76 – And Then There Were Five…

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(In a heroic display of bravery, Soggul has dispersed the psychobat flock using his sonic blast, then struck out on his own to distract the mongoliants and draw their attention from the rest of the party. Waving glowsticks and banging his pike against a shield on his back, he turned south – back towards the mongoliant enclave!)

(Meanwhile, the remaining party members continued north, leaving the fungus patch and reaching safety in an abandoned building. (The single storey building on the east edge of the cavern, just north of the tracks.) The mongoliant searchlights are sweeping areas further south, so it appears that Soggul’s distraction was effective and that you have indeed found a safehouse.)


Deeper Caves Map

Kronic shakes his head. “Darn Soggul…” he thinks. “Crazy pack mentality fool, gotta keep friends like him!” Speaking to the group, Kronic sounds more upbeat than his usual dour self: “Thrak – keep watch on him so we know which way he goes when he decides to make a break for it. We’ll need to watch for him to head back… he’ll need our help too. We have to use this respite he has bought us well… break out those meds lets get some rest so his sacrifice is not lost. We need to go and make sure the crazy fool lives through this… It’ll be a good campfire story someday.”

(I’ll assume that Kronic will volunteer as a guinea pig for Ancient med testing. Since you have more of the ‘Stimshot A’ than anything else, Sikich loads up a ready-syringe and injects the scrappy near-human. Kronic immediately feels reinvigourated and recovers to full hit points!)

“Damn!” comments Kronic. “Why didn’t we use this stuff before?”

Kronic suggests that he get a look out on the roof (“Keep low and hidden; we are still painfully too close to the mongos.” he notes). Borrowing the binoculars and nightvision goggles, Kronic hopes to keep watch on Soggul’s progress.

(Kronic climbs up atop the roof and spies the fungus patch, looking for Soggul. Perception Check is 3 +5 = 8. He can see a glowing path of fungus leading off to the southwest – presumably from Soggul’s passage – but can’t see Soggul himself. Hopefully he’s already made it to cover…)

(Mongoliant searchlights continue to sweep the fungus patch in the distance. Kronic believes that your current safehouse it too far for them to see, unless you do something to attract attention.)

“I hope the fool heads to the water and swims for it.” Kronic thinks. “Mongos can’t follow him under the water… That is where I would head if I was him. We should head towards the river once we rest a bit…” Then to the group: “We’ll have to come up with some sort of message for Soggul here if he doesn’t return here before we have to head out. Something that won’t be easily deciphered by mongos. For now… lets rest.” He peers off into the distance. “If anyone could pull this off it’ll be Soggul.”

Thrak stares after the retreating Soggul with a respectful shake of his head before holing up in the run-down building with the rest of the party.

“He shouldn’t be out there on his own,” he says. “Someone should be out there with him, helping him get back here. He’s gotta feel more lost than any of the rest of us would, no matter how selfless the act was to steer the danger away from us.” Thrak thinks about the situation a little more. Of all the party members, he is probably the best suited to finding one of their own. Over the time they have all spent together, he’s gotten to know their habits, their quirks, and, most importantly, their scents.

“You know guys, I bet I can track him down and lead him back here inside of an hour. He can’t have gotten far. The fresher his scent is the more likely I’ll catch him even sooner. Unless any of you have something against that, why don’t you all rest up a bit and I’ll see if I can’t find our little hero and bring him back here for some well-deserved rewards? Well, as much as re-heated fish sticks can be called rewards, but still…”

And saying that, Thrakazog doffs his gear other than the rifle, fullblade, night-vision goggles, and the coil of nylon rope, intending to head out and bring back their companion.

Sikich collapses into the safety of the building. Nursing his pains and thinking about Soggul he turns to Thrak. “Briing hiim baack. Iif yoouu caan.” Then Sikich huddles down, energy visibly draining from him as the stress of recent event overcomes him.

“I’ll keep guard down here while you guys take a look from the roof and get Sikich bandaged up. Thrak – don’t you think you should wait a minute before you head out?”

On sober second thought, Thrakazog realizes that heading off into the fungus patch will reveal his own path in the glowshrooms, obvious to any observers. Thrak hesitates and reigns in his fervor to go retrieve Soggul. “Where the hell is he going?” he wonders out loud.

