77 – Soggul’s Journey

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(As detailed earlier, Soggul has set off on his own to distract mongoliant attention from the party as it escaped the fungus patch. Using his sonic blast, he dispersed the pesky psychobat flock. Then – waving glowsticks and banging his pike against a shield on his back – he turned south – back towards the mongoliant enclave!)

(Meanwhile, the rest of the party reached safety in an abandoned building, seemingly free of unwanted mongo attention. Unable to bear the thought of leaving their brave companion alone in the deeper caves, Cobb and Thrakazog have decided to set off after Soggul – much to the dismay of at least one other party member.)

Search Party

Deeper Caves Map

Cobb steps from the building, vowing to return with Soggul.

“All right then, Cobb,” Thrak announces, sounding slightly invigorated, “if you’re heading out, then we should both go. You be the eyes, I’ll be the nose, and we can share the duty as muscle. It’ll be safer out there if we go as a pair anyway. But the rest should stay here, hole up, and we’ll do our best to come back with Soggul.”

Thrakazog makes the same preparations he was before thinking better of it, asks Kronic for the night vision goggles back, and gets ready to head out the door with Cobb. Fullblade slung and rifle poised and ready, Thrak is eager to get going.

(I’ll assume Thrak gets his goggles back from Kronic, as much as the stocky pit-fighter disagrees with the plan.)

Kronic sneers. “Get back here Cobb! Do not be foolish and totally ruin Soggul’s gesture and sacrifice by running out and wasting the opportunity he created for us. We will go out find out what happened to him and rescue find him as soon as we are rested and somewhat healthy. Think survival and don’t waste an opportunity… We got start acting smarter not harder. Rest up…” (Kronic grumbles and sets up a place to get some rest and eat.)

Determined now to ignore Cobb and Thrak, Kronic turns to the rest of the party and asks: “Hey; anyone still have those meds we looted by chance? Wonder if we shouldn’t try and use em to try and get back on our feet a bit quicker…”

Vash looks over to Kronic and nods. “We still had several of the more experimental meds available.” He looks to Cobb before shrugging his shoulders. “I just do not how they will affect everyone physically.” He admits.

(Anyone up for some medispray? What about another shot of Stimshot A? How about Stimshot B, Supergen, or Herculin? Should work fine on the stock humans and near-humans (probably). Mutants… maybe not so much. Ask and ye shall receive.)

Looking around the area, Vash does a check of the building layout. If there is a concealable room, they might be able to start a fire to get warm as well as eat some actual hot food…

(You should be able to work something on the main floor and diffuse any smoke that may be produced from a small camp. There’s enough Ancient furniture bits and rotted paper here to start a fire.)

Vash then scrunches his mouth, looking to Thrak and Cobb. “Well, how long do you think we should wait for the both of you? A few hours? A day?” He asks curiously.

“We’ll be back when we find Soggul.” answers Thrakazog. “However long it takes…”

Soggul’s Journey

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Second Dome, Soggul crouched panting, considering the results of his sacrificial stand.

After blasting the psychobats from the air with his sonic blast, Soggul strapped his riot shield to his back, and – waving glowsticks and banging his pike against the shield – turned south back towards the mongoliants.

The sound of his screech drew the attention of the mongoliants. Their searchlights kept him pinned as he traversed the glowshrooms, but the distance was apparently too great for weapons fire – he proceeded south unmolested by attacks. Thinking about his companions, he hoped he can catch up to them when they make their next run, but if he cannot, he knows he helped the ones that freed him in their cause. “One day, either way, I will see them again.”

Moving deeper into the fungus patch, Soggul notices details that escaped him earlier. Cascades of rock and progressive limestone collapse like waterfalls frozen in stone, creating smooth cavern walls and irregular columns wherever the light of the glowrods fall.

Yet amidst all this marvelous natural stonework, a drapery of the most fantastic olors stands prevalent above all else – a sea of molds, fungus, and underground mushrooms, some nearly as tall as a man with broad flowering heads or toadstools large enough to give cover to a team of merchant wagons.

The colors here are all oddly unknown to the eyes of surface dwellers, being a mix of pale luminous blues, odd whitish greens, and bright greys that seem to continue to glow after Soggul passes. With his dim hearing, the thudding of the pike against his back is the only sound as he moves through this dreamworld of fungus and alien forestry.

Amid the rubble of the rocky, uneven slopes stands a single ruined monstrosity, the remains of some giant metallic ‘beast’ (Map Area #27A). The thing is lodged in what appears to be a mine crater, its armor blown through and its internal wiring thrown everywhere – apparently it was destroyed after venturing too close to the Mongoliant’s fortress atop the cliff.

(The GM makes a DC 15 Intellect Check for Soggul; roll is 15 +1 = 16. Next, a DC 10 Charisma check vs. Fear Response; roll is 13 +1 = 14. Both succeed.)

Choking back the rising fear in his breast, Soggul ignores the robotic corpse – but notes the significance of the mine crater. The mongoliants appear to have trapped the area with explosives! He continues forward, slowly and more warily now.

