83 – A Fresh Start

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(The party is reunited once again!)

(Soggul was the first to reach the circle-tower building (Map Area #35). Soon afterwards, Cobb and Thrakazog picked up his scent trail near the cold warehouse (Map Area #32), and alerted the other PCs via walkie-talkie. Jumrak, Kronic, Sikich, and Vash left their safehouse to join the search party and together found Soggul hiding behind some rubble. The three-armed mutant has not spotted his companions yet.)


(First we’ll back up a few minutes to when the search party met the rest of the group (sans Soggul) at the cold warehouse…)

Deeper Caves Map

Vash sighs with relief as they meet up with Cobb and Thrakazog at the cold warehouse. He moves immediately to Thrak (who got sizzled with the invisible ray). “How are you feeling?” He asks, seeing if he can do something. Internal medicine is hard to do in the field. He looks to Cobb. “I believe I have your things?” He comments with a smile.

Thrakazog, feeling much the worse for wear after the failed rescue attempt, accepts Vash’s ministrations. (First Aid check; Vash rolls 14 + 10. Thrak is healed 4 Hit Points.) Vash produces a number of pills from his first aid kit that dull Thrak’s pain.

The group moves onward towards the circle-tower (Map Area #35). While still some distance away from the tower, Cobb spots his three-armed ally, seemingly safe and crouching behind cover!

Knowing that Soggul is hard-of-hearing, Kronic decides the safest course of action would be to approach cautiously. He whispers to his allies: “I say don’t make too much noise. Lets just head towards Soggul and wave him down and see how he is.”

At the Circle Tower

Moving into the open and waving, the party is greeted with a whoop of delight as Soggul spots them!

Soggul, excited to see everyone, lifts each up with a big hug. “We live to see another day, all of us!” Unashamed of his emotions, his eyes water with joy. “I didn’t know if you all made it away. I am very thankful you did… with only minor wounds.” The mutant looks to Thrak with an odd smirk on his face. He knew he did the right thing with his sacrifice, but still felt bad that Thrak got hurt.

Thrak greets Soggul with a wry, almost apologetic grin, and slips down amidst the rubble and the dusty, dry air. “I could sure use a rest and a little rejuvenation,” he says to nobody in particular.

Kronic gives Soggul a good pat on the (lower) back (darn Puny flaw) and congratulates him on a good job getting us out of there. “I knew you could make it!” he says.

Sikich is heartened that everyone is back together again. “Lett uss hiidee wiithiin!”, he suggests, pointing to the large building ahead. He reasons that so long as we hide our tracks we should be able to hole up with for a time, especially if some of his companions can refrain from exploring for a time.

Thrakazog asks the group: “Are we far enough from our previous camp sites to stay here for a day and rest up a bit? I haven’t had the luxury of several hours with food and beer in my belly, and I’m beginning to think that’s what I could really use.” He wraps his tail around his waist, props his fullblade and rifle against the nearest wall and briefly closes his eyes, feeling safer in the presence of the entire party than he has in quite a long time.

(Your party is quite close to the first building you took cover in when you reached shore in the Second Dome – the small building just north of the train tracks by Map Area #32. Let’s assume that you stop there and let Thrakazog and Sikich rest.)

(By the way, it’s been a while since I’ve tallied XP. It’s probably safe to assume that you’re all eligible for next level. Take a look at your PCs and let me know what class you wish to advance in.)

Warehouse District

You decide that it is unwise to risk danger so quickly after being reunited, so you return to the warehouse district and rest for a number of hours. You keep watch on your surroundings; the mongoliants continue to sweep the area near their fortress with searchlights, but these eventually cease after attracting attention from the psycho-bats. The only other incident of note is a loud splash from the water somewhere to the west – you can’t see the source of the noise, however.

This time it’s Kronic that seems eager to continue exploration. He makes a quick run to the cold warehouse to stock up on frozen fish for the group. Once he returns, he asks his allies: “You looters wanted to go to the ‘H’ building next right? Soggul and I can take point and lead that way, keeping our eyes open for trouble. I’ll have my pistol out and ready.”

As Vash looks at his vials and liquids, he looks up to Kronic, nodding. “The building must have been important to have that ‘H’. The symbol indicates that it was once used for flying machines…”

What are your actions?


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6 Responses to “83 – A Fresh Start”

  1. Thrak feels better after having a chance to eat, drink and rest for a good while. He thanks Vash for tending to him as best he could, but the thought of being injured on the *inside* without any marks left on the outside still leaves the big, glowing mutant feeling uneasy about the weapons in the hands of the mongoliants in this cavern.

    “Let’s stick together from here on in, shall we?” Thrakazog suggests, with a wry, self-deprecatory smirk on his face. He sheaths his fullblade and slings his rifle across his shoulder while ensuring the rest of his gear is ready. He adjusts the night-vision goggles on his forehead and gives the flashlight a click just to make sure it’s still working.

    “Anyone else want to carry this freeze-ray thing? I’m pretty well armed with what I have and sort of prefer the kinds of weapons that I know better anyway. Then let’s get going to that building with the ‘H’ on it. I just know our fortunes are turning around now that we’re all back together again…”

    OoC: Given enough XP, Thrak will take his sixth level of Enforcer, and specialize in his fullblade. I don’t think there are any other options I have to consider, but please let me know if I’ve overlooked any.

  2. Soggul nods his approval, or rather, his willingness to follow the group. “The H-building sounds promising. I will walk with you Kronic.” Before moving, the mutant scans the area over and over, watching for danger. Having a few minutes of rest was definitely worth it, but it made Soggul wish for longer periods of relaxation. Perhaps on the surface… if they were lucky.
    OOC: I’ll go with Outlander, considering the actions I took since last level fit more appropriately with that class.

  3. After stowing his gear and catching a brief nap Cobb is eager to go. “That little trip didn’t go exactly as I had hoped. I’m all for sticking together from here on out.”
    Cobb will stick with the Scavenger class. What else? 😛

  4. “Flyiing maachiiness”, Sikich sighs, not quite sure if such a thing is just a fable or if they really existed but enamoured by the very idea of them.

    Sikich grabs his pack and looks eager to go on.

    Sikich will continue on as a Savant, trying to pick up a talent that would improve or expand on his mental powers

  5. “Sticking together does sound like a good plan,” Vash says with a smile make sure everything is packed up and ready to go. He looks to the freeze machine, seeing if he could possibly carry it if no one else will offer. He looks to Sikich. “Flying Machines. All shapes and sizes. Some even reached out to touch our moon.” He says, looking up to the cavern ceiling. “It has been long time since we have seen sky.”

    Vash will keep with Savant as well, keeping with the healer and helper. 🙂

  6. (Vash will have to drop one of his other gizmos to carry the freeze machine. Perhaps he wants to pass the electronic scanner to somebody else?)

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