88 – The West Wing

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(Your party continues its exploration of the Ancient hospital. Using the orange keycard, you gained access to the rooms in the north patient ward, obtaining some minor medical gear in the process. One of the doors (Map Area #4) is badly damaged – apparently from a botched break-in attempt – and your keycard does not grant entry.)

(While scavenging in the rooms, the group has inadvertently obliterated all traces of the tracks you found earlier. The western wing still remains unexplored.)

Evolution of a Science

Hospital Map

Vash feels a little proud in getting his new surgical scrubs. He blows out a tired sigh as the party checks each of the rooms. The proud feeling is back when more medicine and clipboard is discovered. Perhaps with the notes from the clipboard and the text he found, he can really learn something…

(With Sikich’s help to translate, you do learn one thing from the faded papers on the clipboard. The ruin you are exploring is apparently called the “Proctor Medical Centre.” In small print at the bottom, it says “An Affiliate of the NAC Institute of Cryogenic Studies”.)

Vash nods to Cobb as he finds the Holy Scriptures. “Perhaps you can read that to us some day.” A good story by a fire is always good. He continues to follow the group, trying to keep a watchful eye for anything they should notice while they walk.

Soggul agrees: “I too would be interested in hearing what words were left behind. At the very least, it could provide some entertainment or conversation.”

Cobb replies: “Sorry guys but I can’t read the words of the Ancients. I do recognize the symbol on the front though. Ruma, the woman that reared me, used to tell us stories from it. Something about Jeezis Cross, something or other. Apparently he died and became a ghoul and then flew his ship, The Asenshin, to The Heavens; wherever that is. She said he was coming back. Who knows when? I didn’t always pay attention during storytime,” Cobb cracks his knuckles, “too busy with the ladiesss.” He flashes that shark-like grin.

(Again, Sikich translates a few words for the party. The title is “DIANETICS: The Evolution of a Science.” The cover does indeed feature a spaceship of some description.)

(The few words that Sikich speaks from the book pique your interest. Should make good reading…)

“Why would they put a ghoul’s symbol in this type of building.” Soggul scratches his head, then shrugs. “No matter…”

Encouraged by your scavenging luck so far, the three-armed mutant proposes that you continue: “I believe we have a good process going. Should we continue this over in the western side?” Noting Vash’s scrubs, Soggul looks through any storage he can find for replacement clothing, as the smelly rags he’s had from his time in the tunnels are starting to irritate him.

(I found my copy of Scav’s Swag, so I’m keen to roll on some more random tables. It looks like you ‘missed’ an item of clothing in one of the rooms; it must have been covered with dust and you thought it was just sheets… The dice say you find a fancy silk kimono with dragon design, intact.)

(Want a kimono, Soggul?)

Psionic Break & Enter

Before moving on, Sikich takes a close look at the doors you opened to determine how they were locked. It appears that although control is electronic, the locking mechanism itself is relatively simple. He believes he may have a chance of opening the battered doorway with the damaged lock with his mind powers, sliding across the internal locking mechanism, and gives it a try…

(Clever trick; it will be a DC 25 Intellect check using your ‘Far Hand’ power. You’ll bypass the electronics completely and just try to jimmy open the bolt itself. The GM rolls a die; it’s 19 +12 = 31. Success! The lock clicks, and you force the door open. Inside is another patient room, similar to the other two you have explored.)

(Now for the swag roll. GM tosses the percentiles… The room contains nothing of value. Well, at least you were lucky with the first two rooms!)

Cobb looks bewildered at Sikich’s display of mental power. Looking back and forth from Sikich to the door, he furrows his brow, “What the… Did you just…”, pointing from Sikich to the door he glances at the keycard in his hand. Cobb shrugs, stowing the keycard away he follows the others into the room, his self-importance as the ‘bearer of the keycards’ a little deflated. “Nice trick, Sikich.”

Thrak congratulates Sikich on the creative use of his powers, even though the locked room didn’t turn up any good loot. “Let’s check out the other area of this floor, guys,” he says. “And keep your eyes open for more tracks or signs of any other ‘thing’ here. If we spot something, we should check it out first, just to make sure it doesn’t pose a threat. Or if it does, to eliminate it.”

Thrakazog turns around and faces down the direction of the western corridor, his night vision goggles aiding his sight. “Shall we lead the way, friend Soggul? I’ll light the way, and you defend it.”

Soggul smiles as Thrak makes his suggestion that the three-armed mutant take the point position. “I shall be your shield.” He checks the straps of his shield before moving in position, making sure they fit right onto his arm.

Kronic also commends Sikich on his psionic B&E: “Nice work Sikich! Well; off to the western areas I suppose. Also I wonder if there is a way down – if the floor looks like it is ready to collapse near the elevator there might be sub-levels to this place that are intact still… Well, intact might be a strong word.”

