78 – Search Party

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(The party continues to debate the merits of sending a search party after Soggul. After further deliberation, Cobb and Thrakazog resolve to set out after their companion, while the remainder of the party will recuperate at the safehouse.)

(Meanwhile, Soggul’s journey has taken him to the edge of the fungus field. After coming across the remains of a large machine, he has discerned that explosive mines have been placed in the ‘killing field’ surrounding the mongoliant fortress. Mongo snipers have taken several potshots at Soggul, but have so far been unsuccessful in hitting their target.)


Deeper Caves Map

Jumrak’s mind wanders as the discussion concerning the search party continues. “Wouldn’t it be nice to be back on the surface, away from this dangerous place?” he thinks. “How long have we been running from, and into, fights with these abominable creatures, and other strange and evil things? Wouldn’t it be nice to see the sun again?”

He shakes his head as he realizes that he is not helping his chances of getting out alive. “We need a healthy, strong group if we’re going to make it out of here alive. Be careful on your journey – the more we are split up, the weaker we all are. Soggul is brave and has possibly sacrificed himself for us – make sure his actions are not in vain. I’ll keep guard as best as I can here, and hope we can meet here and not have to leave tomorrow half-rested.”

Kronic makes a small prayer to the pit fighting gods for Soggul’s brave (kinda crazy) actions, and wishes him a good fight. He then hunkers down to rest. It’s no use going into a pit fight hurt… it just gets you dead.

Sikich concurs. Food, rest and time to heal is what he needs now. Although tired and hurting, his thoughts are on Cobb and Thrak and the safe return of Soggul.

(Jumrak, Kronic, Sikich, and Vash will all receive rest and healing. I’ll assume that the savants provide long-term care to speed recuperation. If anyone wants to try some meds, just let me know.)

Search Party

Meanwhile, the search party sets out for Soggul.

Thrakazog discusses his plans: “We should take a talk-box with us so we can communicate while we’re away… even if you don’t agree with our going, Kronic,” Thrakazog says. “Plus, I don’t expect we should be any longer than a day finding him and getting back here. But how’s this: if we’re not back in a day, we can agree to head over and meet up at that circle-tower building (Map Area #35) like we had talked about. That way, if you guys get rousted from here, or we don’t make it back on time at least we have a back-up plan.”

(Sikich is comforted by the fact that with the talk-boxes, at least we can always go to the rescue if it’s needed.)

Thrak surveys the room as he and Cobb are about to leave. “Anything else we should know or do before we head out?”

Cobb looks to Kronic as Thrak is gearing up. “Look, I know it seems unwise to go running off after Soggul, but maybe I don’t think it’s a necessary sacrifice. Maybe I think the world is one big vault waiting to be plundered by some crazy mob of rejects like us. I say the Ancients owe us, and I think that Soggul deserves his share. After his revenge of course. I seem to have fared pretty well so far. You guys are constantly battered and bruised. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I sort of feel like I’m not doing enough. I’m not a very good shot, I don’t know anything about meds, and I don’t have any mind tricks. I’m going after Soggul because I LIKE him and I honestly believe he deserves better than to die at the hands of the same animals that screwed up his mind.”

He looks to Thrak, flashing his toothy grin. “You can smell in the dark and I can see pretty decent in the dark. Who better to find a stray pal?” He starts to walk out. “Let’s just hope it’s dark enough to hide your glowing butt and my snow-white skin.”

You return to the spot where Soggul made his last stand and while Cobb scans the distance, looking for the three-armed mutant, Thrakazog tries to pick up his scent.

(At this instant, Soggul is crouching at the edge of the fungus patch near the mongoliant stronghold. Cobb’s going to need a natural 20 on his Perception Check to spot Soggul from this distance. The roll is a 2 +5 = 7.)

(Thrakazog will have an easier time picking up Soggul’s scent; it’s a DC 15 Perception Check. Roll is 19 +2 = 21.)

“I’ve got his trail!” says Thrakazog. Cobb gives up on his visual search and the search party turns south, following Soggul’s trail. The glowshrooms respond to the duo’s presence, and light up their position for mongoliant sentries… (The GM tosses some dice.)

