66 – Freeze Ray

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(During exploration of the frozen fish warehouse (Map Area #32), Sikich was parlaying with the hovering robot when he was suddenly attacked by its freeze ray device. At the time of the assault, Cobb and Thrakazog were exploring other areas of the building; the rest of the PCs were within short range of the front doorway where combat was initiated.)

(Initiative checks for the group: Thrak 19, Kronic 10 +2 = 12, Vash 9 +1 = 10, Cobb 4 +2 = 6, Jumrak 6, Sikich 6 -4 = 2, and Soggul 3 -2 = 1. The robot acts on Initiative count 13.)

Freeze Ray

Deeper Caves Map

“The colllld! It burnssss!” shouts Sikich as he’s hit with the freeze ray!

Hearing Sikich scream, Thrak hurries back to the entrance as fast as he can, rifle raised at the ready. He didn’t see any of what occurred, so can only gauge by the sound of pain in his companion’s voice that the hovering robot somehow turned on those standing near the door.

Thrakazog’s first priority will be taking out the sentinel robot and then tending to Sikich as best as he can. Or leaving that to somebody better prepared, frankly. Thoughts of fish and a rumbling belly fade to the back of consciousness now as danger presents itself.

However, the mist and pallets of frozen food hamper Thrak’s approach, and it takes him precious seconds to get close enough for an attack (full movement; no attack this round).

The hovering robotic menace floats even closer to the doorway (moves to melee range of Sikich) and raises its freeze box. Once again a deadly lance of cold is unleashed. (Sikich needs another DC 15 Agility Check; rolls is 17 -2 = 15. Lucky.) The lanky mutant twists aside, and the ray misses him!

As the robot nears the doorway, the ever-vigilant Kronic sees a clear shot present itself, and he fires his laser rifle. (Attack roll is 13 +4 = 17; a hit! Damage is 13 points.) The blast burns a clean hole right through the metal monster’s shell, but it appears unhindered!

Vash shouts “NO! HE ISN’T A LOBSTER!” Moving to tend to Sikich, Vash looks to the machine. “He’s a person! Shut down?!” he orders. (Vash is speaking in the High Tongue, which uses some of the same words as Ancient.)

The robot turns its freeze ray towards Vash and pauses for an instant. A sound like grating gears emanates from the creature, and it bobs slightly in the air – as if it is having trouble maintaining its hovering. (The GM rolls some dice.) “Not Lobster?” it asks in a dull mechanical voice; then it screeches “NOT PERSON!” and threatens Sikich again…

Turning to Sikich, Vash looks through his medical gear, including the scanner. Perhaps something will help to treat for freezer burn.

(The medispray and stimshots can both be administered very quickly, but their effects on Sikich’s mutant physiology cannot be predicted (medical incompatibility). You weren’t really able to figure out the scanner fully, and there’s not enough time now to test it out. Your best bet would be old-fashioned first aid – if Sikich gets out of melee – or else risk some of the high-tech gear in an emergency.)

Cobb follows Thrak back to the scene of the attack (full-round action) and looks around for any sort of wiring or anything on the robot that he can make for to try and disable it. (Unfortunately, Cobb’s technical skills are only applicable to situations outside of combat.)

Jumrak however, has his own ‘disable device’ method. He can see that thing clearly enough to cleave it with his axe, and he tries to take it down! (Attack roll is 15 +6 = 21; hit for 12 damage.) Sparks fly as Jumrak smashes the robot with his axe. The machine careens wildly for a moment in midair before it regains hover control.

Sikich screams “Nooo, nooot aaagaaiin”, lamenting the fact he seems to be a target for every Ancients-spawned creature, while trying to figure a way out of his predicament.

Hesitating briefly, he remembers that spirit infested creatures of the ancients are sometimes bound to certain areas. With this in mind he runs like hell; the robot tries to grab at him (Opportunity Attack; roll is 4 +2 = 6), but misses. Sikich races around the corner of the building, leaving Vash standing in front of the machine holding his medical devices!

Soggul moves forward, joining Jumrak in melee. “BASTARD!” he shouts and thrusts the energy pike towards the lower end of the machine with his two right arms. He hopes the strike will cripple the robot from making any more attacks. Somehow, the mutant knew this thing was going to go crazy on them eventually.

(Attack roll is 7 +1 = 8. Let’s assume Soggul spends a Luck Point to retry; second roll is 15 +1 = 16. Hit for 4 physical damage + 8 subdual.)

Soggul strikes twice in quick succession, and his second thrust hits true! Electricity arcs from the energy pike over the robot, and sparks shoot from its hover mechanism. With a loud “POP!” it convulses then falls inert to the floor with a crash. The mysterious freeze ray device bounces off the floor and lands at Vash’s feet. Foul black smoke begins to rise from the hole that Kronic shot in the creature’s shell.

(Good work; you defeated the robot. It was an industrial model, not designed for combat, so you only receive 100 XP each. But you do get a nice Ancient relic out of the encounter, and it looks like your food supply problem has been solved.)

What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “66 – Freeze Ray”

  1. I’ll radio down to make sure everyone is ok, and make sure we didn’t draw any attention to ourselves by staying vigilant for Mongo’s or other local threats… I also re-hide after I spot around. Snipers need to shoot and move 🙂

  2. Grimacing at not getting back to the scene of the action in time to lend a hand, Thrakazog surveys the end result and nudges the now inert form of the smoking robot with one booted foot. He snorts at the acrid tang of the fried internal elements and steps back in some slight disgust. “Good work, boys,” he commends.

    The danger eliminated, his belly’s rumbling reasserts itself. “Well, now that this threat is taken care of, let’s scoop the thing it used to blast Sikich as well as some of this food and head back to take care of our hunger, eh? Should probably also post at least one full watch while folks are eating and such. This sort of action tends to draw attention.”

    Feeling bad for Sikich getting hurt and not having been able to help, Thrak also half-heartedly offers, “And, uh, well, I guess I could take the first watch – from the roof or something – while the rest of you eat up and Sikich gets his freezer burn looked at by Vash, or something.” He rubs his belly wistfully as they make their way out of the building.

  3. “We better stock up while we can – I’m sure we got the attention of someone, or some *thing*.” I take a look around, not that that really helps, damn sight… “And we don’t want to get cold sickness either. Let’s move quickly!”

  4. (I should have also mentioned from the previous post that Thrak and Cobb’s exploration of the rest of the warehouse did not turn up a supervision office, supply cabinet, etc. It looks like the whole warehouse was completely automated, with the single robot supervisor.)

  5. While the rest of the group takes care of the food, Soggul inspects the fallen robot. There was much that could be salvaged, especially the metal casing for the robot itself. It could be used to further protect the party. He uses his three-strong arms to drag the metal monster outside for salvaging.

  6. Vash grimaces as he looks at the experimental mediation, not knowing how it would react. He sighs and goes for what he does know. “I don’t think we have a choice now. We’re going to need a fire.” He comments before looking sadly at the machine.

  7. Sikich comes back a little shamefaced after the battle at having fled but knowing it was the right thing to do in the circumstances.
    As he gets patched up, he will carefully examine the remains of the robot. Has it been truely destroyed or only temporarily deactivated by the burst of electricity from the stun rod? Is their any way to recover the creatures power source or (especially) the device that allowed it to float?
    Although shivering with cold and the pains of the last few days wounds, Sikitch is still prepared to go on after we get some food from this place, as his desire to explore further is enough, at this stage, to overcome his sense of self preservation.

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