85 – Inside the Hospital

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(The reunited party has left the circle-tower (Map Area #35) and proceeded northward towards the ‘downtown’ area. Your destination is the large building marked with an ‘H’ on the top (Map Area #43) – while in the Upper Caverns, you had noted this from the surveillance camera in In Lord Sogor’s chambers.)

(Reaching the building without incident, your initial observations suggest that is the ruins of an Ancient hospital…)

On the Outside Looking In

Deeper Caves Map

You stand outside a tall dark structure. High above, glass panels appear to have been wrenched free, leaving gaping holes from which the flutter of bats can be heard.

A few faded white vehicles lie about the main entrance to this building, with an entire van crushed under a fallen piece of concrete masonry. Broken glass covers the entire area like a carpet of gleaming sand.

This great structure was once a hospital of some sort, though the cataclysm – as well as the effects of time – have brought much of the building low.

As the party walks towards the broken glass, Jumark warns: “Watch your step – this stuff is really loud when it breaks under your feet.” He looks upward at the crumbling structure in front of you and shake his head. “The Ancients thought that they had defeated the gods’ powers by building these towers so high – no wonder they were punished by having the ground forced over them! I don’t know what tainted creations you expect to find here, but once we’re done in this place, perhaps we should investigate a way out of here?”

(While looking at the tower, Jumrak notes that the upper storeys appear completely collapsed. The floors above the ground seem to have fallen upon one another, leaving only the first storey and an empty shell extending upwards.)

Thrakazog is undaunted. “There’s gotta be some decent medical booty in there, eh guys?” he says. His rifle held up at the ready, Thrak circles around some of the bigger debris scattered around the base of the skyscraper. He marvels that mankind once had the ability to construct such things, and that they were able to stand up on their own. Some even strong enough to withstand a cataclysm such as what brought these tumbling underground.

(Upon further examination – with his nightvision goggles, of course – Thrak confirms Jumrak’s observations. Only the first floor of the hospital appears intact, though there are tens of feet of debris from the upper floors piled within the tower’s walls above the ground storey.)

“Let’s find the best way in and see what the first floor has to offer. Unfortunately, it appears that we will not be able to explore the upper floors. Anyone opposed to using the front doors… if we can find them?” Thrak grins a little, finally getting over the worst of his chagrin at the botched rescue attempt and definitely wanting to move on from it.

Kronic prefers the obvious path. “Front doors are good by me. Direct approach is often the best. We face the dangers head on and kill what we need to in order to get the swag.”

(You’ll have to pick your way through a bunch of broken glass, but the lobby and main doors (Map Area #1) are reasonably obvious even from your current location.)

Wary from your previous encounter, Sikich keeps a careful eye on the bats coming out of the building – trying to determine if they are ‘normal’ bats or our local unfriendly psychobats. Luckily, they appear to be normal, unmutated specimens and Sikich relaxes.

Sikich motions towards the remaining vehicles in front of the building. He feels they may be worth checking out before we try entering the hospital.

(You conduct a brief survey of the vehicles. They appear to have already been thoroughly scavenged, though you may still be able to recover some pieces of salvageable pre-Fall clothing from the skeletal drivers and passengers.)

Soggul smiles. “Many helpful things are to be had in this place… We can stockpile whatever medical supplies we can carry and give to people on the surface! Perhaps it could help others instead of rotting in this building.”

Soggul will keep a point position with his shield raised, moving forward slowly. The rest of the group follows, making sure to avoid stepping unnecessarily on any of the broken glass. Eventually the party makes its way into the lobby of the Ancient hospital.

Inside the Hospital

Hospital Map

The dim light of the distant fungal forest provides inadequate illumination here, but after a minute your eyes adjust somewhat and allow you to examine your surroundings.

The lobby (Map Area #1) is a maze of glass and stone rubble, with old furnishings blown apart by what appears to have been a ground-floor explosion. The entire front facade (of glass) was taken out after an ambulance came crashing through right into the lobby (tumbling onto its side from the earthquake that sucked the city underground, though your PCs would not know this). Skeletons lie strewn about everywhere like delicate dolls, half-disintegrated into dust.

To the north there is a rubble-filled elevator (Map Area #2). The vertical shaft seems to have collapsed, leaving only tons and tons of debris between the bottom level and the lost levels above.

You turn your gaze eastward towards the nurse station (Map Area #3). A heavy amount of debris has buried this counter and the waiting room opposite, concealing a number of skeletons scattered all about. Old computer consoles, destroyed in the collapse of the hospital, sit uselessly nearby. The layer of dust here is almost an inch thick.

You remain momentarily at the lobby entrance before exploring further. Passageways extend west and north into darkness. To explore further, you will need an adequate light source.

What are your actions?


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8 Responses to “85 – Inside the Hospital”

  1. Soggul, talking louder than necessary, crouches behind his shield. “Which way do we go? Both are dark and could lead to trouble.” Seeing the flashlight on Thrak’s belt, Soggul points to it. “Maybe you can light the way, Glowing One.” The mutant smiles, happy to be together with his friends again.

  2. Well, Thrak what do you smell down the tunnels… also how far can we see with the nightvision goggles.

    If all else fails I can claw off some usesless cloths off these skeletons and use a femur as my torch handle… bundle up a bunch of torchs from the crap lying around here.

    If in doubt (and none of our senses or nightvision goggles give us a clue), always go RIGHT. It is the right way after all….

  3. With his goggles on, Thrak visually scans and sniff to the left and right of the elevator shaft, panning the flashlight beam around as thoroughly as he can in both directions. His tail guiding the flashlight, his hands are still steady on his rifle.

    Unless some sight or scent will lead him to direct his comrades down one way over another, he considers Kronic’s suggestion of going to the right as good as any.

    “Lemme see what I can sniff out here guys. I know what Vash’s meds smell like, so if there’s any hint of that down one way or the other, we’ll do that first. Otherwise, we can take Kronic’s right.”

  4. Soggul moves in front of Thrak, holding his tower shield to cover them both, in case the light instigates any hostile response.

  5. Sikich scans the area, looking for signs of peril, both from the enviroments, such as any area of the building that might be near collapse, or from creatures.

    “Traackss?” he queries, knowing some of the group are better at locating things than he is.

    Then Sikich pauses, suddenly aware of all the ancient bodies around him. He thinks to himself that investigating these old buildings is almost like entering a mass grave site, and with that though a shudder goes through his body.

  6. Seeing Sikich’s shudder touches something deep in Soggul’s mind. “They are free of pain and burden. They will rest while we still fight for life.”

  7. This place makes me even more uncomfortable than usual. “Hey guys, with those upper floors collapsed and all… perhaps we should make this quick? Maybe we can each check out a room to move this thing along?”

  8. (I assume Thrak is going to crank up his spotlight so that the group can see. Even with the goggles, Thrak will need the light anyways since he has night blindess.)

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