95 – Guinea Pigs

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(The party has defeated the crazed aescapulator in the hospital operating room (Map Area #6) by severing all its power sources. Thrakazog is near death, and Sikich are is also seriously injured, but you all have survived.)

(The medical supplies stored here are yours to plunder, and you have found quite a haul. In addition to various drugs and medical gizmos, there is an extensive collection of cybernetic body parts stored here!)

Guinea Pigs

Hospital Map

Vash sighs with relief with the machine finally stops. He immediately returns to the heavily wounded members of the group. “Okay, let’s get you guys fixed up. The good thing about being here, there are comfortable beds that you can rest in. At least you do not have to eat the Ancient food. Legend states that such food was horrible back then.”

(Before testing any meds, Vash uses his medical skill to apply first aid to each wounded party member, also making sure to replenish his stocks of basic supplies from the operating room. Cobb regains 6 hp, Sikich gets 4 hp, Soggul gets 4 hp, and Thrak gets a piddly 1 hp.)

Thrak slumps completely to the ground and eyes Soggul with distinct appreciation. “That blast you took would surely have killed me, my friend. I owe you my life. I cannot thank you enough.”

Soggul looks at Thrakazog and nods. “Speak nothing of it, brother. By giving me freedom, you all gave me the chance at life again.” He looks like he would say more, but holds back, instead turning his face into a rigid, stoic mask, hiding the emotions and pain within.

Struggling to a sitting position so that he has his back up against the nearest wall, Thrakazog tells Vash, “Well, my healing friend, here I am, your willing guinea pig. You can try out whatever meds you want on me, now, and as long as they work, then you can heal up Soggul there. He deserves the very best of care.”

Thrak will leave the decision regarding medicinal application up to Vash. He has no idea what anything does, and if anyone stands a chance of guessing correctly, it’ll be him.

(Well, Thrak volunteered for guinea pig duty… with no response yet from Vash, I’m going to roll randomly for the med! Rifling through the various ampules, Vash decides to try the ‘Supergen’.)

Vash injects Thrakazog with a plausible-sounding drug and hopes for the best. (Thrak needs to make a DC 15 Endurance check; result is 3 +4 = 7. Hmm; let’s assume a Luck Point is spent to reroll… result is 19 +4 = 23.)

The Supergen takes effect but Thrakazog feels no immediate effects, for good or ill. With that, Thrak wraps his tail tightly around his waist, heaves a huge sigh, glances up again at Soggul, so near to him, smiles, and rests his head on his pulled up knees. He’s beat up, bloody, but alive.

Looking to the savants of the group, Soggul also reluctantly asks for treatment. “I am feeling the stings of that monster. I would appreciate some care, if we can spare the resources.” Figuring he risks death pretty much all the time, he decides to try the ‘Herculin’.

(Soggul needs to succeed a DC 20 Endurance check or suffer side-effects, and rolls 16 + 11 = 27. Success! He finds his Strength and Endurance increased, by 2 points and 1 point, respectively.)

(That will bump his melee attack and damage by +1, his hp by +1, and his Attribute checks by +1 each. No healing, though.)

Kronic smirks a bit, thinking it might be kind of cool if you can take that machine apart somehow. Speaking to the party, he asks: “Can we somehow use the outside armour of that machine to make shields or something. Soggul with a tower shield made of that energy resistant alloy would be nice.”

(It would take some cutting torches and tools that you don’t really have at hand. Most of the pieces are pretty long and thin; a skilled armoursmith may be able to craft some type of banded armour from the metal, but it would be difficult.)

The clawed brawler also pokes around the machine a bit more to really make sure it is finished. (It is.) Once that is done he head out to the northern corridor and stand watch to give the looters more room (even though he is small) and make sure that they have all the time they need to fix up the hurt.

Sikich remains in the corner, pleased that you defeated the machine, but even the lure of looting medical supplies from this untouched room is enough to overcome his deep distress and pain.
Finally, hesitantly, he blurts out, “I doont knoow iif I caan go oon – I waant too taake reevengee oon thee moongooliantss, buut I cannoot coope wiith thee daangeer aany moore.”

The lanky mutant keeps his gaze down so he doesn’t have to look anyone in the eye.

