68 – Riot Scene

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(It has been a short while since you defeated the industrial robot at the frozen warehouse (Map Area #32). You’ve scavenged what you can from the remains, and figured out how to use the freeze ray device that it was carrying.)

(You also engaged in a lively philosophical debate about the nature of the sentient constructs created by the Ancients and the possibility that they may, in fact, be inhabited by demonic spirits. There is a wide range of opinions amongst the party.)

More Philosophy and Fishsticks

Deeper Caves Map

After salvaging what little you can from the robot, Sikich suggests to hide the remaining pieces within the building so no one can tell that the group has been here. Several of you drag the robotic remains back into the freezer, while the others load up with food supplies.

(You’re all stuffed now, and carrying enough frozen seafood to last several days – if it doesn’t thaw and spoil first.)

Sikich wishes to check out the battle site (Map Area #33) before going on to the building with the cross on it as per our prior plans. “I wiiish tooo go ooon, buuut peerhaapss weee reeest soo Kroooniiic caan cooomeee wiiith uuus” states Sikich, reasoning that we will almost certainly need Kronics martial skill if we explore further.

Soggul loots some of the easier-to-carry pieces of metal from the wreckage, planning to create ‘studded leather’ armor when the party next rests. He also finds a sharp strip of steel that will make a serviceable machete (though at -1 on Attack rolls).

“We likely have attracted attention somehow. Let us eat, let us rest, then let us be off.” The three-armed mutant leans against a nearby piece of broken concrete from a fallen building, eyes continually scouring the area, looking for trouble.

Jumrak voices his opinion: “I agree that we need to move to another spot soon, but we also need to rest before we can face what may be ahead. Perhaps we can find cover close, but on the way to that other building. We must move quickly though – may the Gods bless us!”

Nervous about possible foes attracted by the sounds of battle, Sikich recommends that the group rest just long enough to eat, then head to the old battlefield (Map Area #33) before continuing to the building with the big H on top of it (the one that you saw in Sogor’s display screen).

Thrakazog, still intent on filling his belly as soon as he is able, loudly seconds the intent to head to the building with the “H” on it, as Sikich suggested.

“And right quick like, too,” he adds. “No telling what sort of attention we may have attracted by now, and a little movement toward our goal, even with injuries, is better than staying here and risking getting holed up. Let’s eat, have a quick rest, and hie it out of here — making our way to the medicine building.”

(That will be your plan; a short rest then explore a bit.)

Vash makes sure if there is anything he can do to help Sikich from his freezer burn. (Only rest – or risky Ancient meds – can speed up Sikich’s recovery.) He examines to the remains of the robot, looking to Cobb. “Since I try to stay out of combat so I can treat our sick and wound, you might want to take some of these parts for your armor.” he offers. He does look to the power core. He might able to repair or use the parts later.

(DC 15 Intellect Check for Vash: Natural 1! The reactor core is pretty heavy, but Vash manages to load it into his pack.)

(Soggul has enough nuts and bolts to fabricate studded leather armour for Cobb, but he’ll need some time to do it. It’ll have to wait until your next significant rest break.)

Vash then looks to the freeze ray. “I wonder how that affects solid objects. I wonder if it would help against the remaining Mongoliant fortification south of us.” He nods with the continued direction. “It is best to make sure we are not stuck between two enemies.”

Once again, the topic of the Ancients comes up again. Jumrak comments: “It is only the tainted ambition of the Ancients that was corrupt – that is what led to their demise. I believe that we have been sent here by the Gods as a reminder that we must never return to the old ways. We must reject this evil – and if we do we will be rewarded with righteous victory!”

Vash pauses in his work and looks to Jumrak with a slight frown. “It is the Ancient ways that has lead to my medical knowledge. It leads to our medicine that I have tried to use to help us.” He comments back. “You might condemn the Ancient ways, but it is the same ways that is helping us, protecting us.” He states. He glances to the others before moving away, returning to his work, looking at the damaged power core.

Sikich believes the living machines may once have been benevolent but now seem to be crazy if not outright hostile – perhaps their long imprisonment have caused them to go insane. He ponders this but does not say it out loud as he does not want to start a fight amongst the group.

