86 – Right is Alright

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(Your party is inside the ruins of an Ancient hospital. The upper stories have collapsed, leaving only the ground floor open to exploration. You have entered the lobby of the darkened structure (Map Area #1); to the right is a nurse station filled with debris (Map Area #3), while ahead is a collapsed elevator (Map Area #2). Passageways extend west and north into darkness.)

(To explore further, you will need an adequate light source.)

Exploring the Hospital

Hospital Map

Soggul, talking louder than necessary, crouches behind his shield. “Which way do we go? Both passageways are dark and could lead to trouble.” Seeing the flashlight on Thrak’s belt, Soggul points to it. “Maybe you can light the way, Glowing One.” The mutant smiles, happy to be together with his friends again.

Remembering his ally’s keen scent, Kronic asks Thrakazog: “Well, Thrak what do you smell down the tunnels… also how far can you see with the nightvision goggles?”

Thrakazog squints and answers: “I cannot see well, my friend. Even with the goggles, I will need more light.”

(Thrak’s ‘Night Blindness’ flaw means that the nightvision goggles just bring him up to ‘normal’ sight in dark and shadowy conditions.)

“If all else fails I can claw off some useless clothes off these skeletons and use a femur as my torch handle… bundle up a bunch of torches from the crap lying around here.”

“Uh; that won’t be necessary, Kronic.” answers Thrakazog, uncomfortable with the idea of exploring by corpselight. He flicks his jumbo flashlight on, illuminating your surroundings.

Kronic then points towards the nurse station and the corridor to the east. “If in doubt, always go RIGHT. It is the right way after all…”

With his flashlight and goggles, Thrak visually scans and sniffs to the left and right of the elevator shaft, panning the flashlight beam around as thoroughly as he can in both directions. His tail guiding the flashlight, his hands are still steady on his rifle.

(You can now make out the general layout of the nearby hallways, as indicated on the Hospital Map.)

Soggul moves in front of Thrak, holding his tower shield to cover them both, in case the light instigates any hostile response.

Meanwhile, Sikich scans the area, looking for signs of peril, both from the environments, such as any area of the building that might be near collapse, or from creatures.

(Perception Check for Thrak and Sikich; rolled secretly. Cobb and Soggul will also get to make quick Scav Scan checks of your surroundings.)

(Damn those were some good rolls!)

“Careffulll, Thrak!” warns Sikich. “Donn’t get tooo closssse to thhat ellevatorr – the rrubble lookss unsstablle.” (Sikich’s ruin sense allows him to guide the party a safe distance from the collapsed shafts.)

“Hey – look at this!” announces Cobb while rifling through the debris in the nurse station (Map Area #3).

The body of a security guard in a disintegrating uniform lies sprawled out before the counter – he has apparently been stripped of weapons, even his holster belt and keycard. A search, however, reveals that the body of one of the nurses – almost completely buried under debris – still has an orange access card tucked into a flexiplast clipboard at her side. Cobb grabs the card (to match the silver one he found earlier).

“Lemme see what I can sniff out here guys. I know what Vash’s meds smell like, so if there’s any hint of that down one way or the other, we’ll do that first. Otherwise, we can take Kronic’s right.”

Thrak smells the air around him (and the GM rolls some dice). “I can make out the faint smell of Ancient corpses from the north; very old. Other than that, nothing.” With no sight or scent to lead him to direct his comrades down one way over another, Thrakazog considers Kronic’s suggestion of going to the right as good as any.

Sikich pauses, suddenly aware of all the ancient bodies around him. He thinks to himself that investigating these old buildings is almost like entering a mass grave site, and with that though a shudder goes through his body.

Seeing Sikich’s shudder touches something deep in Soggul’s mind. “They are free of pain and burden. They will rest while we still fight for life.”

Sikich nods to Soggul. Noticing the thick layer of dust on the ground, Sikich speaks again. “Traackss?” he queries, knowing some of the group are better at locating things than he is.

(The referee makes Perception Checks for Jumrak and Soggul, the party’s outlanders.)

Examining the ground, Soggul notices faint footprints leading both north and west. “These are faint tracks.” he says. “Perhaps months old.”

Jumrak appears even more uncomfortable than usual. “Hey guys, with those upper floors collapsed and all… perhaps we should make this quick? Maybe we can each check out a room to move this thing along?”

Seeing the logic in Jumrak suggestions, your party finishes its search of the nurse station and heads down the ‘right’ corridor, leading northward into the hospital. The hallway proceeds forward for about twenty feet before turning left. A number of rooms stretch the length of the cold musty halls. Beside each sturdy doorway is a keycard access panel.

There must be some emergency power in operation here still, because a small orange light glows from each panel still!

Cobb grins, his elongated fangs and ghostly white face quite disturbing in the illumination from Thrak’s flashlight. He holds the orange keycard in his hand, the same pumpkin hue as each of the little lights…

What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “86 – Right is Alright”

  1. Vash does take a moment to look at the clothing. If he can find any that are more intact and comfortable looking, he will pick it up. Deep underground is rather chilly after all. He does stop to look at a lab coat. It hesitates before taking it. Healers use to wear these after all.

    Vash looks around, looking for possible instruments that can still might be laying around that can be added to the kit. The better equip he is, the better he can help people. He looks over at Jumrak and chuckles. “Relax, friend.” He tries to reassure him.

    Vash lifts up his eyebrows at the thought of emergency power. There might be parts to fix the power core he has. If he can fix, they can have power, heat, light where they go!

  2. (The GM rolls a die… There are four pieces of clothing that are still in good condition. One is a set of ‘scrubs’ (not lab coat) that looks rather comfortable. The others are civilian pants and shirts in the fashion that was popular right before the Fall.)

    (About emergency power… Vash knows that most pre-Fall cities used a system called ‘broadcast power’ with towers that transmitted energy to receivers within various devices. In cases where emergency power was required, small minifusion cells or similar were generally utilized instead of a central generator for an entire building. He’ll have to get a closer look here to determine how the emergency power is supplied in this case.)

  3. Do the tracks lead into the room or does this room look like it has been opened at all? Perhaps we found the key card and it is an empty room!?!?

    I’ll stay on high alert as well and get ready to defend our inquisitive members should hostilities arise.

  4. Staying at the front of the line, Soggul speaks in a fatherly voice. “We should make use of my shield. There is no telling what is inside.” Soggul readies himself, hiding fulling behind the shield, acting as a physical barrier between the group and whatever danger could be inside the room.

  5. Sikich stands behind, both worried about this ancient structure but also eager to see what is within. His mind races with speculation – perhaps we will be able to locate and recover the power source and find some way to transport it out. We would be hailed as heroes amongst the tribes!
    With an effort of will, he restrains himself and goes back to scanning for dangers. With no sign of any creatures lairing in the building, he keeps a careful watch for natural hazards.

  6. Cobb reaches around the shield and swipes the card to access the door. When it opens he’ll take a quick glance around the entryway to ensure there are no hazards.

  7. If safe, Soggul will pull back enough to let Cobb pass, then follows right behind him. He figures between the two individuals skilled in the ways of a Scav, they would be able to make a quick search of the room.

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