87 – Patient Ward

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(Your party is exploring the ruins of an Ancient hospital. The upper stories have collapsed, leaving only the ground floor open to exploration. After searching the lobby (Map Area #1) and the nurse station (Map Area #3), you have proceeded down the right (east) hallway to search the northern corridor.)

(Your outlanders have discovered some tracks in the building; they are faint – perhaps months old. Cobb carries an orange keycard scavenged from the nurse station. Thrakazog’s flashlight illuminates your path in this pitch-black ruin.)

Musty Hallway

Hospital Map

Before leaving the lobby, Vash takes a moment to look at the clothing worn by the corpses. (The GM rolls a die… There are four pieces of clothing that are still in good condition. One is a set of ‘scrubs’ (not lab coat) that looks rather comfortable.)

Finding a set of surgical scrubs that are intact and comfortable looking, Vash decides to pick them up. Deep underground is rather chilly after all. He examines the scrubs, hesitating before taking the clothing. Healers used to wear these after all…

The party then proceeds down the right (east) corridor, Thrak’s flashlight illuminating your way. After about twenty feet the corridor turns west. Down this passage are a number of rooms that stretch the length of the cold musty halls. Beside each sturdy doorway is a keycard access panel. There must be some emergency power in operation here still, because a small orange light glows from each panel still!

Vash lifts up his eyebrows at the thought of emergency power. There might be parts to fix the power core he has. If he can fix it, they can have power, heat, light where they go! Vash knows that most pre-Fall cities used a system called ‘broadcast power’ with towers that transmitted energy to receivers within various devices. In cases where emergency power was required, small minifusion cells or similar were generally utilized instead of a central generator for an entire building. He’ll have to get a closer look here to determine how the emergency power is supplied in this case.

(Vash – your mention of the damaged minifusion reactor reminds me… You’ve started to feel a little ‘under the weather’ since you’ve been carrying that thing so close to your body… Your PC hasn’t noticed yet; he’ll probably clue in the next time your party stops to rest.)

Sikich stands behind, both worried about this Ancient structure but also eager to see what is within. His mind races with speculation – perhaps we will be able to locate and recover the power source and find some way to transport it out. We would be hailed as heroes amongst the tribes!

With an effort of will, Sikich restrains himself and goes back to scanning for dangers. With no sign of any creatures lairing in the building, he keeps a careful watch for natural hazards. (Sikich will make sure that his allies avoid any structurally unsafe areas.)

Kronic, still thinking about the tracks that your party found near the entrance, asks Jumrak and Soggul: “Do the tracks lead into these room or does it look like none have been opened at all? Perhaps we found the key card and it is an empty room!” Kronic stays on high alert and gets ready to defend our inquisitive members should hostilities arise.

(The GM rolls Perception checks for the outlanders. Soggul is able to discern the tracks here; they proceed down the hallway, and are particularly obvious in front of one doorway (to Map Area #4). One of the panels beside this door have been bashed to pieces, apparently from a melee weapon and the metal door has several large dents; the other panels and doors are undisturbed.)

Staying at the front of the line, Soggul speaks in a fatherly voice. “We should make use of my shield. There is no telling what is inside.” Soggul readies himself, hiding fulling behind the shield, acting as a physical barrier between the group and whatever danger could be inside these rooms.

Patient Wards

Cobb grins, his elongated fangs and ghostly white face quite disturbing in the illumination from Thrak’s flashlight. He holds the orange keycard in his hand, the same pumpkin hue as each of the little lights…

Approaching the nearest doorway (the room east of Map Area #4), Cobb reaches around Soggul’s shield and swipes the card to access the door. There is a slight pause, followed by a beep, and the door makes a ‘click’ noise! It begins to slide open, making a grinding sound… The door makes it halfway open before becoming jammed – it’s still enough room to squeeze through, though.

As it opens, Cobb takes a quick glance around the entryway to ensure there are no hazards. (Perception check; rolled in secret.) The room appears to be a simple bedroom. There are two hospital beds, each with a bedside table, separated by a hanging curtain. The beds are unoccupied and a thick layer of dust lies undisturbed here.

With the room seemingly safe, Soggul pulls back enough to let Cobb pass, then follows right behind him. He figures between the two individuals skilled in the ways of a scav, they would be able to make a quick search of the room.

(Very true. The GM rolls scav scan checks for both Cobb and Soggul. Cobb finds a well-thumbed holy scripture (in Ancient) in one of the bedside tables. Fallen behind one of the beds, Soggul finds an ampule of medicine that can be used in a ready-syringe. Sikich translates the words on the side to read ‘Stimshot A’.)

Entering the room, Vash also looks around, checking for possible instruments that can still might be laying around that can be added to the kit. He accepts the Stimshot A from Soggul, and also snags a medical chart on a clipboard that was hanging from the base of the bed. The better equipped he is, after all, the better he can help people. Vash looks over at Jumrak and chuckles. “Relax, friend.” He tries to reassure him.