“Fine, then,” he continues, irritated. Sense returns to him slowly, but inexorably. “I’d just be putting myself in the same danger he just got us out of. More, probably, with nobody to back me up. So how do we re-group and get him back here, hey?”

Thrak sits, leans back against a wall and closes his eyes briefly as he wraps his tail around his waist, thinking. “Let’s sit it out here for a bit, make sure the bats aren’t going to be any more of a threat, and see how we can get Soggul back.” He sighs as he opens his eyes and looks around the room at the rest of the group. “Anybody got any bright ideas?”

(On the bright side, the psycho bats seem to have completely dispersed after Soggul’s sonic assault.)

Vash moves around the room, making sure that the building is secure once they enter. His laser rifle up. Once it is safe, he will look for an area for the wounded. Some place comfortable. He looks to the others, checking what they doing before checking on the wounds of the injured, making sure they are healing. “We might be safe here. We could stay until he returns?”

Once he gets a moment, he checks the charge on his rifle. He pauses before looking over the charger, charging up his pack. “Anyone need a recharge?”

Cobb hunkers down in the relative safety of the temporary refuge trying to catch his breath after the desperate run to shelter. He’s thinking about Soggul and his selfless acts of bravery. “I’ll go. I can see in the dark better than any of you. I think I can find him. Yeah, I like the old ones’ swag, but I like Soggul more. He’d do it for me I think… for any of us.”

Cobb heaves himself up with a sigh. He drops his pack on the floor in front of Vash, “So Vash, everything of value I have is in here, that includes the keycard and stuff. You know how to use it. If Soggul and I don’t come back… good luck”

Cobb starts off in the direction he believes Soggul went but hesitates, “Umm, Vash? If I make it back, I want that stuff back. We’re good on that right?” Cobb smiless his toothy, sharklike smile and runs off humming an ancient song about ‘airborne rangers’.

Vash looks to Cobb as he drops the pack. He nods his head to him. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back and you’ll be getting everything back.” He reassures. “We’ll just keep this building safe and secure until you get back.”

And Then There Were Five…

Cobb steps from the building, vowing to return with Soggul. The five remaining party members – Jumrak, Kronic, Sikich, Thrakazog, and Vash – remain at the safehouse.

(Thrak; will Cobb’s decision change your mind again about looking for Soggul? Anyone else going with Cobb – or taking actions to stop him?)

What are your actions?


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6 Responses to “76 – And Then There Were Five…”

  1. (I’m not going to reveal Soggul’s fate on the webpage until the rest of the party finds out themselves.)

  2. Sikich is too weary to respond and just nods to Cobb as he heads out. Then he waits.

  3. Get back here Cobb… do not be foolish and totally ruin Soggul’s gesture and sacrifice by running out and wasting the opportunity he created for us. We will go out find out what happened to him and rescue find him as soon as we are rested and somewhat healthy. Think survival and don’t waste an opportunity… We got start acting smarter not harder. Rest up…(Kronic grumbles and sets up a place to get some rest and eat.)

    Hey Cobb you still have those meds you looted by chance? Wonder if we shouldn’t try and use em to try and get back on our feet a bit quicker…

  4. “All right then, Cobb,” Thrak announces, sounding slightly invigorated, “if you’re heading out, then we should both go. You be the eyes, I’ll be the nose, and we can share the duty as muscle. It’ll be safer out there if we go as a pair anyway. But the rest should stay here, hole up, and we’ll do our best to come back with Soggul.

    Thrakazog makes the same preparations he was before thinking better of it, asks Kronic for the night vision goggles back, and gets ready to head out the door with Cobb. Fullblade slung and rifle poised and ready, Thrak is eager to get out the door.

  5. (So Cobb and Thrak are insistent that they search for Soggul? That would leave Jumrak, Kronic, Sikich, and Vash at the safehouse.)

  6. Vash looks over to Kronic and nods. “We still had several of the more experimental meds available.” He looks to Cobb before shrugging his shoulders. “I just do not how they will affect everyone physically.” He admits.

    He scrunches his mouth, looking to Thrak and Cobb. “Well, how long do you think we should wait for the both of you? A few hours? A day?” He asks curiously. He does take a chance to look at the layout of the building. If there is a concealable room, they might be able to start a fire to get warm as well as eat some actual hot food.

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