74 – Eager to Leave

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(You’re still in the large building with the billboard on top (near Map Area #33). The psychobat flock is momentarily distracted by the mongoliant searchlights, and you have found a rear exit through a lighter patch of fungus.)

(The group has decided to make a break for it, and find a more peaceful location to rest before conducting further explorations. Cobb and Soggul are close to the rear door; the other party members are scattered around the building.)

Eager to Leave

Deeper Caves Map

As you prepare to leave Sikich’s mind is still working. “Vasssh, shooot gloowssshroomss oover theere.”

Sikich points to a spot outside the front of the building, well away from their location. If Vash can damage the glowshrroms and cause them to glow, he reasons it will distract the mongoliants and fliers both, allowing us a more certain escape.

Complying with Sikich’s suggestion, Vash purposefully targets the glowshrooms instead of trying to hit the psychobats. (That’ll be against Defense 5. Attack rolls are 1 -1 = 0, 2 -1 = 1, and 5 -1 = 4!) Damn, damn, and damn!

After several wild shots, Vash decides not to waste any more of his e-clip and stops firing. Sikich doesn’t say a word, and simply prepares to exit out of the back of the building. Vash follows sullenly.

Following behind Cobb, Soggul looks at the path ahead. “Thinking we should make a run for it? The sooner we do, the better off we will be.” Ever cautious, Soggul scans the area for any potential danger and makes his mind alert for future surprises.

After Cobb leaves briefly by the back door, Thrakazog follows him outside to assess the relative safety as best he can. Now that everybody seems to have agreed to leave the building to avoid both mongo eyes as well as the psycho bats, Thrak is antsy to get moving.

“We should make a quick trek straight back to the tracks, and then head over to the high-rise buildings like I mentioned earlier,” Thrak says. “Kronic and Sikich should stay in the middle of the group since they’re still hurt the worst, and we should hole up under cover for at least long enough to get us mostly back up to snuff. Even a couple days if we need.”

Thrak looks around and tries to get a sense of what food stores the group has. “We can maybe find cover in that circle-tower building up ahead (Map Area #35), and even send a party back to the cooler for more seafood if we need while we’re resting up. Then, going from there, head to the medical building.”

Thrak looks around at the rest of the party, trying to get a feel for what everyone wants to do. “Does that work for you guys?”

Jumrak approves of the plan. “Agreed – let’s make a quick run amid all the chaos here. But we’ll have to be sharp to find cover once we make it to those buildings – there could be worse things than glowing mushrooms hiding amongst the buildings. Obviously you guys have good sight so keep an eye on things. And let’s stay light on our feet.” Jumrak silently prays that the gods forgive my allies for their blasphemy and grant us escape from this punishment for toying with the tools of the Ancients.

Kronic has been more sullen than usual lately. “Rest is good.” he says. “Probably shoulda holed up at food but never mind that now… Lets see if we can get out of here quick like Thrak says. We should make some diversion of the mushrooms though ‘cuz if we run through them they will just light the way for the enemies to follow us. We need to avoid them if we can… I definitely need a rest. And if we are followed I guess I better try out some of those Old World meds as we rest because taking it to the mongo’s might be our only course of action if they know we are here now. They will hunt for us…”

Soggul looks eager to leave. “Let us make haste then. I do not want another bat to muddle my head.” He hefted his shield, pike and machete and hopped a few times, in anticipation of a run.

Caught in the Spotlight


Following Thrak’s suggestion, the party cuts straight through the sparse fungus to the train tracks, trying to avoid glowshrooms along the way. (Luck Checks for the party; rolls are Cobb 18 +3 = 21, Jumrak 4 +4 = 8, Kronic 2 +3 = 5, Sikich 3 +3 = 6, Soggul 4 +3 = 7, Thrak 11 +1 = 12, and 16 +3 = 19. Yikes; some low rolls there!)

You dash out, moving at top speed towards your destination. Unfortunately, much of fungus here is apparently of the glowing variety, and your path is lit once again through the mushrooms! Searchlights sweep across your path, and although they don’t pin down your group, they attract the attention of the psychobats!

(GM rolls some dice; Kronic and Sikich will face daze attacks as the psychobats swoop low. DC 8 Charisma Checks are needed; Kronic rolls 19 +3 = 22 and Sikich rolls 6 +11 +2 = 19. Both save.)

You easily shake off the mental assaults, but more of the psychobats are approaching, attracted by your movement amongst the glowshrooms and searchlights. It’ll take one round to run back to the billboard building, and several rounds to make it out of the fungus patch to the north.

What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “74 – Eager to Leave”

  1. “Keeep ruuniing,” pants Sikich, doing just as he suggests. He has a few ideas but none as certain as getting out of these glowshroom fields.

  2. “EVERYBODY MOVE!!” (I just gotta run faster and keep my head lower, shouldn’t be a problem…)

    Lets keep rolling, no use going back now they will really have us pinned then. Gotta keep em guessing.

    *ooc* anyone have any “to whom it may concern abilities” or items. A stun grenade going off, or some flashbangs (didn’t we have some) or a mutant blast of some sort to deal with these bats?

  3. Thrak stops to let the rest of the group run past him and takes the rear-guard. He slings his rifle in favour of drawing and jogging with his fullblade. Hopefully the psycho-bats will focus more on him than the rest of the party… and hopefully he’s up to the task!

    “Run straight back for that smaller building right behind this one!” Thrak shouts. He silently hopes everyone will make it and clenches the haft of his sword with a white-knuckled grip.

    Thrak thinks that since he also currently has the freeze-ray device, perhaps that would put some fear into the psycho bats! With his night-vision goggles in place, he will pull out the freeze-ray and fire it off at the nearest bat while the rest of the group keeps running…

  4. “Move Thrak! All, cover your ears!” Soggul shouts a warning to the group to protect themselves as he removes the light stick from his knapsack. He turns quickly, deviating from the path of everyone else. Popping the light stick, he waves it trying to get the attention of the bats and any searching for the rest of the group. Letting everyone pass him by as they head in a different direction, he stops in mid-run for a moment and unleashes the full power of his voice.


    After making his sacrificial stand, Soggul attempts to cover his back with his shield and making a retreat away from the rest of the party. He hopes he can catch up to them when they make their next run, but if he cannot, he knows he helped the ones that freed him in their cause. “One day, either way, I will see them again.”

  5. Hearing Soggul’s warning, and seeing what it is he is about to do, Thrak does remove himself from what he thinks will be the area of immediate danger from the three-armed mutant’s sonic talent, but he stops to watch the effect. If the blast results in Soggul’s intent (which Thrak assumes is to drive off the bats), then Thrak will call for Soggul to return to the rest of the party. If the hearing-impaired companion doesn’t respond, then he will pursue and do his best to return to the original path of flight with Soggul in tow.

    “Self sacrifice is all well and good,” Thrakazog mutters, semi-ironically, to himself, “but that scaredy-cat wouldn’t last a day in here by himself.” He doesn’t choose to voice his idle thought about the chances of the rest of them lasting another day in here…

  6. (If I survive and Thrak comes for me…)

    “Go Thrak! Tormentors will see you! Longshooters!” He waves his fellow mutant away as he runs. “Keep them safe! I’ll catch up! GO!”

  7. Vash continues to move through the glowshrooms, his rifle up and ready. He looks to the more wounded of the group, moving up to them in case they falter. He stops and looks back at Thrak’s yell. “Ahhh hell…well, maybe they will think he is a Rock Lobster…” He mumbles. He pauses before continuing to move. He needs to get to a safe place so he can cover their escape out.

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