67 – Seafood Cuisine

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(The rogue robot attending the frozen warehouse (Map Area #32) has been dealt with; Sikich was the target of an enemy attack (yet again) and was forced to flee.)

(Though the warehouse contains nothing but frozen food, at least your party is now much enriched in terms of available rations. You’ve also obtained a freeze ray device, though you have not yet had a chance to decipher its use.)

After the Battle

Deeper Caves Map

From his sniper position, Kronic radios down to make sure that everything is okay. Assured that the situation is now under control, he makes sure to remain vigilant for Mongos or other local threats. (DC 15 Perception Check; roll is 8 +5 = 13. Not so great.) Seeing no response to the action at the warehouse, he also re-hides – snipers need to shoot and move.

Grimacing at not getting back to the scene of the action in time to lend a hand, Thrakazog returns with Cobb in tow. Meanwhile, Sikich also comes back a little shamefaced after the battle at having fled (but knowing it was the right thing to do in the circumstances).

Thrak surveys the end result of the battle and nudges the now inert form of the smoking robot with one booted foot. Thrak snorts at the acrid tang of the fried internal elements and steps back in some slight disgust. “Good work, boys,” he commends.

Feeling bad for Sikich getting hurt and not having been able to help, Thrak also half-heartedly offers, “And, uh, well, I guess I could take the first watch – from the roof or something – while the rest of you eat up and Sikich gets his freezer burn looked at by Vash, or something.”

Though his frostburn is relatively severe, Sikich looks with suspicion at the medical paraphernalia proffered by Vash. As most mutants are aware, pre-Fall treatments can often cause as much harm as healing to those who are ‘genetically divergent’.

Vash grimaces as he looks at the experimental mediation, also not knowing how it would react. He sighs and goes for what he does know. (Sikich gets First Aid, healing 3 hp.) Vash is slightly distracted as he applies the bandages, looking sadly at the smoking machine.

After Sikich gets patched up, he and Vash join in carefully examining the remains of the robot. Soggul is already inspecting the fallen robot, and uses his three-strong arms to drag the metal monster outside for salvaging. It appears to have been truly destroyed, not just temporarily deactivated, but you attempt to recover the creatures power source or (especially) the device that allowed it to float.

(Unfortunately, the robot’s hover device has been completely fused by the energy pike’s hit. I’ll allow a DC 25 Intellect Check to successfully recover the robot’s minifusion reactor (using a crowbar and Vash’s electronic tools). Roll is 6 +10 +2 (aid another) = 18. The reactor also suffered irreparable damage during combat.)

Leaving the electronics to others, Soggul examines the metal casing for the robot itself. It could be used to further protect the party.

(There’s definitely an opportunity to reinforce Cobb or Vash’s light armour. If you spend a day, you can turn them into ‘studded leather’ – though they will have also higher penalties to Agility Checks as a result. You could also use one of the larger plates as a large shield, if anyone wants one.)

Philosophy and Food

As Sikich and Vash perform their arcane ‘surgery’ on the remains of the robot, Jumrak speaks up. “It is written in the Book of Survivors that the Ancients defied the Great Laws by grafting demons to their wicked devices in order to provide the semblance of life. The Gods mourned as the machines of living metal rose up and destroyed their makers, but realized that it was just and that it cleansed the way for their descendants, who were pure of heart and mind.”

Several party members make a conscious effort to ignore Jumrak’s words, while others listen with some degree of interest. “Cobb; the little imp you carry – the one you call Blinky – he is evil too, and as we saw by this floating menace,” – Jumrak points to the destroyed hoverbot – “the demons have been trapped so long in these machines that even they have gone mad. This much is obvious.”

“Superstitious hogwash.” mumbles Vash. He shakes his head then addresses the party. “All of the wondrous creations of the Ancients were instilled with powerful controls. These ‘Laws of Robotics’ are unbreakable, except in the extremely rare cases of machines that have been badly damaged or have had their programming corrupted somehow.” Vash turns to Sikich and points to the mutant’s Chuul armour. “The poor machine was obviously programmed to freeze and preserve seafood! Does our ally here not appear to be some species of monstrous lobster while wearing this chitin!”

Changing subjects, Vash looks at the frozen seafood and comments: “I don’t think we have a choice now. We’re going to need a fire.”

The danger eliminated, Thrakazog’s belly’s rumbling reasserts itself. “Well, now that this threat is taken care of, let’s scoop the thing it used to blast Sikich as well as some of this food and head back to take care of our hunger, eh? Should probably also post at least one full watch while folks are eating and such. This sort of action tends to draw attention.”

