90 – The Aescapulator

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(You have reached the final unexplored area within the remaining floor of the Ancient hospital. You have found some miscellaneous swag during your scavenging, but not yet hit the ‘jackpot’… until now. In the northern corridor you find an open doorway (Map Area #6). Inside that doorway is an unlooted operating room, filled with medical relics and surgical equipment.)

(Incidentally, this is also the room that the mongoliant tracks lead into, but not out of. It’s also the room that Thrak can smell the scent of death.)

The Aescapulator

Hospital Map

The operating room appears this place escaped much of the deprivations that ravaged the rest of the hospital ruins. Cabinets with surgical equipment and medical supplies line the walls. The middle of the room is dominated by a large electronic operating table covered with elaborate medical devices. The clinical environment is marred by the significant bloodstains surrounding the table, though no bodies or other signs of conflict are evident.

Thrak’s eyes widen. “Whoa… frikkin’ gold mine guys!” the glowing mutant can’t help but exclaim. “You wanna root around in here for a couple days, Vash?” he says with a big grin.

Exerting his sense of caution again, Thrak swings around and tells the others what has been discovered in the room the tracks led to. “But guys,” he says to the group, “we should probably check the other rooms here first (Map Areas #7, #8, and #9) before getting too preoccupied with what’s in here.” He scans the dark hallway with his goggles suspiciously. “I’d hate to be ambushed while in the middle of the fun, you know?”

When Thrak describes the room, Sikich starts to get a bad feeling. Mongoliant tracks that go in but not out, an operating table stained in blood. Either the mongoliants fell out between themselves when they discover the untouched haul and then killed each other or…

Sikich calls out, “Loook ooout foor machiinesss”. Sikich knows from past (and recent) history that sometimes the spirits the ancients placed in their machines go crazy and get stuck on a small, obsessive range of actions – in this case, with power still getting to the machines, they may still be ‘operating’.


Indeed, the scouts describe a lot of equipment hooked up to the operating table that makes Sikich nervous. Things mounted on articulated arms and the like…

“Caan yoou sssee any pooweer sssource, cablesss, wiress or sssuch?” asks Sikich. With the growth of his telekinetic powers he figures he may be able to disconnect the machines from their power source, allowing us to explore the room in peace (instead of in pieces).

The device resembles a large chrome fixture that rises from floor to ceiling, with an adjustable bed for its patient to lie on. A reinforced trunk-like extension rises above the bed platform, atop which rests a large silvered sphere from which sprout five spidery arms, each fitted with a pen-like device tipped with a gemstone. A cluster of glowing blue ‘eyes’ feature prominently on the underside of this sphere.

Kronic keeps a close watch out for trouble (albeit with a smirk as he knows you found a good haul). “Time to be extra tough for the group to make sure we get the swag out of here.” he thinks. Close quarter fighting is his speciality, and Kronic is itching for a fight – especially if it is to a mongo… he pays much more attention to the darkness and possible attack points than the swag.

When he observes the operating room, Kronic asks the group: “I wonder if this is where the Mongos used to make that aberration thing we fought up in their base in the upper city. That thing was nasty and tough… if there are more of them…” (Kronic flexes his claws) “…we’ll be in a tough fight. Even worse – what if he made a mongo aberrant?”

Vash shudders at the thought of a cyber-mongo, but shakes his head. “No; I don’t think the aberration was made here. There was enough surgical gear in the citadel infirmary to create that… thing.”

Trying to lighten the mood, Vash grins and jokes on Soggul’s kimono: “You’re definitely the Ladies’ Man now.”

Soggul smiles in response to Vash’s comment. “Well, the sooner we can get out of here, the sooner I can find a lady.” He continues to look around nervously, fear still holding well onto his mind.

The curiousity of Vash has been piqued by what he’s heard about the operating room, and he presses forward. Soggul and Sikich join him.

Vash’s eyes grow big when he first sees the operating room. “I can set up two kits with this. One for those who can’t use the standard medicine and another for the standard.” He looks to the others. “I can definitely take care of everyone better with this.”

He immediately walks into the room (much to the surprise of the rest of the group), looking at the closest cabinet. He does turn and look at the table and it’s mechanical arms. He leans his head slightly to take a good look at the entire table before slowly getting a little closer…

Soggul follows into the room slowly. “I-I should go h-help search…” Soggul goes towards the room slowly, watching every direction to make sure the walls don’t move in on him more.

Thrak still stands at the threshold, wanting to step away from the operating room and investigate the other rooms first.

(This is time critical now. I’m going to leave this post as-is with Vash and Soggul inside the room, Thrak at the threshold, and everyone else in the hallway. I need to know whether anyone else has followed Vash into the operating room.)

(Some of you are already committed – there are no takebacks or mulligans now! I’ll probably write a new post within 24 hours, and will assume Vash and Soggul are alone in the room unless I hear otherwise.)

What are your actions?


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5 Responses to “90 – The Aescapulator”

  1. I think it’s safe to say that Cobb, the swag-whore would have bben one of the first to follow into the room and have a cautious look around. Come what may, Cobb would be in there.

  2. Soggul is committed. Best that Vash doesn’t die alone. 😛

  3. Sikich had been trying to move forward towards the door when he saw Vash and Soggul move into the room. Still not at the door, and fearing the worst, Sikich puts on a burst of speed, trying to get a good line of sight into the room before something bad happens. (He will try and end up at the door, looking into the room)

  4. Kronic was too thick headed to think of an “in-animate threat…” he is still looking for mongo’s in the shadows like an idiot expecting something from the other rooms and an ambush.

  5. Still beset by a sense of foreboding, brought on by the close environs and eerily preserved swag, Thrak slings his rifle over his shoulder and instead draws his fullblade to wield two-handed. He doesn’t like the incommodious room with its unexpectedly operable equipment. He stands there, at the entrance, two hands on his sword, all his senses on alert, staring into the room.

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