84 – The Hospital

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(The group has rested at the circle-tower (Map Area #35). You have each gained a level and the character sheets have been updated. You keep watch on your surroundings; the mongoliants have calmed down, and the psycho-bats are now quiet. The only incident of note is a loud splash from the water somewhere to the west.)

(Your group has decided to continue onwards to the large building with an ‘H’ on top (Map Area #43).)

Flying Machines

Deeper Caves Map

Thrak feels better after having a chance to eat, drink and rest for a good while. He thanks Vash for tending to him as best he could, but the thought of being injured on the inside without any marks left on the outside still leaves the big, glowing mutant feeling uneasy about the weapons in the hands of the mongoliants in this cavern.

“Let’s stick together from here on in, shall we?” Thrakazog suggests, with a wry, self-deprecatory smirk on his face. He sheaths his fullblade and slings his rifle across his shoulder while ensuring the rest of his gear is ready. He adjusts the night-vision goggles on his forehead and gives the flashlight a click just to make sure it’s still working.

“Anyone else want to carry this freeze-ray thing? I’m pretty well armed with what I have and sort of prefer the kinds of weapons that I know better anyway. Then let’s get going to that building with the ‘H’ on it. I just know our fortunes are turning around now that we’re all back together again…”

Soggul nods his approval, or rather, his willingness to follow the group. “The H-building sounds promising. I will walk with you Kronic.” Before moving, the mutant scans the area over and over, watching for danger. Having a few minutes of rest was definitely worth it, but it made Soggul wish for longer periods of relaxation. Perhaps on the surface… if they were lucky.

(The party observes no notable activity during their rest at the tower. The mongoliant fortress is quiet, as are the psychobats.)

After stowing his gear and catching a brief nap Cobb is eager to go. “That little trip didn’t go exactly as I had hoped. I’m all for sticking together from here on out.”

Vash repeats his earlier comment: “The building must have been important to have that ‘H’. The symbol indicates that it was once used for flying machines…”

“Flyiing maachiiness”, Sikich sighs, not quite sure if such a thing is just a fable or if they really existed but enamoured by the very idea of them. Sikich grabs his pack and looks eager to go on.

“Sticking together does sound like a good plan,” Vash says with a smile make sure everything is packed up and ready to go. He looks to the freeze machine, seeing if he could possibly carry it if no one else will offer.

(Vash will have to drop one of his other gizmos to carry the freeze machine. Perhaps he wants to pass the electronic scanner to somebody else?)

He looks to Sikich. “Flying Machines. All shapes and sizes. Some even reached out to touch our moon.” He says, looking up to the cavern ceiling. “It has been long time since we have seen sky.”

The Hospital

The party sets out once again, threading their way northwards through the dark and abandoned streets towards the larger buildings ‘downtown’. Most of the complex was destroyed during the Fall, but a few of the larger buildings remain intact. Moving carefully, you reach your destination without incident.

A tall dark structure rises from the ruins here (Map Area #43), just one of several crumbling skyscrapers that somehow managed to survive the cataclysm that swallowed the Lost City underground. High above, glass panels appear to have been wrenched free, leaving gaping holes from which the flutter of bats can be heard.

A few faded white vehicles lie about the main entrance to this building, with an entire van crushed under a fallen piece of concrete masonry. Broken glass covers the entire area like a carpet of gleaming sand.

This great structure was once a hospital of some sort, though the cataclysm – as well as the effects of time – have brought much of the building low.

What are your actions?


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6 Responses to “84 – The Hospital”

  1. “Watch your step – this stuff is really loud when it breaks under your feet.” I look upward at what I can see of the crumbling structure in front of us and shake my head. “The ancients thought that they had defeated the gods’ powers by building these towers so high – no wonder they were punished by having the ground forced over them! I don’t know what tainted creations you expect to find here, but once we’re done in this place, perhaps we should investigate a way out of here?”

  2. “There’s gotta be some decent medical booty in there, eh guys?” Thrakazog says. His rifle held up at the ready, he circles around some of the bigger debris scattered around the base of the skyscraper. He marvels that mankind once had the ability to construct such things, and that they were able to stand up on their own. Some even strong enough to withstand a cataclysm such as what brought these tumbling underground.

    “Let’s find the best way in and see what the first floor has to offer. After that, we can work our way up as we see fit. Anyone opposed to using the front doors… if we can find them?” Thrak grins a little, finally getting over the worst of his chagrin at the botched rescue attempt and definitely wanting to move on from it.

  3. Front doors are good by me. Direct approach is often the best. We face the dangers head on and kill what we need to in order to get the swag.
    OOC: Kronic will keep with enforcer as well.

  4. Sikich keeps a careful eye on the bats coming out of the building, trying to determine if they are ‘normal’ bats or our local unfriendly psychobats.

    Sikich motions towards the remaining vehicles in front of the building. He feels they may be worth checking out before we try entering the hospital.

  5. (Sikich: Note that these ones are normal bats.)

    (By the way, have you decided which psionic power you’d like to pick up?)

  6. Soggul smiles. “Many helpful things are to be had in this place…” The mutant will stockpile whatever medical supplies he can carry that the others do not take in order to give to people on the surface. Perhaps it could help others instead of rotting in this building.

    Soggul will keep a point position with his shield raised, moving forward slowly, stopping only to gather supplies or if his fellows ask him to.

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