94 – Victory!

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(All party members are now inside the operating room (Map Area #6) and engaged in combat with the aescapulator. Thrakazog and Sikich are both seriously injured, but you have made progress against the crazed machine. Unable to easily bypass its metallic armour, you have instead concentrated your attacks on the vulnerable cables and wires connecting the aescapulator to its power supply. So far, you have disabled three out of four of the machine’s laser scalpel arms and only one remains.)

(Initiative counts are aescapulator on a natural 20; Kronic on 17, Soggul on 16, Vash on 15, Jumrak on 7, Thrakazog and Cobb on 4 (Cobb held his action last round), and Sikich on -2.)

Third Round

Hospital Map

Though three of the aescapulator’s four limbs disabled due to power loss, the machine still represents a threat to your party. (GM rolls Luck checks between Soggul and Thrak.) The remaining arm jerks around, pointing at Soggul, and the eerie blue laser scalpel strikes again! (Attack roll is 15 +12 = 27; hit for 5 damage.) The three-armed mutant – who was concentrating on defending Thrak – is struck, but is not seriously injured.

Kronic finds the fourth set of power-supplying wires. With claws ready, he yells: “A dead machine is better than an alive one! RIP IT UP!!!” (Attack roll is a natural 19! Crit for 19 damage!) With practiced ease, the diminutive near-human pit-fighter slashes through the last bundle of exposed wires…

…and the final mechanical arm slumps downward, inert! The glowing blue lights on the machine dim, then go out. But who can tell when a machine is truly dead?

Not quite ready to believe that the party is safe, Thrak howls out loud in pain and rage, thwacking at the cut power cables ‘just in case’. Soggul scolds him: “Don’t exert yourself! You are gravely injured!”

Apparentely Thrak’s body agrees with Soggul’s assessment; the glowing mutant collapses to the floor after having been speared with two separate laser scalpel beams.

Sikch – who is in a similar state of injury – huddles in a corner just hoping not to get hurt.

Jumrak still struggles to keep the doorway open, but once the deadly monstrosity loses power the normal safety systems reactivate and the door ceases its relentless crush! (He won’t need to risk any damage this round; the door won’t close as long as he’s standing in the way.)

The panel beside the doorway beeps, and its light turns from red back to orange. You see that glowing text in Ancient lettering has changed – it now says “Surgery Complete”.

As the seconds pass you start to relax, realizing that victory is indeed yours – the aescapulator has been defeated!

(Hmm; I guess I didn’t have to wait for all the other player responses – I could have just posted an update once Kronic had replied. You guys had a bunch of clever ideas; I’m somewhat sorry you didn’t get a chance to try any of them out, but another round against the machine and I’m sure one of you would have died…)

The Spoils of Victory

You spend a few moments tending to the injuries of your wounded allies before looting the room in earnest. Cobb checks to make sure that the orange keycard allows you to open and close the door easily (it does), and the uninjured warriors guard the room’s entrance while the others search.

(Let me know which medicines PCs want to try. Unless told otherwise, I’ll assume you play it safe and rely only upon first aid.)

You have indeed hit the ‘jackpot’ here, discovering a trove of ancient medicines – among the greatest of treasures!

First of all, there are enough bandages and basic first aid supplies here to last you for months of adventure. The surgical equipment is sufficient for a well-trained doctor to perform actual procedures on a patient. The drawers containing the surgical blades also have a hand-held machine of some sort, looking like a remote control.

In one well-stocked cupboard there are 13 empty ready-syringes. In the cabinet below there are many well-labelled ampules. You find 5 doses of Stimshot A, 7 doses of Stimshot B, 1 shot Antitox, 1 dose of Hemochem, 1 dose of Herculin, 3 K-O shots, 1 Rad-Purge shot, 1 Supergen, and 3 Sustainer shots. (You don’t know what these drugs do, just what the label says in Ancient.)

In a drawer near the operating table, you find 7 ampules of powerful anesthetics. These may also be useful as tranquilizers.

Thorough searching reveals several interesting gizmos scattered around the room. You find four calculator-sized devices with dials and lights on them and the labelled ‘Healing Pack’ (in Ancient). You find one other similar device, slightly larger and labelled ‘Pocket Nurse’. The rectangular device has three ports on the top, sized to accept the same ampules as a ready syringe, and is affixed to a belt.

You are perplexed by the contents of many of the cabinets. Inside sterile vacuum wrap are different types of mechanical devices, all with unusual rounded shapes. While examining one such of these odd devices, Vash suddenly realizes what they are. “Cybernetic devices!” he announces. “The legends say that Ancients could implant their bodies with mechanical enhancements and replacements! Just like that half-machine monstrosity back in the Mongoliant citadel!”

While exploring the room, you also find a bin labelled ‘Biohazard’. Thrakazog notes that this is the source of the death-smell that he could detect from outside the room. Peering carefully within, you see the bodies of an unknown number of mongoliants – all sliced into manageably small pieces for convenient disposal! At least the aescapulator was neat and tidy, cleaning up its mess after a surgical session.

