Mutant Future

You may remember me making vague threats about an update to the d20 SPECIAL rules a while back. In the background, I was working on a simplified version of the current ruleset that I was calling ‘Old-School SPECIAL’. In fact, I created an entirely separate webpage (called ‘From the Ashes‘) for the rules and ran a playtest tabletop session.

In the end, I put the effort on hiatus for two reasons:

  1. The playtest revealed significant issues with the Old-School SPECIAL rules as presented, and…
  2. Goblinoid Games announced that it was working on an old-school post-apocalyptic RPG called Mutant Future, which really caught my interest (as some of you already know, I participated as a playtester).

With the recent wrap-up of my weekly tabletop D&D campaign, I’m planning on kicking off a second, independent Play-by-Comment campaign sometime this summer. I will use a post-apocalyptic version of the old D&D module, ‘Expedition to the Barrier Peaks‘. I’ve already put together a website for the game, and am waiting for the official release of the Mutant Future rules before starting.

Anyhow, none of this will affect the Scorched Earth campaign – we will continue onwards in our explorations of the Lost City! If anyone is interested in also participating in the Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, then drop me a line. And take some time to check out Mutant Future; it’s pretty freakin’ cool.

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~ by K-Slacker on 01-May-08.

4 Responses to “Mutant Future”

  1. Two questions. How did the tabletop game go? Are you able to give away any information on it? I’m just curious. 🙂 Second. Is there a link to the Mutant Future?

  2. Well, I ran two playtest sessions for Mutant Future. The first was mostly a test of an early draft of the character creation rules, and devolved into a player-vs.-player slugfest. The second session tested the high-tech gear, and was very fast-paced compared to what I’m accustomed to from 3e D&D.

    We also had a very small run through the fantasy/post-apoc conversion rules (aka ‘Mutants & Mazes’. That one was very enjoyable, except for the fact that we killed off the original elf PC that I played back in the ’80s.

    The Mutant Future rules have not been officially released yet, and playtesting is closed. Goblinoid Games is finishing up the art and layout for a summer release, and the last revision of the playtest rules that I saw were already quite playable. For now, I’d recommend downloading the ‘Labyrinth Lord’ rules, which a retro-clone of the old B/X Dungeons & Dragons sets:

  3. Oh; and we also did a single playtest session for my own ‘Old-School SPECIAL’ rules. The PCs were cryogenically preserved from before the Fall, and awoke to a ghoul assault on their underground complex centuries later. That one didn’t go too well; the math for all the Attribute Checks didn’t work out like I planned, which messed up all the challenge levels. I have some ideas on how to fix this. Some day, when I have the time and energy, I’ll revise the rules – but until then I’ll continue with the ‘d20 SPECIAL’ rules from this website or Mutant Future.

  4. If you decide to run another online game using these rules, I’d be down to give it a try. 😉

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