Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

Update: Character recruitment for Barrier Peaks is now closed.

Mutant Future has been released and is available online as a free download! As I mentioned earlier, I’m planning on kicking off a second, independent Play-by-Comment campaign, using a post-apocalyptic version of the old D&D module, ‘Expedition to the Barrier Peaks‘. I’ve already put together a website for the game, and am looking for players now that the rules are out.

If you’re interested in joining the second game, then check out the Mutant Future rules and the Expedition website, and send me an e-mail at k-slacker@shaw.ca.

And, of course, the Scorched Earth RPG will continue forward full steam ahead. Your characters are coming ever closer to discovering the secrets of the second dome!


~ by K-Slacker on 01-Jun-08.

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  1. I cant get onto email right now, but I’m definitely interested!

  2. Sounds good. Head on over to the Barrier Peaks website when you have a chance to roll up a PC.

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