72 – Searchlights

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(Here’s a new post; sorry for the delay. I’m still tied up with family-related business, and don’t have much gaming time for the next little bit.)

(Most of the party has made it to safety in the large building with the billboard on top (near Map Area #33). Soggul had stumbled and become transfixed by the strange batlike creatures that were descending into your midst. Party members had to make a choice to continue forward to safety, or stay behind with Soggul…)

A Moment’s Indecision

Deeper Caves Map

Rushing ahead of the swooping menaces, the remaining party members make their way into the building. The flock continues circling overhead, with the odd flyer descending to the glowing mushrooms to search for a target.

Soggul shakes his head again to ensure the mental attack is truly gone. “Again, my friends, I thank you for my life.” Looking around the building, he looks for any other exits and checks the building’s structure. “Going the way we came in…” The mutant doesn’t finish the sentence, but shakes his head to make his point. “Another way out… need another way out…” The mutant scans the walls will his hands and eyes.

Luckily, he finds that the building is large and open enough that his claustrophobia doesn’t kick in… Based on what you saw from the outside, you should be able to find an alternate exit easily enough.

Thrak suggests that the quiet weapons are used to pick off as many of the visible flyers as possible, both to reduce the existing threat as well as serve as a scare tactic to shoo off the remaining flock of nasty bitey things.

We do, after all, still want to salvage whatever may remain inside that overturned truck, and it’ll be a cold day in hell before anything as paltry as a flock of psycho bats is all the stands between us and some potential loot!

We can take shots out this side of the building while Soggul (and whomever else) scout for other escape routes throughout the building. “Perhaps,” Thrak begins thinking to himself, “another, better, vantage point can be gained to start picking off those mental birds with enough cover to stay out of harm’s way. What do you guys think?”

“You don’t have to tell me twice, Thrak,” Vash replies to him as he lines up a shot one of the bats. He takes aim hoping to clear a bat from those who are still out there. “That’s all we need. Glowshrooms and pycho-bats.” He mumbles as he pulls the trigger. The laser rifle is silent. Hopefully, the light will blend in with the light with the shrooms. (Attack roll is 2 -1 = 1; miss.) Instead of cooked bat, the smell of fried mushrooms wafts towards you.

“I’m not the best shot, so maybe I ought to have a look around for a possible escape route.” Cobb scouts out the ground floor of the building, noting any stairways or shafts that may have once been elevator shafts, closing the doors to any rooms so he can both tell with a glance if they’ve been opened after his inspection, and keep any of the fliers from entering from another point and surrounding the group.

He will of course be looking for traps and swag as he goes. Soggul simply nods and moves forward to scout with Cobb, working in conjunction with him to make the job go faster.

(Perception Checks for the explorers, rolled in secret.)

The building was some sort of office, or perhaps a light industrial lab. It’s difficult to tell now that the place is overgrown by molds and fungus. Cobb does a quick survey of the nearby rooms (one of which contains a nest of arm-sized caterpillars) – all potential loot has been spoiled by wet and rot. Many of the rooms have windows facing the outside; you can flee from any of these easily. Down a long hallway is a large steel door, also leading outside. It exits out back, where there may be less of the glowing mushrooms.

Sikich know his will is stronger than any mutant bat. Thus he stays in the room, clenching his energy pike, ready to repell any flying creatures that might get in until we find a better place to retreat.
“Fiind waay oouut oof theee buuiildiing thaat haasss noo neeaarby fuungiisss” he suggests to Cobb and Soggul.

The flying creatures have not attempted to enter the building, and their daze attack seems to have a short range; you are safe in the building at present.

However, in the distance you can see the mongoliant outpost has become active. Atop the parapet, searchlights are lit and they are sweeping across the fungus field. The fort is distant – beyond extreme range – but a mongoliant with binoculars (or mutant vision) could probably spot your party from this distance if you move out into the open…

What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “72 – Searchlights”

  1. “Leetssz Ssseearch thee buuiiling, try tooo hiidee. Iff cannooot, leeave by baack dooor”, states Sikich, reasoning that if we cannot hole up unseen here, we may be able to get some distance away, with the building shielding us from the mongoliants – assuming there is no fungus their to light our trail!

  2. “Do not worry about them! If the tormentors come out into the field, they will have the bats to contend with themselves.” Looking out the windows, Soggul gets an idea. “Perhaps we should get them to come. We can ambush them from the buildings. Longshooters up top, guardsman at the doors.”

  3. “Isss goood plaan, foor lateer. Tooo maany ooof usss woouundeed noow,” says Sikich, approving of the plan but believing that it would be better to spring a trap when we are all in top form and well prepared.

  4. “Then we flee…” Soggul begins to look for a place to hole up, either in this building or another nearby.

  5. Thrak likes the idea of leaving by a back door, hopefully avoiding the flying beasties as well as keeping hidden from spying mongo eyes.

    “We can go straight out the back of this building,” Thrak says, “and keep heading straight back as far as those train tracks. That should keep us under cover from mongo spies long enough to avoid their notice. After that, we can start to cut over in the direction of that medical building we’ve been aiming for. Rest up and hopefully get some better loot for our efforts.”

    Thrak looks back out the entrance of the building where the flyers are still swarming, and he grimaces in frustration. “And I wanna come back here to tag that truck out there. It’s becoming personal. I hate being thwarted like this…”

  6. Vash glances out the window in the direction of the Mongo fortress. “Those lit mushrooms will lead them straight to us. Maybe their lights, though, will send those Bats after them.” He comments. He glances to the others. “I agree. We should fall back. Until we know we are ready to take their fortress.”

  7. Cobb carefully opens the metal door and peeks outside to assess the situation. If he sees nothing, and especially if he sees a clear path, he’ll stick a piece of debris in the door jamb and step out enough to look around better. If he sees anything noteworthy he’ll report back.

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