Cobb glances around at his companions. “You guys never cease to amaze me. I tried and tried to stop that damned thing but if it hadn’t been for the rest of you I would have been Cobb stew after that first hit. I’ve never run into anything this dangerous in any of the ruins I’ve explored before. I’m glad we’re together.”

Ignoring his minor wounds, Cobb wanders over to look at the cybernetic devices. With wide eyes he fingers each one saying, “What does this do Vash?” and “How about this one Vash?” “Anything in here to make me stop shaking?”, “How about eyeballs? Thrak could use some eyes.” With a low whistle he murmurs, “This stuff must be worth a fortune!”

“I could always use another arm.” A sly smile crawls upon Soggul’s face.

Vash chuckles out at Soggul. “I am sorry, but I am not sure if I should be adding appendages.” He tries to joke back.

(The machine may have been able to perform cybernetic surgery, but not Vash. His respect for Lord Sogor’s evil genius grows as he sees the complexity of the components here – the psycho cyborg from the citadel may have been a horrific failure, but the skill required to craft even such a malformed creation must have been tremendous!)

Jumrak does not participate in the good humour of the others. Watching and listening to everyone’s interest in the warped tools of the Ancients worries him. He wonders to himself: “Are my allies succumbing to the affliction that led the Ancients on the path to their demise?”

The dour outsider speaks up: “This stuff may be worth a fortune to someone, but no doubt will be costly to us if we associate with it! Have we not already poisoned ourselves enough already with these tainted artifacts? How close have some of us come to death? We are being punished by the Gods and they will no doubt be vengeful if we actively spread these abominations to others! They were swift and righteous with the Ancients.”

Jumrak continues to worry to himself: “How many times do I have to remind them of the painful past?” Looking at his allies, he sees the gleam of desire in their eyes as they survey the ‘loot’.

He continues to moralize: “I know you don’t share the same concern as I do about the ramifications of our dealings with these perverse creations, but I warn you: Do not mock the Gods!”

Not wanting to confront the backwards outlander, Vash instead simply ignores Jumrak. He looks over to Cobb as he goes through the found gear, squinting to see if he can identify each piece. (You’ve already gotten the inventory of medical goods; most of the cyborg parts are pretty incomprehensible to you at your tech level.) “Hmm, perhaps we should catalog what is all in this room? Maybe even Blinky could assist us.” He comments.

What are your actions?


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15 Responses to “95 – Guinea Pigs”

  1. (I’ll pull Blinky out in the next post; this one has gotten pretty long.)

    (By the way… Vash has noticed an annoying rash on his back, and realizes the spot has been kind of itchy for a while. Being a smart fellow, he recognizes the telltale signs of Creep contamination, and notes that the rash matches the position of the damaged reactor in his pack…)

  2. Well. I’ll set-up a sentry location with my rifle and pistol ready. Somewhere I can easily charge if anyone gets past the firing lane. I suspect we will need to rest for a couple of days and if Jumrak is willing to sit vigil with me we can watch as the others take the time to heal up.

    Remember we are on the outside of the Mongo defenses and those defenses are to keep something from out here away from the mongo’s. There is something dangerous that the mongo’s are either afraid of out here, or at least respect. We have to decide if that is worth investigating or if we should try and get our revenge on the mongo’s.

    Those cybernetic parts could be used to trade or bargain with the mongo’s maybe to get us access… Not sure how to communicate with them though other than with the pointy ends of my claws.

    (hopefully talk of moving on and getting everyone healed and fed will give renewed vigour to our slumping companions.)

    Kronic will also possibly start a fire and make sure we all get some hot food, and if Jumrak will cover him he will go get water from the river to boil.

  3. With no immediate effect showing itself from the injection of the ‘Supergen’, Thrak resigns himself to doing most of his healing the old fashioned way. He consoles himself with the thought that, provided sufficient time and bed-rest, he’s the fastest healer of the bunch and should up and rumbling again in a couple days.

    “I don’t think you have to worry about us making mock of the Gods, or following the doomed path of the Ancients, friend Jumrak,” Thrakazog says quietly from his prone position. His eyes are closed, but his attention is fully on the dour outsider and the tone of his voice is neutral. “I certainly have no intention of tying myself to any of these mechanical abominations. I prefer my body to remain whole and intact, the way it is. Or, well, the way it will be again in a few days,” he adds with a wry smile. “If we can put some of the meds to use for our healing and betterment, then I do not see the harm in that. We should, of course, use caution in all the new things we encounter, and I appreciate you being our voice in that.”

