93 – Impromptu Surgery

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(You are engaged in mortal combat with an aescapulator in the operating room (Map Area #6). Inside the room, Soggul and Thrak are engaged in melee with the machine, while Cobb hides behind a trolley trying to cut one of the power cables and Vash fires his laser pistol from a relatively safe distance. Sikich is also inside the room, nursing injuries from when the door slammed shut on him. In the hallway Jumrak is keeping the doorway forced open using brute strength, with Kronic standing next to him.)

(Combat is now in the second regular round. Initiative counts are aescapulator on a natural 20; Cobb on 21, Kronic on 17, Soggul on 16, Vash on 15, Jumrak on 7, Thrakazog on 4, and Sikich on -2!)

Second Round

Hospital Map

The aescapulator’s mechanical limbs divide their attacks between Soggul and Thrak, firing two blue beams at each. (Attack rolls are 9 +12 = 21 and 12 -3 = 9 vs. Soggul, and 10 +7 =17 and 17 +2 = 19 at Thrak. One hit on Soggul for 6 damage and to hits on Thrak for 8 + 7 = 15 damage. Thrak is down to 1 hit point!)

Soggul manages to block one of the laser scalpels with his riot shield, but Thrakazog suffers the full effects of the machine’s impromptu surgery!

Protected now by the large, glowing form of Thrak, Cobb moves out his way to give him a clear swing. He waits to see if Thrak’s swing disables the aescapulator (and holds an action to duck and weave towards the machine to try his Disable Device check on Initiative count 3).

Seeing the need to rip out the power cables, Kronic rushes forward to assist. His claws and rend ability will make short work of cabling!!! Hopefully he can duck any attacks made against him and start ripping some cables apart! (Kronic charges forward and swipes at a cable with a claw. Attack roll is a natural 19 – critical hit for 20 damage!)

Sparks fly as Kronic severs one of the thicker bundles of cabling! One of the aescapulator’s scalpel-tipped arms falls inert to the operating table, but the others are still active! (There are three other sets of wires and cables remaining.)

Though his heart is filled with terror Soggul keeps going, this time trying to use his own Disable Device ability to try an take out this psychotic machine. “You shall not take me down, beast!” The mutant’s voice squeaks as his resolve begins to fail. (Soggul burns another Luck Point; Disable Device check is 18 + 5 = 23 vs. DC 25. Not quite enough!)

Spotting a small, inconspicuous keypad near the base of the machine, Soggul reaches with his third arm and mashes his hand into the buttons. Several small lights turn on, illuminating the operating table, but the machine is unaffected.

“Damn!” Vash grumbles at not taking down the machine. He pauses, keeping his weapon up. He pauses and looks at his scrubs and then around the room for an ID. “Look for a card that might have a picture on it. Hold it up for it to see and tell it to power down. Hell, if that doesn’t work, try the freeze gun!”

(There are no photo ID cards visible in the room (or elsewhere in the hospital thus far, for that mater). Vash has seen the orange keycard that Cobb recovered from the nurse’s station; it does not have a picture on it, just a faded corporate logo and a serial number. Assuming that the card itself provides some authority, the surgical scrub-wearing Vash may make a convincing doctor…)

Jumrak strains at the doorway as its motors strive to slam it shut. “Keep… door… open!” he mutters. (DC 20 Strength check; result is 5 +10 = 15.) The door is just too heavy, however, and Jumrak loses his grip.

(Jumrak – do you want to end up inside the room, outside the room, or to block the door from closing with your body – taking damage in the process?)

Enraged by the pain of the laser beams, Thrak brandishes his fullblade and takes a mighty swing at the cables connecting the vile machine to whatever must be powering it! (Attack roll is 18 +9 = 27; hit for 13 damage.) Another cable is severed as Thrakazog conducts his own ‘impromptu surgery’ on the machine, and a second of its four arms falls inert!

Seeing his chance, Cobb rushes forward to the small keypad that Soggul found and tries to disable the machine. (Held action to Disable Device; Cobb rolls 2 + 13 = 15 vs. DC 25.) Several more small lights flick on and off; the keypad does not appear to control the aesapulator itself!

Sikich musters the last of his strength, both mental and physical, to aim a blast of telekinetic energy against the largest concentration of wires he can see in an attempt to disable it. (Kinetic Blast; ranged touch attack is 19 +1 = 20. Hit for 12 damage. Sikich is down to 0 ISP.) The half-hacked wire that Cobb was cutting through suddenly bursts asunder, and one more aescapulator arm is deactivated!

Exhausted, Sikich then slumps down in a corner, too hurt and too uncaring of his fate to fight any longer.

What are your actions?


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13 Responses to “93 – Impromptu Surgery”

  1. Find the 4th wire set and rip it apart…(unless we want to disable the device instead for some reason?)

    But a dead machine is better than an alive one! RIP IT UP!!!

  2. Thrak collapses to the floor after having been speared with two separate laser scalpel beams. He howls out loud in pain and rolls for whatever cover he might be able to find. If he can, he’ll try a two-handed thwack at the last remaining bundle of power cables giving life to this deadly monstrosity.

    “I just pray to the Ancients that Vash can find something in here to help get us out in one piece…”

  3. As my favourable positioning starts to slip and I feel that I can no longer keep the door from slamming shut with muscle power, I try to shift my weight to fall in the shrinking gap between the door and its frame. I hope that my breastplate can hold up to the force. I can’t risk having our group separated!

  4. Relenting, Soggul falls back and covers Thrak with his shield. Dropping his weapon, Soggul begins to drag Thrak out of range of the deadly arms. (Burning another luck point to stay sane.)

  5. Vash grimaces as the others get hit by the machine. He moves to Thrak, moving to pull him away, finding a safe corner for him. “Who had the orange card?!!” He calls out. “That might work. Give it to me and let me see if it accepts my voice command.” He certainly hope so. For some reason, some of the machines seem to listen to him. Blinky did, the Ice Machine did.

    As soon as the card is passed to him, he hold up. “Command override! Shut down!” He calls out.

    (ooc: I will spend a luck point) 🙂

  6. (Oh, I forgot to say this, but if another attack comes for Thrak, Soggul will jump in the way if needed. No one dies on Soggul’s watch. 🙂 )

  7. Sikch huddles in a corner just hoping not to get hurt.

    Upon seeing Vash attempt to command the surgical machine, Sikich quickly realises that it won’t work – Vash cannot speak the ancient tongue and has previously relied on Sikich to translate.

    Sikich calls out to Vash the correct words in ancient to speak if he want to shut the machine down.

  8. Even with Soggul shielding Thrak from further laser harm, the big, glowing mutant still tries to lash out with his fullblade at the last bundle of power cables if they’re anywhere within reach.

  9. When Thrak tries to swing the blade, Soggul pins his arm. “Don’t attract attention! You are gravely injured!”

  10. OoC – What… are we role-playing now? What the hell??

  11. OOC – You just got tore up by laser scapels for big damage. That kind of thing would be visible, even to the untrained eye. So sit there and let Soggul save you. Soggul’s tore up too and you’d see that as well, but he seems to be moving fine, for now.

  12. OoC – Which is also why Vash went to him too!

  13. Cobb will try to duck and dodge, drawing the attention of the machine as the others drag Thrak away. While he does so he’ll try to look for another means of disabling it, some other switch or something.

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