(Thrakazog will make a DC 20 Intellect Check to decipher the freeze ray. Roll is 16 +7 = 23. He’s able to figure out how to use the device; by pressing a simple button it emits a ray that inflicts significant cold damage to a single target. No attack roll is required, but a DC 15 Agility Check is allowed for half damage. Its power device is built in, and the device has an unknown number of charges.)

Ignoring the device, Jumrak concentrates on the food. “We better stock up while we can – I’m sure we got the attention of someone, or some *thing*.” I take a look around, not that that really helps, damn sight… “And we don’t want to get cold sickness either. Let’s move quickly!”

(You’ve got enough frozen fish sticks to last you for a while, and presumably can return to the warehouse for more if you run out. Hope that nobody here is allergic to seafood cuisine.)

Although shivering with cold and the pains of the last few days wounds, Sikitch is still prepared to go on after we get some food from this place, as his desire to explore further is enough, at this stage, to overcome his sense of self preservation.

What are your actions?


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9 Responses to “67 – Seafood Cuisine”

  1. After salvaging what little we can from the robot, Sikich suggests we hide the remaining pieces within the building so no one can tell we have been here. He then helps with loading up with food supplies. About what to do now:-
    “I wiiish tooo go ooon, buuut peerhaapss weee reeest soo Kroooniiic caan cooomeee wiiith uuus” states Sikich, reasoning that we will almost certainly need Kronics martial skill if we explore further.
    If we continue on, Sikich wishes to check out rhe battle site before going on to the building with the cross on it as per our prior plans.

  2. (How long do you want to remain at the warehouse or resting nearby? Where does your group want to explore next?)

  3. Soggul takes the metal to enhance the armor and makes the offer to those that can use it. Otherwise, he holds onto it for possible future use. (OOC: I’d like to try my hand at making a rough machete when time allows as well.)

    “We likely have attracted attention somehow. Let us eat, let us rest, then let us be off.” The mutant leans against a nearby piece of broken concrete from a fallen building, eyes continually scouring the area, looking for trouble.

  4. Sikich feels we should rest just long enough to eat and assess if there has been any response to the combat, then head to area 33 (the old battlefield) before heading to the building with the big H on top of it, that we saw in Sogor’s display screen (not the one with the cross on it – got that wrong in the priuor post).

    As for the spirits infesting robots, they may once have been benevolent but now seem to be crazy if not outright hostile -perhaps their long imprisonment have caused them to go insane. Sikich ponders this but does not say it out loud as he does not want to start a fight amongst the group.

  5. Vash makes sure if there is anything he can do to help Sikich from his freezer burn before moving to help gather some of the food. He looks to the remains of the robot, looking to Cobb. “Since I try to stay out of combat so I can treat our sick and wound, you might want to take some of these parts for your armor.” He offers. He does look to the power core. He might able to repair or use the parts later.

    He looks to the freeze ray. “I wonder how that effects solid objects. I wonder if it would help against the remaining fortification south of us.” He nods with the continued direction. “It is best to make sure we are not stuck between two enemies.”

  6. “It is only the tainted ambition of the ancients that was corrupt – that is what led to their demise. I believe that we have been sent here by the Gods as a reminder that we must never return to the old ways. We must reject this evil – and if we do we will be rewarded with righteous victory! I agree that we need to move to another spot soon, but we also need to rest before we can face what may be ahead. Perhaps we can find cover close, but on the way to that other building. We must move quickly though – may the Gods bless us!”

  7. Vash pauses in his work and looks to Jumrak with a slight frown. “It is the ancient ways that has lead to my medical knowledge. It leads to our medicine that I have tried to use to help us.” He comments back. “You might condemn the ancient ways, but it is the same ways that is helping us, protecting us.” He states. He glances to the others before moving away, returning to his work, looking at the damaged power core.

  8. “The Ancients are gone and that’s all that matters.” Soggul looks almost sad saying this, but doesn’t say more on the matter.

  9. Thrakazog, still intent on filling his belly as soon as he is able, loudly seconds the intent to head to the building with the “H” on it, as Sikich suggested.

    “And right quick like, too,” he adds. “No telling what sort of attention we may have attracted by now, and a little movement toward our goal, even with injuries, is better than staying here and risking getting holed up. Let’s eat, have a quick rest, and hie it out of here — making our way to the medicine building.”

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