92 – Scalpel Surprise

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(Vash, Soggul, and Cobb have entered the operating room (Map Area #6) with greed-filled eyes. Thrakazog and Sikich remain in the doorway, suspicious of the machinery built into the operating table. Meanwhile, Kronic and Jumrak search the hallway, looking for signs of mongoliants. Suddenly, the operating room door slammed shut, pinning Thrak and Sikich! The mechanical arms of the aescapulator came to life, and Cobb was hit by a blast from the laser scalpel!)

(It is still the surprise round; next round the remaining PCs will be able to enter the fray so I will roll initiative now. The aescapulator got a natural 20; Cobb got 19 +2 = 21, Kronic rolls 15 +2 = 17, Soggul got 18 -2 = 16, Vash got 14 +1 = 15, Jumrak rolls 7, Thrakazog gets 4, and poor Sikich rolls 2 -4 = -2!)

Surprise Round

(The aescapulator has already acted this round, as described in the previous post. Only the the PCs were already inside the operating room are able to react now: Cobb, Soggul, and Vash.)

Hospital Map

“Gaaahh!” Cobb yells like a girl as dives for some sort of cover by the cabinets. He looks around frantically for something… a card-swipe device, a power panel box, something to shut it down!

Rolling for cover behind a nearby trolley filled with bandages, Cobb desperately looks for a way to disable the machine. (The GM rolls some dice…) There are no card-swipes or obvious ‘central power’ units. Numerous cables lead from the floor, ceiling, and other sources and tie into the machine. With no way to know which ones are critical, Cobb grabs his knife and slashes at the closest wire.

(That’ll be an attack roll against the wire; I’ll say it has a Defense of 10. Roll is 12 +3 = 15. Hit for 1 +1 = 2 damage.)

Cobb hacks at the wire, but it is surprisingly tough. His knife blade doesn’t bite deeply enough to sever it.

“ARRRRRRRRGH!” Soggul charges forward (nearly running into Cobb as he slashes the wire) and brings down the pike on the machine, hoping its energy discharge has the same effect it did on the other machine.

(Trapped like a rat in a cage, Soggul may be too frightened for such bold moves. I’ll assume you burn a Luck Point to automatically save vs. fear and charge the machine.)

(The attack roll is 12 +2 +2 (charge) = 16. The machine is constructed of high-tech alloys, and the pike does not pierce its metal skin. The energy discharge inflicts 5 points of subdual damage, but with no visible effect.)

Soggul immediately recovers behind his shield, trembling. He shouts to the others, his voice wavering: “Stay back and try to get out! Let me take care of the beast!” Selfless as always, Soggul’s first thought is to protect his friends.

Vash turns quickly as the machine comes alive. He tries to keep a safe distance back from the moving arms. He squints in the low light. “What is that a….? If I remember right, it gets its power from…” He tries to pull out his laser rifle and aims for what should be the power lines and fires…

(Vash uses his ‘Useful Trivia’ savant ability to gain a +2 on his next attack. The result is 17 +1 = 18. The machine is hit, but no damage is inflicted.)

(Another piece of Useful Trivia for Vash – most robots had fail-safes built in that allowed them to be commanded by a person of the appropriate authority level upon presentation of sufficient ID.)

…the shot misses the cables but hits the metal ‘body’ of the machine. Again, the aescapulator’s advanced alloys protect it from damage (just as with Soggul’s hit).

First Regular Round

(Thrak and Sikich are still trapped in the doorway; each requires a DC 15 Agility check to try to slip out and avoid taking damage again this round. Given Sikich’s condition, I’ll assume he burns a Luck Point for an automatic success. Thrak rolls a 12 +1 = 13 and takes 4 more damage.)

(Note that Kronic and Jumrak are still in the hallway outside the operating room.)

Now that Soggul is within melee range of the deranged robot, four beams of blue flash out from laser scalpel-tipped limbs. (4 attack rolls; 7 +12 = 19, 12 +7 = 19, 10 +2 = 12, and 4 -3 = 1. After charging, Soggul’s Defense is 18. Two hits, for 7 and 6 damage!) Cowering behind his riot shield, Soggul feels two lines of pain cross his exposed legs!

(Surprise! The aescapulator gets four attacks using a full-round action. Cobb was lucky in the previous round that I considered ‘closing the door’ to be a move-equivalent action for the machine.)

