71 – Path of Light

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(With the ominous flock overhead, the party was not comfortable in the open at the Ancient riot scene (Map Area #33). Moving swiftly towards a nearby building (the two-storey structure with the billboard on top), the group has hacked a path through the fungus patch and spotted several gaping windows through which they can gain entry.)

(Unfortunately, Soggul stumbled momentarily during the rush and was caught by some sort of mental attack from one of the bat-like mutant creatures. The rest of the party is close enough to either turn back to assist, or continue forwards to safety.)

(Let’s roll for Initiative now… Kronic 18 +2 = 20, Soggul 17 -2 = 15, Thrakazog 14, Sikich 18 -4 = 14, Jumrak 9, Cobb 6 +2 =8, and Vash 7 +1 = 8. The four bat-like creatures roll 18 +3 = 21, 14 +3 = 17, 11 +3 = 14, and 9 +3 = 12.)

Path of Light

Deeper Caves Map

Soggul’s mind swims with thoughts much like white noise. There’s something there, but it’s scrambled and not making much sense. He sees quick images of the bat creatures, the rock lobster, the mongoliant torturer, and finally, his tranquil swimming hole on the surface. He stands transfixed as the bat-like creatures dart and swoop around him. One lands on his back and tries to bites the three-armed mutant (Attack roll 17 +1 = 18; Soggul is flat-footed, hit for 1 point of damage), piercing his skin with small needle-like teeth.

Kronic – not in the mood for flashy heroics at this point – simply continues forward, leaping through the gaping window into the building and crossing the room to the doorway beyond.


Another of the flittering foes glares at Soggul, attempting to daze him once again. (DC 8 Charisma Check for Soggul; roll is 12 +1 = 13.) Soggul shakes his head, coming out of his daze, and bats the creature from his back. Bellowing with panic, the chaos around him fades back into white noise, and he continues forward towards the building.

Thrak had stopped at the building before heading inside; he waits for a moment to ensure the rest of the party is inside before being one of the last through the portal. Sensing a situation where his poor sight could serve him well, Thrak surges back away from the door towards Soggul. He endeavours to keep his eyes averted from the flyers, but feels his mind filling with strange static anyways. (DC 8 Charisma Check for Thrak; roll is 17 +2 = 19.) He shakes the sensation off easily, and encounters Soggul running towards him already.

(It seems the creatures do not require eye contact to use their mental power. Soggul and Thrak are now short range from the open window of the building; they can make it into the building easily next round – as long as they’re not dazed.)

Sikich had just entered the building but, seeing what had happened to Soggul decides to fight fire with fire, or in this case psionics with psionics. The reptillian mutant musters his will and unleashes a wave of kinetic energy at the flier that transfixed Soggul (Kinetic Blast, roll is 19! Hit for 7 damage). The small creature flops to the ground; twitching and near-death.

Feeling that making lots of noise so close to the mongoliants would be a bad idea, he clutches his energy pike and protects the building until his allies are inside while shouting “Nooo fiireeaaarmss, tooo noosssy”. (This statement brings a quick nod from Vash.)

Another flyer swoops by Soggul, and again he feels the odd sensation inside his mind (Charisma Check 16 +1 = 17.), though now he is prepared and resists it.

Seeing the nasty flyers trying to feast on his friend, Jumrak charges in out from the building to chop at least one of the things to pieces. (Attack roll is 16 +6 = 22; hit for 13 damage) He indeed slices one in twain (the one that just tried the daze attack), then joins Soggul and Thrak in their return to the building for cover!

Cobb (like Kronic) is already inside the building by this time taking a quick scan around the room for threats (or loot). (Perception Check is 17 +5 = 22.) Everything checks out, though the place is choked with mould (and no loot).

Vash agrees with Sikich. With the two more capable members of the party out there to grab up poor Soggul, he continues into the building to make sure it is safe and secure. Once inside, he will pull out his laser rifle (holding an action against any oncoming foes), knowing that the advanced weapon is nearly silent.

(Note that laser weapons are extremely quiet, generating only a slight hum from the weapon itself and a sizzle from the target point.)

(The GM rolls some dice…)

From his vantage point, Vash has a clear view as five more of the flyers descend from above towards the remaining party members outside of the building (for a total of seven at ground level).

He also notes, with horror, that the glowing mushrooms have marked the path your party took through the fungus patch. From the Ancient riot scene, a clear line of light winds towards your current location…

What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “71 – Path of Light”

  1. Soggul shakes his head again to ensure the mental attack is truly gone. “Again, my friends, I thank you for my life.” Looking around the building, he looks for any other exits and checks the building’s structure. “Going the way we came in…” The mutant doesn’t finish the sentence, but shakes his head to make his point. “Another way out… need another way out…” The mutant scans the walls will his hands and eyes.

    (OOC: Soggul will try to find another way out. If no existing way presents itself, he will check the walls again before trying to break through… somehow.)

  2. (The building is open enough that Soggul’s claustrophobia isn’t triggered – its multiple windows offer many potential escape routes.)

  3. Thrak suggests that the quiet weapons are used to pick off as many of the visible flyers as possible, both to reduce the existing threat as well as serve as a scare tactic to shoo off the remaining flock of nasty bitey things.

    We do, after all, still want to salvage whatever may remain inside that overturned truck, and it’ll be a cold day in hell before anything as paltry as a flock of psycho bats is all the stands between us and some potential loot!

    WE can take shots out this side of the building while Soggul (and whomever else) scout for other escape routes throughout the building. “Perhaps,” Thrak begins thinking to himself, “another, better, vantage point can be gained to start picking off those mental birds with enough cover to stay out of harm’s way. What do you guys think?”

  4. “You don’t have to tell me twice, Thraka,” Vash replies to him as he lines up a shot one of the bats. He takes aim hoping to clear a bat from those who are still out there. “That’s all we need. Glooshrooms and Pycho-bats.” He mumbles as he pulls the trigger. The laser rifle is silent. Hopefully, the light will blend in with the light with the Shrooms.

  5. “I’m not the best shot, so maybe I ought to have a look around for a possible escape route.” Cobb scouts out the ground floor of the building, noting any stairways or shafts that may have once been elevator shafts, closing the doors to any rooms so he can both tell with a glance if they’ve been opened after his inspection, and keep any of the fliers from entering from another point and surrounding the group.

    He will of course be looking for traps and swag as he goes. 😛

  6. Soggul simply nods and moves forward to scout. If Cobb follows, he’ll work in conjunction with him in order to get the job done faster.

  7. Sikich know his will is stronger than any mutant bat. Thus he stays in the room, clenching his energy pike, ready to repell any flying creatures that might get in until we find a better place to retreat.
    “Fiind waay oouut oof theee buuiildiing thaat haasss noo neeaarby fuungiisss” he suggests to Cobb and Soggul.

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