89 – Operating Room

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(Your party is still within the Ancient hospital. Using the orange keycard, you have now explored the west patient ward, gaining some more swag in the process. All rooms have been looted, except one with a damaged access panel and door (the other Map Area #4). Tracks head further northward, but there are no returning footprints.)

Cotton Swabs

Seeing the looks everyone gives him when you reach the broken door, Sikich shrugs and attempts his mental breaking and entering trick again.

(I thought you might try again. Another DC 25 Intellect Check; this time the result is 5 + 12 = 17; not enough!)

Hospital Map

Sikich attempts to use his mental powers to jimmy open the bolts on this doorway, but they are wedged tight from the damage. His mental powers are not sufficient; you’ll have to bust it down if you want in.

Curious, Thrak wants to open the jammed door, but only with extreme caution.

(That’ll be a DC 20 Strength Check… Soggul will help as well, taking 10 on the roll to add +2 to Thrak’s attempt. Thrakazog rolls a 10 +12 +2 = 24. Success!)

Using Soggul’s makeshift machete as a makeshift crowbar instead, Thrakazog manages to cautiously pry open the doors just wide enough for the smaller party members to slip in. (GM rolls some dice.) Inside, is another patient room. This one contains nothing of value except for a plastic bag filled with cotton swabs. (Filled with 156 swabs, to be exact. Gotta love random treasure tables.)

After scavenging the final patient room, Soggul strips down and changes into the kimono. “Soft, but the sleeves won’t work.” he comments. Using a knife, Soggul cuts the sleeves off to the shoulders, giving a wider opening on his right side for the two arms on that side. Afterwards, Soggul smiles and continues on.

Cobb looks around carefully for stairs, still convinced that buried treasure lies beneath this floor. Since the Ancients were fond of symbology in their directions, Cobb looks for anything that might indicate an alternate stairwell, even going up, or perhaps another elevator.

(No luck; it looks like the elevator and stairs were all in the central building core, and have now thoroughly collapsed.)

(Several nearby buildings do have intact upper storeys – and perhaps basements – if you want to explore them next.)

Disappointed with the lack of access to other levels, Cobb sticks with the group and does his thing.

Bending down at the tracks, Soggul pulls Cobb down to them as well. “None coming back. Perhaps there is a way into their stronghold.” The mutant’s eyes flash as thoughts of justice comes into his mind.

Soggul begins to stride forward, but going deeper in his fear begins to pick up. (Phobia of confined spaces.) “It’s getting darker…” The mutant’s head jerks around nervously, but the level of light doesn’t change. The tremors in his hands haven’t come on yet, but the group knew they would any moment now.

Sikich worries about the lack of tracks leading back. To him it indicates a potentially lethal hazard ahead.

(The GM rolls some dice…)

Indeed, Thrakazog’s keen nose senses danger. “Something doesn’t smell right up ahead, guys. I smell death. Like, rotten bodies or something. I bet the reason the large tracks only head north, and not back, is because something met its unclean end up ahead. We may want to jimmy the door open somehow, but we also want to be extra careful about whatever it is might be behind it.”

Jumrak concurs. “Let’s be careful not to get stuck in one side or another in this hallway. Let’s have one of us stay at this intersection keeping guard while everyone else starts checking out these rooms. I love an ambush if I’m the ambusher, but I’m not so keen on being an ambushee!”

Operating Room

The hallway extends another 35 feet past your current position in the patient ward. There are a pair of dividing doors between this section and the area further north, but the doors have been ripped off their hinges.

With Soggul’s phobia kicking in, he is the obvious choice to stay at the wrecked doors to cover your backs. Jumrak and Kronic are the toughest fighters amongst your group, so they take the front rank, with Cobb close behind as scout. Thrak follows with his flashlight raised high, ensuring those in the lead have a clear view ahead. Vash and Sikich remain in the patient ward, just behind Soggul.

There are five doorways in the northern section of the west wing; two on each side, plus another at the end of the hall. Each doorway has a keycard panel beside it with a glowing orange light. As Thrak pans his jumbo flashlight from door to door, you see that one is open! (The door leading to Map Area #6.)

(The GM rolls some dice. Wow; nice rolls.)

Jumrak clearly discerns the tracks here. It was probably two mongoliants; the footprints lead into the open doorway but do not exit. Although the rest of you can smell nothing, that is also the source of the scent that Thrak detects. Kronic notes that unlike some of the other doorways that showed signs of attempted forced entry, the open doorway is undamaged.