Not giving up on his plan to cut the power cables, Cobb hacks at the nearest wire again. (Attack roll is 10 +3 = 13; hit for 2 +1 = 3 points of damage.) This is taking longer than he anticipated; the knife is only halfway through the wire now.

(For Cobb to be able to do a Disable Device check, he would need to be within melee range of the aescapulator itself.)

Oh bother! Seeing his friends ‘stuck’ in the door the little, but fairly brawny, Kronic runs up and tries to pry it open. (DC 20 Strength check; result is 3 +13 = 16.) Unfortunately, his clawed hands slip on the fresh blood and his allies remain pinned.

Drawing again upon his rapidly-diminishing bravery (-1 Luck Point), Soggul lunges at the aescapulator with his energy pike. (Attack roll is 8 +2 = 10.) This time, his blow is knocked aside easily by one of the machine’s arms.

Vash fires his laser rifle again (Attack roll 10 -1 = 9), but misses the machine completely.

Jumrak shakes his head as he is snapped out of his daydreaming of better days on the surface. He immediately charges the door, hoping that he can jar the door open enough to free its hold on Thrak and Sikich. (DC 20 Strength check, result is 10 + 10 = 20!) His great muscles straining, he manages to force the door open – wide enough for Thrak and Sikich to escape!

Grunting with effort, Jumrak barks to his allies: “That ‘bat’ that I have might be able to keep the door wedged open!”

Now free of the cramped doorway, Thrak barrels into the operating room and does his best to duel with the nearest ‘arm’ from the table. He wants to snap off the deadly bits before they can do too much more harm.

(Note that Thrak took damage from the door on the aescapulator’s initiative count. Also, his goggles are in place and there’s just enough light for him to see by.)

(Thrak’s attack roll is 14 +9 = 23. A hit for 7 +5 = 12 damage!)

Smashing at the aescapulator’s arm with his mighty fullblade, Thrak manages to send sparks flying from the device – but not enough to sever the metallic limb.

“Is there a power source or something that can be disabled?” he shouts into the din. “Shut ‘em all down at once, if somebody can!”

With Jumrak holding the deadly doorway open, Sikich scans at the room inside trying to locate a button or anything that could be an opening mechanism for the door. “I dooonn’t thhhink the bat willll holllld.” he hisses to Jumrak.

(Sikich has noticed a few more details… The inside of the doorway had dents, gouges, and bloodstains – as if somebody was trying to bash their way out earlier. The panel beside the doorway is now blinking red, instead of the steady orange light from earlier (there are panels on both the inside and outside of this room). The panel also now displays some Ancient words – ‘Surgery in Progress. Do not interrupt!’)

(Unfortunately, there are no ‘Emergency Shutdown’ or ‘Disable Power’ buttons. Given the sturdy construction of the machine, Cobb probably has the best approach so far (cut the cables), though his small knife may not be the appropriate tool for the task.)

What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “92 – Scalpel Surprise”

  1. ooc: use the security card on the inside panel?

    If Kronic sees that they need to rip cables out he will go assist. His claws and rend ability will make short work of cabling!!! Hoepfully he can duck any attacks made against him and start ripping some cables apart!

  2. Having entered the room, and seeing Cobb’s approach, Thrak brandishes his fullblade and, as soon as he is able, takes a mighty swing at the cables connecting the vile machine to whatever must be powering it.

  3. “Damn!” Vash grumbles at not taking down the machine. He pauses, keeping his weapon up. He pauses and looks at his scrubs and then around the room for an id. “Look for a card that might have a picture on it. Hold it up for it to see and tell it to power down. Hell, if that doesn’t work, try the freeze gun!”

  4. Soggul keeps going, this time trying to use his own disable device ability to try an take out this psychotic machine. “You shall not take me down, beast!” The mutants voice squeaks as his resolve begins to fail.

  5. Sikich musters the last of his strength, both mental and physical, to aim a blast of telekinetic energy (kinetic blast) and the largest concentration of wires he can see in an attempt to disable it.
    Then Sikich slumps down in a corner, too hurt and too uncaring of his fate to fight any longer.

  6. Seeing the large, glowing form of Thrak approach with fullblade in hand, Cobb moves out his way to give him a clear swing. If Thrak’s swing doesn’t disable the machine, Cobb will duck and weave towards the machine to try his Disable Device check.

  7. “Keep…door…open!”

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