91 – Aescapulator Attack!

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(You continue to search the final unexplored area within the remaining floor of the Ancient hospital. You’ve hit the swag jackpot, finding an open operating room (Map Area #6) with fully-stocked cabinets of surgical equipment and medical gear. In the middle of the room is an intact operating table festooned with high-tech devices.)


Hospital Map

Vash’s eyes grow big when he first sees the operating room. “I can set up two kits with this. One for those who can’t use the standard medicine and another for the standard.” He looks to the others. “I can definitely take care of everyone better with this.”

He immediately walks into the room, looking at the closest cabinet. He does turn and look at the table and it’s mechanical arms. He leans his head slightly to take a good look at the entire table before slowly getting a little closer…

Soggul follows into the room slowly. “I-I should go h-help search…” Soggul goes towards the room slowly, watching every direction to make sure the walls don’t move in on him more.

Not wanting to miss out on such a jackpot, Cobb follows immediately behind for a cautious look around.

Still beset by a sense of foreboding, brought on by the close environs and eerily preserved swag, Thrak slings his rifle over his shoulder and instead draws his fullblade to wield two-handed. He doesn’t like the incommodious room with its unexpectedly operable equipment. He stands there, at the entrance, two hands on his sword, all his senses on alert, staring into the room.

Fearing the worst, Sikich puts on a burst of speed, trying to get a good line of sight into the room before something bad happens.

The other party members remain in the hallway, checking the shadows and wary for mongoliants.

Aescapulator Attack!


Vash and Cobb quickly confirm that the cabinets are indeed fully stocked with medical equipment, all individually sealed. Soggul’s attention is held by the operating table in the middle of the room. The device resembles a large chrome fixture that rises from floor to ceiling, with an adjustable bed for its patient to lie on. A reinforced trunk-like extension rises above the bed platform, atop which rests a large silvered sphere from which sprout five spidery arms, each fitted with a pen-like device tipped with a gemstone. A cluster of glowing blue ‘eyes’ feature prominently on the underside of this sphere.

The large frames of Thrakazog and Sikich crowd together at the entrance to the operating room as they peer nervously within. There is a sudden ‘click’ and the operating room door slams shut on them! (DC 15 Agility Check to avoid damage; Thrak gets 11 +1 = 12 and Sikich rolls 15 -1 = 14. Both fail and take 8 points damage! Sikich is at 4 hp.)

They are caught by surprise and crushed by the large metal door! Thrak and Sikich are held pinned in the doorway, their bodies preventing the door from shutting completely. Thrak’s flashlight clatters to the ground, and ominous shadows loom against the far wall as the operating table is illuminated from below.

(Well, you knew it was coming. Initiative rolls for everyone within the room; all others are considered surprised this round. Cobb gets 19 +2 = 21, Soggul rolls 18 -2 = 16, and Vash gets 14 +1 = 15. The aescapulator rolls a natural 20 (!) and will act first.)

As you all spin around to face the doorway, the ‘arms’ of the operating table unfurl with inhuman speed, and its ‘eyes’ glow blue from the underside of its sphere. Scalpels flash at the ends of several limbs, while more unfamiliar devices tip others. Your minds are just starting to register the danger when a pencil-thin beam of blue light flashes from the machine.

(The GM rolls Luck Checks to see who the unlucky victim will be… Cobb gets 4 +3 = 7, Soggul rolls 17 +4 = 21, and Vash gets 11 +3 = 14. Sorry, Cobb. Attack roll is 16 +12 = 28; hit for 8 points of damage!)

Cobb feels a needle of agony lancing through his body. With surgical precision, the aescapulator strikes with its laser scalpal! Cobb shouts and dives away from the beam before it slays him.

What are your actions?


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10 Responses to “91 – Aescapulator Attack!”

  1. If he can get out of the cramped doorway, Thrak barrels into the operating room (assuming his night vision goggles are still in place, now that the flashlight has been dropped) and will do his best to duel with the nearest ‘arm’ from the table. He wants to snap off the deadly bits before they can do too much more harm.

    “Is there a power source or something that can be disabled?” he shouts into the din. “Shut ’em all down at once, if somebody can!”

  2. (Thrak will need to succeed a Strength Check to free himself from the doorway, and if successful will be able to strike the aescapulator next round.)

  3. Oh bother! Seeing friends “stuck” in the door the little, but fairly brawny, Kronic will assist in prying the door open. If I can find a crowbar or something to wedge the door open with so it does not close again I will do that as well… but freeing my freinds from the door is priority!

    If we free them and I can set-up for a clear shot I will try and shoot the thing in the blue glowy bits.

  4. I shake my head as I am snapped out of my daydreaming of better days on the surface. I immediately charge the door, hoping that I can jar the door open enough to free its hold on Thrak and Sikich. As I charge, I think that the “bat” that I have might be able to keep the door wedged open if I can hold it long enough…

  5. Sikich desperately pushes at the door to stop it crushing him completely. He scans at the room inside trying to locate a button or anything that could be an opening mechanism for the door.

  6. “ARRRRRRRRGH!” Soggul charges forward, knocking Cobb out of the way, and brings down the pike on the machine, hoping its energy discharge has the same effect it did on the other machine. He immediately recovers behind his shield, making sure . “Stay back and try to get out! Let me take care of the beast!” Selfless as always, Soggul’s first thought is to protect his friends.

  7. (Trapped like a rat in a cage, Soggul may be too frightened for such bold moves. I’ll assume you burn a Luck Point to automatically save vs. fear and charge the machine.)

  8. (Consider Soggul burning all his luck points to save the others until he runs out. Then he will pee his kimono and pass out. :P)

  9. Vash turns quickly as the machine comes alive. He tries to keep a safe distance back from the moving arms. He squints in the low light. “What is that a….? If I remember right, it gets its power from…” He tries to pull out his laser rifle and aims for what should be the power lines and firing.

    (ooc: Using Vash’s knowledge ability)

  10. “Gaaahh!” Cobb yells like a girl as dives for some sort of cover by the cabinets. He looks around frantically for something… a card-swipe device, a power panel box, something to shut it down (Disable Device check?)!
    If he doesn’t see anything, he’ll make a “Stockpile check” to see if he has anything to use against it or get the door open for the heavyweights.

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