What are your actions? Who wants to try the meds? What else do you want to do here? Will the party rest? Where will you explore next?


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12 Responses to “94 – Victory!”

  1. (Such potential heroism by Soggul, but Kronic was able to sever the threat before any more risk came to the party! Well, Thrak, I guess now you’ll won’t know how far Soggul was willing to go to defend your life…)

  2. Thrak slumps completely to the ground and eyes Soggul with distinct appreciation. “That blast you took would surely have killed me, my friend. I owe you my life. I cannot thank you enough.”

    Struggling to a sitting position so that he has his back up against the nearest wall, Thrakazog tells Vash, “Well, my healing friend, here I am, your willing guinea pig. You can try out whatever meds you want on me, now, and as long as they work, then you can heal up Soggul there. He deserves the very best of care.”

    With that, Thrak wraps his tail tightly around his waist, heaves a huge sigh, glances up again at Soggul, so near to him, smiles, and rests his head on his pulled up knees. He’s beat up, bloody, but alive.

  3. Kronic smirks a bit. I’ll stand watch… the only thing I think might be kinda cool is if we can take that machine apart somehow. Can we somehow use the outside armour of that thing to make shields or something. Soggul with a tower shield made of that energy resistant alloy would be nice. (kronic pokes around the machine a bit more to really make sure it is finished)

    Once that is done he will head out and stand watch to give the looters more room (even though I am small..) and make sure that they have all the time they need to fix up the hurt.

  4. Soggul looks at Thrakazog and nods. “Speak nothing of it, brother. By giving me freedom, you all gave me the chance at life again.” He looks like he would say more, but holds back, instead turning his face into a rigid, stoic mask, hiding the emotions and pain within.

    Looking to the Savants of the group, Soggul reluctantly asks for treatment. “I am feeling the stings of that monster. I would appreciate some care, if we can spare the resources.”

  5. Cobb glances around at his companions. “You guys never cease to amaze me. I tried and tried to stop that damned thing but if it hadn’t been for the rest of you I would have been Cobb stew after that first hit. I’ve never run into anything this dangerous in any of the ruins I’ve explored before. I’m glad we’re together.”

    Ignoring his minor wounds, Cobb wanders over to look at the cybernetic devices. With wide eyes he fingers each one saying, “What does this do Vash?” and “How about this one Vash?” “Anything in here to make me stop shaking?”, “How about eyeballs? Thrak could use some eyes.” With a low whistle he murmurs, “This stuff must be worth a fortune!”

  6. “I could always use another arm.” A sly smile crawls upon Soggul’s face.

  7. Watching and listening to everyone’s interest in the warped tools of the ancients worries me. Are my allies succumbing to the affliction that led the ancients on the path to their demise?
    “This stuff may be worth a fortune to someone, but no doubt will be costly to us if we associate with it! Have we not already poisoned ourselves enough already with these tainted artifacts? How close have some of us come to death? We are being punished by the Gods and they will no doubt be vengeful if we actively spread these abominations to others! They were swift and righteous with the ancients.”
    How many times do I have to remind them of the painful past? Looking at my allies, I see the gleam of desire in their eyes as they survey the ‘loot’.
    “I know you don’t share the same concern as I do about the ramifications of our dealings with these perverse creations, but I warn you: Do not mock the Gods!”

  8. Vash sighs with relief with the machine finally stops. He immediately returns to the heavily wounded members of the group. “Okay, let’s get you guys fixed up. The good thing about being here, there are comfortable beds that you can rest in. At least you do not have to eat the Ancient food. Legend states that such food was horrible back then.”

    He looks over to Cobb as he goes through the found gear, squinting to see if he can identify each piece. “Hmm, perhaps we should catalog what is all in this room? Maybe even Blinky could assist us.” He comments. He chuckles out at Soggul. “I am sorry, but I am not sure if I should be adding appendages.” He tries to joke back.

  9. (Is anyone volunteering to test a *specific* med? Otherwise I’ll roll randomly for the guinea pigs…)

    (Similarly, are there any *specific* meds that you don’t want to try?)

  10. (Hell, why not. Soggul will try the Herculin. Soggul risks death pretty much all the time, so hell, let’s go for it. LOL)

  11. Thrak will leave the decision regarding medicinal application up to Vash. He has no idea what anything does, and if anyone stands a chance of guessing correctly, it’ll be him.

  12. Sikich remains in the corner, pleased that we defeated the machine, but even the lure of looting medical supplies from this untouched room is enough to overcome his deep distress and pain.
    Finally, hesitantly, he blurts out, “I doont knoow iif I caan go oon – I waant too taake reevengee oon thee moongooliantss, buut I cannoot coope wiith thee daangeer aany moore.”
    Sikich looks down so he doesn’t have to look anyone in the eye.

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