Trying to change the topic, Soggul comments: “The Ancients are gone and that’s all that matters.” He looks almost sad saying this, but doesn’t say more on the matter.

(The GM rolls some dice, but doesn’t say anything about it.)

Riot Scene

Luckily, your battle at the warehouse does not seem to have attracted any unwanted attention. Ready to move on, you shut the door to the frozen warehouse behind you (locking it up for anyone without a keycard) and walk towards the apparent battlefield that you spotted earlier. You try to avoid the glowing fungus as much as possible, and manage to find a reasonably clear path.

Up ahead the gloomy darkness of this subterranean necropolis reveals what appears to have been a scene of some carnage long, long ago (Map Area #33). A variety of military vehicles (two Hummers and two moving trucks) appear to have been ransacked and burned in the city street. Skeletons of all kinds are scattered everywhere around, as if a bloody battle took place here. The place is deathly quiet.

At first glance, the Ancient riot scene appears to have been thoroughly ransacked. (GM rolls Perception Checks for the party. Kronic rolls high at 15 +5 = 20.) Kronic is the first to notice that the box of one of the moving trucks, though bent and damaged, does not look to have been opened. Perhaps some items of value still remain?

What are your actions?


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6 Responses to “68 – Riot Scene”

  1. Feeling the pain of his injuries, Sikich is inclined to be cautious. They must be some reason why the battle site has not been even more thoroughly looted.

    He suggests checking the area for tracks before getting in closer and scans the area with his mental powers (detect psionics). It seems the flying creatures like to roost in the ceiling above, but Sikich wouldn’t like to be wrong in this assumption and find that the vehicles are a nesting site.

    After this, Sikich will move in slowly, trying to keep within cover as much as possible and looking out for booby traps (intentional or even unintentional such as unexploded ordinance).

    If Sikich is able to get close without incident, he examines the vehicles closely for any useful equipment, leaving the opening of the box to more experienced members of the group.

  2. (Sikich detects a very weak psionic emanation from the surrounding fungus. It’s not active enough to constitute a threat, but the mushrooms themselves seem to be somehow aware. 25 XP to Sikich for the use of his psionic power.)

    (You also believe that the weak glow from the fungus is getting slightly brighter, though it might just be your imagination.)

  3. Seeing Sikich struggling to move along, Soggul moves up to lend aid. He supports the fellow free man with one of his right arms. “Stay close friend.” Again, Soggul looked like he was going to say more, say more about how fate seems to be turning against the fellow mutant, but he held back. Thinking of Sikich’s bad luck automatically kicked in the Scavenger’s instincts and he began to sweep the vehicle, the mushrooms and the surrounding area with his practiced eyes.

  4. With the truck box presenting more potential for good loot, Thrakzog also tends to wariness, especially since the trip-wire incident back in Sogor’s lair. He’ll keep his eyes – and more especially his nose – tuned to the surroundings for any sign of potential ambush or unexpected attack… from either above or below.

    Hoping to avoid any further discussion on the relative merits and intentions of the Ancients and their creations, Thrak suggests heading for the truck to inspect and open it, but better eyes than his own will be needed to find and disarm any traps that may lie in wait.

  5. Vash glances towards Sikich as he struggles as well, moving over to check on him. “You alright? Are you in serious pain?” He asks with concern. He will let the others take the lead. He looks to the truck ahead. “Do you need to rest?” He asks. “We could use that for shelter for a little rest.” He suggests.

    He does look to the truck, scrunching his mouth. Searching for technology and antiques will have to wait. The well-fair of the others must come first. Only together can they survive.

  6. Sikich adds the glowing fungus to the list of things he wants to keep a careful about and warns the group that “Theee fuunguuss isss creeeeppy.”

    Although feeling the pain of recent and older, half healed injuries, Sikich shrugs off Vash’s concern. Sikich’s curiosity about the relic the ancients have left behind has overcome his sense of preservation, at least for the moment.
    He continues towards the remains of the vehicles.

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