Soggul nods: “The only way to find out about the elevator shaft is to investigate.”

Cobb grins at Kronic. “One thing about the Ancients, Kronic: if there’s an elevator, there will always be stairs too. Usually on the inside of the exterior walls of a building or near the center of the structure.”

(Good idea. You take a closer look at the central elevator shaft. Indeed, as Cobb predicted there is a stairwell hidden within the collapsed core of the building. Unfortunately, it appears extremely unstable; ‘load-bearing rubble’ is how Sikich describes it. It may be the only thing holding up the rest of the building…)

The West Wing

Proceeding to the west wing, you first encounter a north-south corridor lined with orange-keyed doors, similar to those that you just scavenged. There are five doorways here, and the hallway continues north at least 30 feet further. There are a pair of dividing doors between this section and the area further north, but the doors have been ripped off their hinges.

Before continuing down the hall, the outlanders attempt to regain the tracks that were lost earlier (GM rolls Perception checks for Jumrak and Soggul), and find very clear tracks – large footprints, most likely mongoliant – leading northward, but not returning.

Once again, there is a doorway in this hall that shows signs of forced entry (the other Map Area #4). Its condition is similar to the one that Sikich opened – it has no power but is still jammed shut.

Not wasting any time worrying about old tracks, Cobb proceeds with his methodical ransacking of the hospital.

(This is another patient ward. Three of the four undamaged rooms contain minor medical swag. You score six sealed bandages (each can provide an application of first aid); a bottle with several dozen pills, labeled ‘EXPERIMENTAL’; and something that looks like a small pen, but is much heavier and has a small gemstone at one end.)

The busted door remains unopened (unless Sikich wants to try his trick again). The ruins have remained deathly silent during your explorations; if mongoliants travelled north then they don’t seem to be here anymore.

What are your actions?


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9 Responses to “88 – The West Wing”

  1. A brief commentary:

    With the ‘holy scriptures’ ending up as a Dianetics text, some of Cobb and Sogguls comments don’t actually make any sense – which is a shame, because they made me laugh.

    I left them in the post because I think its the kind of inexplicable thing that a post-apocalyptic mutant might say anyways when first encountering Scientology.

  2. (OOC – Yeah, I didn’t realize it. For some reason I was thinking of the bible you find in every motel room and projecting that into finding them in hospital rooms. I don’t know why. Still, you are right. What do we know after all these years?)

    Cobb looks around carefully. Since the Ancients were fond of symbology in their directions, Cobb looks for anything that might indicate an alternate stairwell, even going up, or perhaps another elevator. In any event, he sticks with the group and does his thing.

  3. After stripping down and changing into the kimono, Soggul walks around. “Soft, but the sleeves wont work.” Using a knife, he cuts the sleeves off to the shoulders, giving a wider opening on his right side for the two arms on that side. Afterwards, Soggul smiles and continues on.

    Bending down at the tracks, Soggul pulls Cobb down to them as well. “None coming back. Perhaps there is a way into their stronghold.” The mutant’s eyes flash as thoughts of justice comes into his mind.

  4. Sikich worries arout the lack of tracks leading back. To him it indicates a potentially lethal hazard ahead.
    Seeing the looks everyone gives him when we reach the broken door, Sikich shrugs and attempts his mental breaking and entering tick again.

  5. (I thought you might try again. Another DC 25 Intellect Check; this time the result is 5 + 12 = 17; not enough!)

    Sikich attempts to use his mental powers to jimmy open the bolts on this doorway, but they are wedged tight. His mental powers are not sufficient; you’ll have to bust it down if you want in.

  6. Thrakazog: You keen scent picks up the smell of death from further north. Not Ancient corpses, but something more recent.

    Soggul: You’re starting to get nervous now that you’re getting so far from the main entrance (phobia flaw).

  7. “Let’s be careful not to get stuck in one side or another in this hallway. Let’s have one of us stay at this intersection keeping guard while everyone else starts checking out these rooms. I love an ambush if I’m the ambusher, but I’m not so keen on being an ambushee!”

  8. (Roger that…)

    Going deeper in, Soggul’s fear begins to pick up. “It’s getting darker…” The mutant’s head jerks around nervously, but the level of light doesn’t change. The tremors in his hands haven’t come on yet, but the group knew they would any moment now.

  9. Thrak warns the others of what his nose is telling him.

    “Something doesn’t smell right up ahead, guys. I smell death. Like, rotten bodies or something. I bet the reason the large tracks only head north, and not back, is because something met its unclean end up ahead. We may want to jimmy the door open somehow, but we also want to be extra careful about whatever it is might be behind it.”

    Curious, Thrak wants to open the jammed door ahead, but only with extreme caution.

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