81 – Circle-Tower

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(The split party continues down their separate paths.)

(Following the group’s original plan, Soggul advances alone towards the circle-tower building (Map Area #35). Meanwhile, Cobb and Thrakazog have retreated back into the fungus patch away from the mongo snipers. The other party members remain at the safehouse, monitoring the search party’s progress via walkie-talkie.)


Deeper Caves Map

Having finished his meal of soggy fish-sticks, Soggul decides to head towards the circle-tower. He jogs in a steady pace, making his way, scanning the area every few moments for signs of his friends. He sees no signs of them and reaches the circle-tower (Map Area #35).

Overlooking the rubble stands what appears to be a huge tower, fractured and crumbling. The air here is dead quiet, and tiny dust particles seem almost suspended in space as a reminder of the stillness of this forgotten place.

(The GM tosses some dice.)

Taking a moment to peer inside, Soggul sees that all that remains is a large hollow structure, its innards burned-out leaving only giant irregular columns of cooled molten metal and wiring like some alien cathedral.


Over the radio, Sikich suggests that Cobb and Thrak: “Moove aalong thee waaterss eedge oon yoour reeturn joourneey. Sssee iif yoou caan piick uup Sssoggul’s traail iif hee hasss coome baack too sshoore.”

Kronic looks at his resting companions with an ‘I told them’ look… He says “Get back safe guys, Sikich’s idea is a good one. Hopefully you catch his scent and get back for some beer before I drink it all.”

Kronic has another beer and tries to get some sleep.

Search Party

Cobb and Thrak continue moving away from the mongoliants, heading more-or-less towards the water.
Thrak recovers slightly from the invisible attack, shaken mentally as well as physically hurt. With Soggul having retreated to the water, it only makes sense to stay on the shore line until his scent trail (or other spoor) is picked up and and he can be tracked down.

“Let’s stick to the water’s edge, Cobb, and pick him up again wherever he came out,” Thrak says to his traveling companion. “Once we got him, we can get in touch with the rest of the guys and get them to meet us, or head back to the safe house.”

(The GM tosses some more dice.)

Cobb and Thrak make their way northwards, checking continuously for Soggul’s scent. Near the original building you took refuge in after the lobster fight, Thrak picks up his scent!

“I’ve got his trail!” says Thrakazog. “And it’s fresh!” (His excited tone wakes up Kronic from his nap at the safehouse.)

The odour suggests that Soggul headed north, in the general direction of the circle-tower.

What are your actions?


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8 Responses to “81 – Circle-Tower”

  1. No friends in sight. The mutant’s heart dropped a beat at that thought. Maybe they will come to the tower soon. Hopefully they are not in any danger. The building doesn’t look safe to Soggul. Something about it just doesn’t sit right with him. He looks for the nearest place to hide and hopes that his friends make it here soon.

  2. (There’s enough rubble and debris nearby that Soggul easily finds a place to hide.)

  3. “OK guys, our original plan was to head to some kind of medical building, right? If those guys are close to finding Soggul, we should find a path that so we can all intercept each other and get on our way over there. I’m ready to go. We just need to make sure we can all meet along the way. We’ve stayed in one spot too long now!”

  4. Yeah, I am feeling good now. Needed a good nap and some beer! Ok, lets go get rich now! Where do you guys have the trail in relationship to the fish building? I think we are directly west of you… are you near the funny track thingies that lead to the water by chance? We’ll pack up and run over to you before you continue after Soggul.

  5. (The search party is just south of the fish building. You could meet up with them there then continue northwards.)

  6. Upon hearing that the rest of the party wants to meet up with the searchers, Thrak doesn’t want to stray from the scent trail, nor does he want to let it get old. “If you guys double-time it over here, just south of the fish freezer building, then we can follow Soggul’s scent and meet up with him too.”

    Thrak continues to sniff the air and ground, sussing out where Soggul headed. “And hurry, because this has been enough of a failure of a ‘rescue mission’ already.” He can’t help but feel more harm than good has been done because of splitting the party up into three groups, and he vows silently to himself to put more thought into future actions that could lead to such similar, rash results.

  7. Sikich get to his feet painfully but still gamely. While he would prefer rest, he understands that we weaken ourselves by being in several smaller groups.

    “Tiimee too goo,” exclaims Sikich, trying to inject energy into his voice.

  8. Vash has been taking the time to rest and get off his feet as he listens to the radio traffic. He pauses as he listens to them talk about meeting up with the search party. “The problem is that we would have to go back through the Glowshrooms to get to the Fish House, Right?”

    He shrugs his shoulders. “I suppose we take a good look of that truck as we head back.” He comments as he looks to Sikich. He moves to help him up. “Needing some more medicine?” He offers.

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