Proceeding with great caution, you step slowly forward. Compelled by an unhealthy dose of curiosity, you decide to take a quick peek around the corner into the open doorway… (Map Area #6)

Inside it appears this place escaped much of the deprivations that ravaged the rest of the hospital ruins. Cabinets with surgical equipment and medical supplies line the walls. The middle of the room is dominated by a large electronic operating table covered with elaborate medical devices. The clinical environment is marred by the significant bloodstains surrounding the table, though no bodies or other signs of conflict are evident.

What are your actions?


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11 Responses to “89 – Operating Room”

  1. “Whoa… frikkin’ gold mine guys!” Thrak can’t help but exclaim. “You wanna root around in here for a couple days, Vash?” he says with a big grin.

    Exerting his sense of caution again, Thrak swings around and tells Soggul what has been discovered in the room the tracks led to. “But guys,” he says to the group, “we should probably check the other rooms here first (7, 8, 9) before getting too preoccupied with what’s in here.” He scans the dark hallway with his goggles suspiciously. “I’d hate to be ambushed while in the middle of the fun, you know?”

  2. Kronic will keep close watch out for trouble (albeit with a smirk as he knows we found a good haul). Time to be extra tough for the group to make sure we get the swag out of here. Close quarter fighting is my speciality, kronic is apparently itching for a fight. Especially if it is to a mongo…

    I wonder if this is the room that the Mongo’s used to make that aberration thing we fought up in their base in the upper city. That thing was nasty and tough… if there are more of them…(kronic flexes his claws). We’ll be in a tough fight. Even worse… what if he made a mongo aberrant?

    Kronic pays much more attention to the darkness and possible attack points than the swag…

  3. When the others describe the room, Sikich starts to get a bad feeling. Mongoliant tracks that go in but not out, an operating table stained in blood. Either the mongoliants fell out between themseves when they discover the untouched haul and the killed each other or…
    Sikich calls out, “Loook ooout foor machiinesss”. Sikich knows from past (and recent) history that sometimes the spirits the ancients placed in their machines go crazy and get stuck on a small, obsessive range of actions – in this case, with power still getting to the machines, they may still be ‘operating’.

  4. (The scouts describe a lot of equipment hooked up to the operating table that makes Sikich nervous. Things mounted on articulated arms and the like…)

  5. “Caan yoou sssee any pooweer sssource, cablesss, wiress or sssuch?” asks Sikich.
    With the growth of his telepathic powers he figures he may be able to disconnect the machines from their power source, allowing us to expore the room in peace (instead of in pieces).

  6. (A question and a comment: Is Sikich (or Vash) checking out the equipment themselves, or relying on the scouts’ comments back? Also, note that Sikich will need to regain some of his Inner Strength Points before unleashing his full telekinetic power. He can still use Far Hand to do some minor tricks, however.)

  7. Vash grins at Soggul as he pulls on the robe. “You’re definitely the Ladies’ Man now.” He jokes before moving to continue follow the group.

    Vash’s eyes grow big when he first steps into the operating room. “I can set up two kits with this. One for those who can’t use the standard medicine and another for the standard.” He looks to the others. “I can definitely take care of everyone better with this.” He immediately walks over, looking at the closest cabinet. He does turn and look at the table and it’s mechanical arms. He leans his head slightly to take a good look at the entire table before slowly getting a little closer.

  8. (Did Vash step *into* the operating room yet? Or are you still standing outside, in the hallway?)

    (Ditto for the other PCs – where are you standing, exactly?)

  9. OoC — Oh man… if ever there was a DM discretely warning a PC team of impending danger, dude, this is it.

    Thrak, after uttering his warning about checking the other rooms before coming back to this one, has not proceeded past the door, but rather stands at the threshold (perhaps still behind Soggul’s shield), wanting to step away from the operating room and investigate the other rooms first.

  10. OoC-I had assumed we stepped in, so he went in. 🙂

  11. Soggul smiles in response to Vash’s comment. “Well, the sooner we can get out of here, the sooner I can find a lady.” He continues to look around nervously, fear still holding well onto Soggul’s mind.

    When Thrak notifies Soggul of the find, it takes him a few moments to make a decision. “I-I should go h-help search…” Soggul goes towards the room slowly, watching every direction to make sure the walls don’t move in on him more.

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