The mongoliant searchlights are still upon him as he nears the edge of the fungus patch. (Map Area #27.) The rough slopes ahead rise dramatically to the south, apparently the terraced remnants of the old city that collapsed irregularly in the chaos of the Fall. The slopes are barren, cleared of fungus for some distance – creating a perfect ‘killing field’ for mongoliant shooters! The area is likely littered with mines as well… a dangerous area indeed.

(The GM tosses some dice, then mutters to himself.)

One of the mongoliants seems to have an itchy trigger finger… An invisible ray strikes the glowshrooms near Soggul and the fungus pops and boils (a microwave rifle, though Soggul wouldn’t know that). The shot wasn’t very accurate – but it reveals that Soggul is now within range of the weapons of his hated foes.

Knowing that, Soggul’s fear returns – but with it is a sense of accomplishment. The attention of the mongos in the fortress is squarely upon him, and by now his companions would have reached safety to the north. In retrospect, he wishes that he had time to grab one of the squawkie-talkie boxes, or at least arrange a meeting point. In truth, Soggul had not expected to survive…

Soggul remembers Thrakazog wanted to reach the circle-tower building to the north (Map Area #35, though the safehouse that the party reached was actually the single storey building on the east edge of the cavern, just north of the tracks). Perhaps he’ll live long enough to reunite with his companions after all.

Another invisible blast scorched a circle in the ground – this time closer to Soggul. He crouches, panting, trying now to present a smaller target and contemplates his actions.

What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “77 – Soggul’s Journey”

  1. (Cobb and Thrak are committed now to searching for Soggul. They can’t act on any knowledge their characters wouldn’t know from the post, however.)

  2. Soggul takes cover behind one of the larger mushrooms to catch his breath for a moment. He quickly scans the area, looking for any way to distinguish where the mines are in the killing field or a route to quickly skirt the dangerous area. The mutant holds his shield in a defensive position from the tormentors and he forces himself to push forward. “Keep moving… keep moving…” Soggul heads west towards the water, in an attempt to circle around and head north. Once the gilled, three-armed mutant reached the water, his odds of survival greatly increased. “I can and will live!” He pumps his free arm up in a defiant fist as he shouts to the enemies who have their rifles trained on him.

  3. Kronic makes a small prayer to the pit fighting gods for Soggul’s brave (kinda crazy) actions, and wishes him a good fight (aka he lives!).

    Kronic then hunkers down to rest. It’s no use going into a pit fight hurt… it just gets you dead.

  4. Once Cobb is ready, Thrak is geared up to accompany him and will track Soggul by scent and sight to lead him back to the rest of the group.

    “We should take a talk-box with us so we can communicate while we’re away… even if you don’t agree with our going, Kronic,” Thrakazog says. “Plus, I don’t expect we should be any longer than a day finding him and getting back here. But how’s this: if we’re not back in a day, we can agree to head over and meet up at that circle-tower building (map area 35) like we had talked about. That way, if you guys get rousted from here, or we don’t make it back on time at least we have a back-up plan.”

    Thrak surveys the room as he and Cobb are about to leave. “Anything else we should know or do before we head out?”

  5. Cobb looks to Kronic as Thrak is gearing up. “Look, I know it seems unwise to go running off after Soggul, but maybe I don’t think it’s a necessary sacrifice. Maybe I think the world is one big vault waiting to be plundered by some crazy mob of rejects like us. I say the Ancients owe us, and I think that Soggul deserves his share. After his revenge of course. I seem to have fared pretty well so far. You guys are constantly battered and bruised. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I sort of feel like I’m not doing enough. I’m not a very good shot, I don’t know anything about meds, and I don’t have any mind tricks. I’m going after Soggul because I LIKE him and I honestly believe he deserves better than to die at the hands of the same animals that screwed up his mind.”

    He looks to Thrak, flshing his toothy grin. “You can smell in the dark and I can see pretty decent in the dark. Who better to find a stray pal?” He starts to walk out. “Let’s just hope it’s dark enough to hide your glowing butt and my snow-white skin.”

  6. My mind wanders as the discussion continues – wouldn’t it be nice to be back on the surface, away from this dangerous place? How long have we been running from, and into, fights with these abominable creatures, and other strange and evil things? Wouldn’t it be nice to see the sun again?
    I shake my head as I realize I am not helping my chances of getting out of here alive. “We need a healthy, strong group if we’re going to make it out of here alive. Be careful on your journey – the more we are split up, the weaker we all are. Soggul is brave and has possibly sacrificed himself for us – make sure his actions are not in vain. I’ll keep guard as best as I can here, and hope we can meet here and not have to leave tomorrow half-rested.”

  7. Food, rest and time to heal is what Sikich needs now. Although tired and hurting, his thoughs are on Cobb and Thrak and the safe return of Soggul.
    Sikich is comforted by the fact that with the talk-boxes, at least we can always go to the rescue if it’s needed.

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