69 – Ominous Flock

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(Your group has left the frozen warehouse to explore the Ancient riot scene (Map Area #33) at the edge of the glowing fungus patch. The plan is to scavenge the remains before heading towards the larger towers ‘downtown’. Sikich is pretty beat up (and Kronic is bloodied as well), but is still holding up okay.)

Military Convoy

Deeper Caves Map

You continue your explorations of the Ancient riot scene – perhaps the site of an attack against a military convoy. Although the area first appears to have been completely ransacked, you notice that the box of one of the moving trucks, though bent and damaged, does not look to have been opened. Perhaps some items of value still remain?

Feeling the pain of his injuries, Sikich is inclined to be cautious. They must be some reason why the battle site has not been even more thoroughly looted.

He suggests checking the area for tracks before getting in closer and scans the area with his mental powers. It seems the flying creatures like to roost in the ceiling above, but Sikich wouldn’t like to be wrong in this assumption and find that the vehicles are a nesting site.

Quite to his surprise, Sikich detects mental activity – but not from the flying creatures! Instead, he notes a very weak psionic emanation from the surrounding fungus. It’s not active enough to constitute a threat, but the mushrooms themselves seem to be somehow aware. (25 XP to Sikich for the use of his psionic power.)

“The funnngusss – it issss sssssentient, thhhough weeeak.” he says. Examining the mushrooms with more concern, he suspects that the weak glow from the fungus is getting slightly brighter (though it might just be his imagination). Sikich adds the glowing fungus to the list of things he wants to keep a careful about and warns the group that “Theee fuunguuss isss creeeeppy.”

After this, Sikich will move in slowly, trying to keep within cover as much as possible and looking out for booby traps (intentional or even unintentional such as unexploded ordinance). He examines the vehicles closely for any useful equipment, but they appear to be stripped of all decent gear. Leaving the opening of the box to more experienced members of the group, he hunches in a corner and groans at his various injuries and exertions.

Seeing Sikich struggling to move along, Soggul moves up to lend aid. He supports the fellow free man with one of his right arms. “Stay close friend.” Again, Soggul looked like he was going to say more, say more about how fate seems to be turning against the fellow mutant, but he held back. Thinking of Sikich’s bad luck automatically kicked in the scav’s instincts and he began to sweep the vehicle, the mushrooms and the surrounding area with his practiced eyes. (Perception Check is 19 +1 = 20.)

“You are right, friend; the fungus glow is getting brighter. I see no traps or obvious threats, but unless I am mistaken, there are several of those flying creatures circling above us…”

Vash glances towards Sikich as he struggles as well, moving over to check on him. “You alright? Are you in serious pain?” He asks with concern. He will let the others take the lead. He looks to the truck ahead. “Do you need to rest?” He asks. “We could use that for shelter for a little rest.” He suggests.

He does look to the truck, scrunching his mouth. Searching for technology and antiques will have to wait. The well-fair of the others must come first. Only together can they survive.

Although feeling the pain of recent and older, half healed injuries, Sikich shrugs off Vash’s concern. Sikich’s curiosity about the relic the ancients have left behind has overcome his sense of preservation, at least for the moment. He continues towards the remains of the vehicles.

With the truck box presenting more potential for good loot, Thrakzog also tends to wariness, especially since the trip-wire incident back in Sogor’s lair. He’ll keep his eyes – and more especially his nose – tuned to the surroundings for any sign of potential ambush or unexpected attack… from either above or below.

Hoping to avoid any further discussion on the relative merits and intentions of the Ancients and their creations, Thrak suggests heading for the truck to inspect and open it, but better eyes than his own will be needed to find and disarm any traps that may lie in wait.

Ominous Flock

You approach the truck more closely. It is bent and slightly crushed – particularly at the large rear doors – but unopened and mostly intact. Examining it at short range, you see dents and marks on the rear doors, but no traps. From the marks, it looks like somebody was trying to get inside, but lost interest for some reason. The doors are locked and buckled, but you figure it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of work to force open; Cobb suggests using his grappling hook as an improvised crowbar. A military convoy – if that is what this is – could contain all sorts of treasure!

The glow from the fungus is noticeably brighter now. While you examine the truck, and ominous flock forms overhead…

What are your actions?


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8 Responses to “69 – Ominous Flock”

  1. (Sikich still has his ‘Detect Psionics’ power manifested, and can pick up the flying creatures in his mental radar. Whatever they are, they are psychically active.)

  2. Vash frowns as he looks around with the light getting brighter from the fungus. “I wonder if it is detecting our movement…what a moment, they can think?” He reaches for his rifle. “Well, we should move out of here. It might get bright enough for those flying-rats to see us.” He comments, pointing his gun up. He looks to the truck.

    “It looks like it really beat up. It will take time, strength and noise to get in it.” He comments, looking to the others.

  3. Soggul looks up. “Hold. Let’s go no further.” The three-armed mutant goes over to Cobb and takes the cable off of his shoulder. “The closer we get to that machine, the more the creatures above gather. Perhaps we should use your hook and my cable to pull the vehicle closer to us. Maybe they won’t react the same way. What do you think?” Whatever is decided upon, Soggul will follow the group’s decision, for better or for worse.

  4. (Note that the cargo truck is far too large for your party to move. And the ominous flock seems to be responding to the fungus glow, not your proximity to the truck itself.)

  5. Sikich has a feeling that the fungus is signalling the presence of prey for the fliers. Perhaps in return, they get the ground around them fertilized by dead creatures!
    With this in mind Sikich motions towards the vehicles. “Sssaafeer iinsssidee, wheeree theee fliieersss caannoot ssssee usss”. Sikich motions to move the crate to the vehicle furtherist away from the fungus and with best overhead protection from the fliers.
    We can open the crate, then leave quickly when the fungus glow has died down.

  6. (OOC just realised it is the whole back of the truck unopened, not just a loose crate – Sikich revises his plan)

    Open reflection, Sikich instead suggests that the stronger members of the band (Jumrak & Thrak), work to lever open the back of the truck with the grapping hook or any other items we may have. The rest of us take cover from the vehicles and watch for the fliers, weapons ready. Once the door is opened, if it is safe inside:-
    “Weee hiidee insssiidee truuck, untiill fuunguus ssstoopsss glloowiing”

  7. With the possibility of a swarm of partially-psionic creatures, Thrak is nervous about staying too long in the open, but he’s still curious about what could be inside that truck. “With all the weird stuff we’ve seen, you’ve probably got it right, Sikich, with your guess about the fungus alerting the flying things to nearby prey. Especially if there are mental powers thrown into it.”

    He looks around the immediate environs as best he can and suggests, “Let’s all get under cover in one of these nearby buildings. If we’re swarmed, then rifles and swords aren’t going to do a lot of good against numbers like that. Once holed up, we can plan how to open the truck from the safety of cover – only a couple of us at a time – and assume that we should at least be able to out smart a few glowing mushrooms, for gods’ sake.”

    (That two-storey building with the billboard on it, to the right of the number 33 on the map, is Thrak’s first suggestion for a place for cover.)

  8. Frakkin psionics… What if I just take a machette to these fungus? Maybe we can eat the crap and with it dead it won’t be summoning no flying buzzards. We still need to get some rest too… We head into those buildings maybe we can pop some of these fungus near the trucks off and kill them from range before venturing back out so they do not alert the buzzards. More martial toys are always a good thing, especially when we still owe some Mongo’s more payback.

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