(The GM decides to cut to the chase and rolls a bunch of dice at once.)

Your party repeats this process with the other undamaged room in the northern corridor, but not the one that has been damaged. (You would have to bash through the doorway to gain entry.) The hallway seems to consist of outpatient rooms; this must be part of the hospital’s patient ward. Most are notably empty of any sorts of medical equipment or valuables. You find a ready-syringe and another ampule of Stimshot A (which Vash takes), as well as some minor personal affects (a nonfunctional cellphone, some pencils and blank paper, and a selection of business cards).

(Note that Vash finds no evidence of a ‘central’ power source; each doorway appears independent.)

(The GM rolls tracking checks for Jumrak and Soggul.)

Unfortunately, your explorations have disturbed the tracks that were here, and you cannot tell whether they led elsewhere within the hospital.

You have checked out the entrance area and the northern corridor; the western reaches of the facility remain unexplored.

What are your actions?


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11 Responses to “87 – Patient Ward”

  1. Sikich looks at the doors we opened to determine how they were locked. If he believes he has a chance of opening the doorway with the damaged lock with his mind powers, sliding across the internal locking mechanism or removing the hinges for example, he gives it a try.

  2. (Clever trick; it will be a DC 25 Intellect check using your ‘Far Hand’ power. You’ll bypass the electronics completely and just try to jimmy open the bolt itself. The GM rolls a die; it’s 19 +12 = 31. Success! The lock clicks, and you force the door open. Inside is another patient room, similar to the other two you have explored.)

    (Now for the swag roll. GM tosses the percentiles… The room contains nothing of value. Well, at least you were lucky with the first two rooms!)

  3. “I believe we have a good process going. Should we continue this over in the western side?” Soggul looks through any storage he can find for replacement clothing, as the smelly rags he’s had from his time in the tunnels are starting to irritate him.

  4. Thrak congratulates Sikich on the creative use of his powers, even though the locked room didn’t turn up any good loot.

    “Let’s check out the other area of this floor, guys,” he says. “And keep your eyes open for more tracks or signs of any other ‘thing’ here. If we spot something, we should check it out first, just to make sure it doesn’t pose a threat. Or if it does, to eliminate it.”

    Thrakazog turns around and faces down the direction of the western corridor, his night vision goggles aiding his sight. “Shall we lead the way, friend Soggul? I’ll light the way, and you defend it.”

  5. Nice work Sikich! Well… off to the western area’s I suppose. Also I wonder if there is a way down… if the floor looks like it is ready to collapse near the elevator there might be sub-levels to this place that are intact still… intact might be a strong word.

  6. Vash feels a little proud in getting the scrubs. He blows out a tired sigh as they check each of the rooms. The proud feeling is back when more medicine and clipboard is discovered. Perhaps with the notes from the clipboard and the text he found, he can really learn something.

    He nods to Cobb as he finds the Holy Scriptures. “Perhaps you can read that to us some day.” A good story by a fire is always good. He continues to follow the group, trying to keep a watchful eye for anything they should notice while they walk.

  7. Soggul smiles as Thrak makes his suggestion that the three-armed mutant take the point position. “I shall be your shield.” He checks the straps of his shield before moving in position, making sure they fit right onto his arm.

    “The only way to find out about the elevator shaft is to investigate.” Soggul nods, but says nothing more on the matter to Kronic.

    “I too would be interested in hearing what words were left behind. At the very least, it could provide some entertainment or conversation.”

  8. Cobb looks bewildered at Sikich’s display of mental power. Looking back and forth from Sikich to the door, he furrows his brow, “What the… Did you just..”, pointing from Sikich to the door he glances at the keycard in his hand. Cobb shrugs, stowing the keycard away he follows the others into the room, his self-importance as the “bearer of the keycards” a little deflated. “Nice trick Sikich.”

    Cobb grins at Kronic. “One thing about the Ancients, Kronic: if there’s an elevator, there will always be stairs too. Usually on the inside of the exterior walls of a building or near the center of the structure.”

    As to the bible, Cobb replies: ” Sorry guys but I can’t read the Ancient’s words. I do recognize the symbol on the front though. Ruma, the woman that reared me, used to tell us stories from it. Something about Jeezis Cross, something or other. Apparently he died and became a ghoul and then flew his ship, The Asenshin, to The Heavens; wherever that is. She said he was coming back. Who knows when? I didn’t always pay attention during storytime,” Cobb cracks his knuckles, “too busy with the ladiesss.” He flashes that shark-like grin.

  9. (Cobb doesn’t have to be too worried; Sikich’s psionic power worked because the electronic lock had already been disabled. Still, it was neat trick.)

  10. (Yeah, but Cobb doesn’t know that. 🙂 )

  11. “Why would they put a ghoul’s symbol in this type of building.” Soggul scratches his head, then shrugs. “No matter…”

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