80 – Invisible Attacks

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(The party is still split into three groups.)

(After nearly encountering an underwater menace, Soggul has returned to dry land to consider his options. He is safe and unharmed, but has no contact with his companions.)

(Cobb and Thrakazog have been spotted by mongoliant snipers at the edge of the fungus patch. Thrak was hit by an invisible ray that made him burn from the inside. Since they’re facing hostile forces, they need to roll Initiative now. Thrak gets 18, as do the mongoliants, while Cobb gets 13 +2 = 15.)

(Meanwhile, the other PCs are relaxing in the safehouse, knocking back fungus beer and fishsticks. They remain in touch with Cobb and Thrak via walkie-talkie, and are alerted when the mongoliant sniper strikes.)

Back on Dry Land

Deeper Caves Map

Re-orienting himself with dry land again, Soggul surveys the area, trying to find out where to go next. The… thing in the water made another swim potentially dangerous, and he had no good reason to return to the ‘safety’ of water. “I hope my companions are alive…” With that, he begins his jog into the land with his weapons at the ready, trying to find his fellow warriors.

Stopping briefly at the hilltop storage building that the party took refuge in before (near Map Area #32), he scans the cavern. (GM rolls a Perception Check, result is 16 +1 = 17.) Soggul observes that there is still activity at the edge of the fungus patch, where he was attacked earlier (but he’s too far to spot Cobb or Thrak, and has no reason to suspect that they’re there). He doesn’t see his companions travelling in the open; hopefully they’ve made it to their destination at the circle-tower building (Map Area #35).

After catching his breath and munching on some soggy fishsticks, Soggul sets out towards the circle-tower building to rejoin his allies.

Invisible Attacks

Meanwhile, the action plays out at the edge of the fungus patch. Writhing in pain at the unexpected attack, and terrified that it seemed to come from inside himself, Thrak hauls himself off the ground as soon as he is able and starts to run away from the apparent source of the damage.

(Three mongoliant snipers targets Thrakazog; rolls are natural 1, 4 – 1 = 3, and 10 -1 = 9. All miss; only one shot is even close.)

A nearby mushroom begins to sizzle. Driven by competing forces – the urge to stay alive and the desire to find Soggul – Thrakazog shouts to Cobb something about an attack on his insides, and begins to pelt away, keeping in mind still that he wants to get to the water and find the scent trail again.

(Thrak moves into the cover of the mushrooms, travelling roughly northwest. The area is not heavily mined like the killing fields closer to the mongoliants, but he still is at risk. The GM rolls a Luck Check; result is 12 +1 = 13, success.)

Intent on the path ahead, Cobb is startled and instinctively ducks at the sound of Thrakazog’s cry. “Thrak!” Unable to see the invisible attack, Cobb’s first thought is that it’s another mental attack from somewhere. He quickly glances up remembering the bat-things, and then takes a quick look toward the fortress to see if he and Thrak are in anyone’s line of sight. “Thrak, over here, take cover! It’s not inside you!”

(At the end of the patch here, you might be in range of some sort of advanced mongoliant weapon. Cobb figures the attack must originate there. Nearby, he sees a mushroom sizzle and pop from some invisible assault.)

Acting on his own accord, Thrak runs back into the mushrooms. The walkie talkie buzzes with the voice of an ally but Cobb can’t make out what was said over Thrak’s shouting. Cobb follows, making sure to stay in Thrak’s footsteps to avoid potential mines.

Looking over his shoulder, Thrak sees Cobb behind him. This is all starting to feel like it was a bad idea, Thrak thinks to himself, as his nose is also now able to determine what he smells like, cooked. The duo moves quickly through the fungus patch, and reach the shore (between Map Areas #27 and #32).

At the Safehouse

Oh crap!

Hearing Thrak’s scream over the squawk-box, Kronic drops his (foul-tasting) fungus beer and snaps alert. “Talk to us boyz!” Kronic will say into the squawkie-talkie quietly at first… hate to give away their position if they are being ambushed.

Initially there is no response, but after a few tense moments you hear Cobb’s voice. “We’re okay. Retreating back through the mushrooms. The mongos have some kind of invisible ray weapons.”

“Keeeep Caalm,” cautions Sikich, “Trry aand fiind oout moore.”

Sikich fights the urge to run out to save his allies. He reasons that even if you leave now, you will never be able to get to Cobb or Thrak’s last known location in time to help. If you can find out more about the situation however, you may just be able to aid them.

Sikich moves over to the squawkie-talkie in the hope of hearing from Cobb or Thrak.

“We’ve reached the shore.” says Cobb. “Thrak’s hurt, but not too badly. I think we’re safe now…”

Vash was searching the building, using the windows to scout out the terrain beyond their temporary shelter, when Thrak was attacked. Rushing back to the group, he listens intently over the walkie, especially when he hears that Thrak was injured. He might not be able to be there to help them, but he can give advice. (GM rolls an Intellect Check for Vash; roll is 5 +10 = 15.)

Thinking about Thrak’s symptoms, Vash says: “The Ancients had many devices that could burn without flames. I’m afraid that I’d need to see the damage to determine a treatment, however.”

You confer over the walkie-talkies. The search party has withdrawn without finding Soggul. Since his scent trail led into the water, it’s likely that your ally has escaped. You’re still split up, but you have a better idea of your situation now.

What are your actions?


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4 Responses to “80 – Invisible Attacks”

  1. Soggul decides to head towards the circle-tower. He jogs in a steady pace, making his way, scanning the area every few moments for signs of his friends.

  2. Sikich suggests that Cobb and Thrak “Moove aalong thee waaterss eedge oon yoour reeturn joourneey. Sssee iif yoou caan piick uup Sssoggul’s traail iif hee hasss coome baack too sshoore.”

  3. Kronic looks at his resting companions with an “I told em” look… He says “get back safe guys, Sikich’s idea is a good one. Hopefully you catch his scent and get back for some beer before I drink it all.”

    Kronic has another beer and tries to get some sleep.

  4. Thrak recovers slightly from the invisible attack, shaken mentally as well as physically hurt. With Soggul having retreated to the water, it only makes sense to stay on the shore line until his scent trail (or other spoor) is picked up and and he can be tracked down.

    “Let’s stick to the water’s edge, Cobb, and pick him up again wherever he came out,” Thrak says to his traveling companion. “Once we got him, we can get in touch with the rest of the guys and get them to meet us, or head back to the safe house.”

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