    His middling attempt at diplomacy expired, Thrakazog settles himself to rest even further and recuperate. “Thanks for keeping watch over us here Kronic,” is the last thing he says before nodding off.

  4. After the injection of Herculin, Soggul looks over his body to see what effect it had. Not seeing his wounds get any better, Soggul smirks.

    Minutes pass and Soggul feels the onset of the drug. He feels… off, but in a good way. “Something… is definitely happening… I feel better, but I don’t know exactly how.” Looking over his wounded body, the three-armed mutant tries to figure it out on his own, but not being as sharp as some of the others, he is unable to discern what exactly is different about him.

  5. “Well, Blinky might be useful to clean this place up if nothing else.” Cobb pulls Blinky out of his pack and hands the diminutive bot over to Vash.

    If our rations are wearing thin, Cobb will volunteer to do a little recon and see if he can find something edible. He knows that a lot of big buildings like this often have big “dining halls”. It’s a remote chance, but something. Otherwise, he’ll do double shifts on watch to let the others rest up.

    Oh, Cobb will also have a look around for any texts that might help Vash.

  6. (Your party is long on fishsticks. You won’t have to worry about food for a while.)

  7. Sikich feels bad, real bad. He slowly and painfully goes through his medical supplies, laying them out neatly in front of him.
    Remembering the effect Stimshot A had on one of the group prior, Sikich finally makes his choice – Stimshot B. Sikich injects the chemicals, hoping it will react well with his mutant physiology.

  8. (Woot woot! Another Medical Compatibility roll… This will be a DC 15 Endurance check; Sikich rolls 3 +1 = 4. He’ll burn a Luck Point to reroll, getting 15 +1 = 16 – success!)

    (The shot provides instant accelerated healing! Sikich regains all of his hit points! Looks like Stimshot B is an improved version of Stimshot A.)

  9. (I’m hoping to find time tonight to write a new post. Unless I hear otherwise, I’ll assume your party heals for at least one day then explores the remainder of the hospital.)

  10. Vash keeps himself busy with the treatment, taking a moment to look at any of the new tech that the others might bring up. “Well..that torch might be helpful in cutting through something…or maybe repairing?” He offers. He frowns as the shot does not heal Soggul. “I’m sorry…let see about getting you mended with these old standbys at least.” He offers. As he overs at Sikich when the other medication is administered. “Excellent! It looks like you will be up to tip top shape!”

    He listens as they discuss posts and chuckles out lightly. “Well..at least it might be more comfortable than that half sunken building?” He tries to joke before starting to itch. “What…ah crap.” He mutters to himself. He reaches into his pack to dig out the reactor. “I have to get rid of this..” He says, trying to think of a good dump location. He glances to the medication still available, curious if there is anything for the containmentation.

  11. (Well, there was the one labelled Rad-Purge…)

  12. “Hey Vash, will that torch cut through the door we couldn’t open earlier?” Cobb grins his greedy grin.

    (I think it was Map area 4)

  13. (The laser scalpel is a more delicate tool, not useful for cutting through doors. And besides, didn’t Sikich use his psionic powers to get into both stuck doors?)

  14. (Yeah, I thought the other door was Sikich’s mind plus other people helping to open. Correct me if I’m wrong here folks.)

    Looking to Vash, Soggul nods. “I will undergo any treatment you recommend for me, friend.”

    While everyone else is getting treatments or preparing for the road ahead, Soggul offers to make a small fire indoors and cook some of the fishsticks. He uses a bent instrument tray as a cooking surface and makes a small fire pit out of discarded stones.

  15. Spending most of my time keeping an eye on things with Kronic consumes my attention, but thoughts drift to the question of what’s next. Once everyone feels that they’re healed up, do we finally try to establish some kind of safe route to the surface? Talking with Kronic reveals a strong desire to exact revenge, but indeed there is the suspicion of something more vile and dangerous down here, and perhaps now that we’re at our strongest it would be an ideal time to breach the unknown on our way out. All my time praying to the Gods I have asked for strength and blessings, but now I ask for more – I pray for guidance, for a sign of the righteous thing to do. Now is the time to make our next big move, whatever it may be!

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