped mental patients outside – they were nonetheless crushed when the fragile ceiling collapsed! Army stationed a number of automated sentries to guard its approaches.

Among the wreckage of this former stockpile of medicines are some few chemicals that have managed to survive the decades intact. These include a bottle of anti-tox (ten doses), fifty blood packets (decayed and worthless), two bottles of filter dose (20 doses), three bottles of K-O shot (30 doses), numerous bottles of liquid antiseptic, six full canisters of medi-spray (healing), six boxes of 100 bandages, ten boxes of 500 tongue depressors, etc.

One of the crushed figures (the security guard) has a stun pistol with an empty power clip, as well as a used-up canister of mace. Dangling from a keychain hooked to his holster belt is a blue access card.

What are your actions?


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11 Responses to “96 – Further Exploration”

  1. (Lots more gear; I’ll have to go through your character sheets and update everything.)

  2. Soggul sets his pike to the side and walks over to the nearest wall, checking structural integrity. “Cobb? What do you think? Could we move some of these stones without disturbing anything?”

    If Cobb agrees, Soggul will ask everyone to stand back while he goes for the goodies. “No sense in everyone getting hurt by any trouble.” Typical logic for the three-armed mutant. He will go for the access card first, tossing it back to Cobb for storing. If all turns out well, Soggul will continue with anything else the group wants.

  3. “Careful, Soggul,” Thrak warns. “Go for the meds and bandages, we can split them up out here. It’s not like we should expect Vash to be some sort of walking medicine dispenser or anything. And that blue card, yeah… toss that out here too!”

    Feeling better than he has since before being struck by that invisible internal damage from near the Mongo fortification, Thrak’s confidence is restored and he wants to get moving again. The question now is: where?

    “We should sit down here and decide where we’re going to next, guys. This building was our goal for quite a while, but now that we’re here, what’s the next plan of action?”

  4. “Where we go will depend on the course we take. We can flee to the surface, leaving the Mongoliant tormentors to plague this underground city. We can go to the Second Dome in order to find out what is inside. Or we can go storm the tormentors’ home, dealing justice for their actions.” It was clear which one of those options Soggul wanted to do, but his need for group approval won out over his hatred. “I will follow your lead, my friends.”

  5. (Remember that you’re not sure how to get to the surface… the mongoliant prisoner you took outside the citadel hinted that there was an exit in the upper caverns, but you’re stuck in the second dome now.)

  6. “Maybe these access cards lead to some kind of exit from this place. Perhaps we should take a look around this area of the cave for doors we can open – there might be some kind of clue, or a map somewhere.”

  7. Sikich feels much more robust after his rest. He contemplates the ‘problem’ of the mongoliants for a time after hearing the account of their defenses from Soggul and Thrak.

    We need an edge, something that will let us bypass or destroy the walls of their stronghold. With this in mind, Sikich suggests, “Letss exploore sssome moore buildingss, try aand fiind moore equuipment, mayybe ssome alliesss.”

  8. (There are several other large buildings near the hospital. Or do you head deeper into the second dome?)

  9. “We could always look at that boat in the water or that large building in the distance.”

    OOC: 41 and 48 on map I believe.

  10. (I’ll give you another day or two before posting.)

    (Sounds like you’ve narrowed it down to either the ship (Map Area #41) or the large compound at the north end of the dome (Map Area #48). Which will it be?)

  11. “So long as everyone feels up to getting about and moving some more, I’m all for seeing more of this dome here,” Thrakazog pipes up from his prone position. “That boat seems like it could hold a good stash or two. I’m gonna suggest that we try it, unless anybody else has a stronger preference. Since the ship’s so close by, it makes sense to go there first. And after that we can try out that biggest building in the distance. It looks really… authoritative, or something. Best be extra cautious there.”

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