Following in Soggul’s footsteps, you reach the metallic ‘beast’ amid the rubble of the rocky, uneven slopes (Map Area #27A). Here Thrakazog loses Soggul’s scent, and sniffs around to regain it. (DC 15 Perception Check, roll is 12 +2 = 14.)

“Damn!” mutters Thrakazog. “I’ve lost it; I’ll need to sniff around…”

(GM makes a DC 15 Intellect Check for Cobb; result is 19 +8 = 27.)

“Wait!” warns Cobb. “Look – there’s no rust or rot on the wreckage. That machine; it was destroyed recently by explosives. Just like how the mongoliants back at the citadel trapped that underground passageway. If this metal beast was felled by explosives, then the whole area could be trapped…”

Thrak pauses for a moment. “But if Soggul made it this far, then he could still be nearby…”

(You relay this information back to the party at the safehouse.)

Soggul’s Journey

Soggul takes cover behind one of the larger mushrooms to catch his breath for a moment. He quickly scans the area, looking for any way to distinguish where the mines are in the killing field or a route to quickly skirt the dangerous area. (Perception Check; 11 +1 = 12.)

(From the map, you can see that there is a body of water near Map Area #27. Essentially, everything south of the water has been more-or-less cleared with fungus and may be mined.)

The mutant holds his shield in a defensive position from the tormentors and he forces himself to push forward. “Keep moving… keep moving…”

As Soggul breaks for the water, he exposes himself to an attack…

(The GM rolls the dice. Attack rolls are 14 -1 = 13, 17 -1 = 16, and 12 -1 = 11. All miss!)

The ground around Soggul fries and sizzles as invisible rays dance around him. As Soggul reaches the shoreline, a pencil-thin beam of laser light boils a hole through the water nearby.

Soggul dives into the water, seeking safety in the depths. Now that the gilled, three-armed mutant has reached the water, his odds of survival greatly increased. Surfacing for a moment, he pumps his free arm in a defiant fist. “I can and will live!” he shouts to the enemies who have their rifles trained on him.

(The GM rolls a die.)

Meanwhile, back at the wreckage, Cobb sees the laser strike a target out of his vision. He’s not quite sure, but he thought for a second that he could hear Soggul’s voice from up ahead…

What are your actions?


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6 Responses to “78 – Search Party”

  1. Soggul keeps below the surface, breathing as easily as he did on the surface. His mind races with all the possible ways he can meet his end in the murky soup. The mutant decides that his best plan of action is to stay in the water and start heading north. He may be able to circle around to meet up with the rest of the group, if Soggul could find his way back. Taking his dagger between his teeth, he swims quietly underwater towards the north, watching out for potential threats.

  2. Feeling confident that their combined senses will eventually yield their quarry, Thrak wants to carry on with Cobb to regain Soggul’s scent trail and find him before it fades too much. Not able to see very much at all in the dim light of the cavern, he will rely on Cobb to relay any significant sightings or warnings while scouting.

  3. “Wait, wait, wait…did you hear that Thrak? It sounded like Soggul’s voice coming from the direction of that laser fire.” Cobb nudges Thrak indicating the direction he’s talking about. “Can you smell him over that way?”

    While waiting on Thrak, Cobb tries to find a relatively safe vantage point from which to observe the direction that the shot came from and to makes a very deliberate scan of the area hoping to see signs of anything obviously out of place, any tripwires, or any patterns of traffic. He’s a little nervous about trying to disarm a bomb that could take out the behemoth they’re hiding behind, especially with his shaky hands. It makes him miss old Soggul all the more. “Damn. I hope he’s okay.”

    If all seems well, and Thrak picks up the trail, Cobb will cautiously set out, leading his friend along the safest course.

  4. (Any comments from the crew back at the safehouse? You would be able to hear Cobb and Thrak via the walkie-talkie.)

  5. pass the fish sticks and fungus beer… 🙂

    Well if I was Soggul I woulda headed to the water… said that before. Thrak, Cobb… ya might want to avoid laser fire locations and head to the dock and work your way along the coast and see if you can smell where he comes out. It is the only way he is gonna make it imo…. It’ll also be MUCH safer for you if you are in a mine field.

    Or loot that robot you mentioned with no rust.

  6. All Sikich can do is nod his head at Kronic’s suggestions. If Soggul has gone to ground (or rather water), then Cobb and Thrak are not going to be able to follow him directly.

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