65 – Fresh Shipment

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(You’ve been exploring the frigid fish warehouse (Map Area #32) for what seems like forever now. Stacked in neat rows in the building are literally tons of boxed frozen fish kept in perfect storage here despite their great age. Quite unexpectedly, a bizarre hovering robot has appeared from the mists, nattering that it’s “out of sturgeon, out of salmon, out of cod…”. In its two articulate metal arms, it holds a chromed box-like instrument with a pulsing blue crystal at its tip.)

Fresh Shipment

Deeper Caves Map

“Looks like one of Blinky’s larger relatives,” Thrakazog mutters to his friends. “I hope it’s just as harmless and a little less obnoxious.”

So long as the golem makes no threatening gestures or actions, Thrak will leave it unmolested for now, but is deathly curious about the glowing blue box-thing it carries in one hand. “An opportunity to get our hands on another piece of Ancient technology? When we all make it back to the surface, we’ll have it made!”

(The blue device is unlike anything that you have seen before – an unknown artifact of the Ancients.)

Saying this, though, Thrak is still thinking with his belly, and wants to see how edible the new trove of frozen food really is. “Sure wish we could make a safe fire so we don’t have to gnaw on frosty fish bits. Any other means of heat in here before we get back to the shelter?”

(No indications of heat sources here, only cold.)

Regardless, Thrak wants to come back and see what else is in the building, and what that golem with the shiny blue light can do.

Sikich takes a risk and talks to the creature. “Itsss Oookaay, weee taakeee wwhaat yooou gooot.”

Seeing the gleam of greed in Thrak’s eyes and trying to wrack his brains for the right terminology, Sikich tries to move the creature towards to the doorway (so he can talk to it without freezing and so the others can act unobserved – either to get more food or to plan the creatures capture) by saying, “Coomeee oooveeer heeree, weee dooo aaan… iiinventoory ooof ssstoock.”

The machine approaches Sikich at the doorway, and continues it’s litany. “I’m sorry, we’re out of sturgeon, we’re out of salmon, we’re out of cod, we’re out of halibut…” Sikich seems to have its attention.

Cobb is momentarily startled at the unexpected sound of the voice in the dead cold of the building, but his eyes widen as well when he sees the robot hover to the fore. “Look! A floater! That thing is worth a fortune!”

“Ooh! Sikich, ask it if it has emergency supplies, like a first aid kit.” Cobb will peer around for anything like an office or locker room in the area.

(The robot doesn’t acknowledge Sikich’s questions regarding emergency supplies.)

Soggul is somewhat more hesitant with the robot, and cautiously readies his weapon in case it decides to go nutso.

Vash looks around slowly at the interior as they venture in. He practically jumps at the floating contraption, first thinking it is another new mutant beast. He starts to grin. “Incredible!” He looks around, seeing how it floats. He looks to the machine. “Hello, how are you?” He greets, knowing how talkative that Blinky is. “What is your name?” He looks to the others. “Is there any edible foodstuffs in here?”

(The machine pays attention to Vash! It can’t understand Unislang, so Sikich needs to translate.)

The robot pauses, seemingly confused. “All supplies have passed their ‘Best Before’ date.” It then makes an odd clicking/buzzing sound. “Advanced cryo techniques should render them safe for consumption, however.”

Another strange click, and it resumes its litany with even more focus: “I’m sorry, we’re out of sturgeon, we’re out of salmon, we’re out of cod, we’re out of halibut…”

Jumrak contemplates what demonic force allows this metal contraption to fly – and to hover in place like a hummingbird? He steps back and keeps an eye out for any more of these things. The robot seems harmless, but it could be a ruse as it waits for its allies. Jumrak will see if he can get an idea of where it came from and inform the group of anything suspicious.

(You keep a close eye on things, but are hampered by your poor vision. Jumrak’s ears serve as better indicators of possible harm.)

There is no sound of additional threats; no more robots here. The machine keeps droning on:

“I’m sorry, we’re out of sturgeon, we’re out of salmon, we’re out of cod, we’re out of halibut…” It sounds like its gaining confidence somehow, like its repeating a prayer.

Then, turning the glowing blue device towards Sikich:

“But several hundred pounds of lobster have just arrived!”

Fresh Shipment

The robot aims its glowing blue device at the lanky mutant and fires a frosty ray at Sikich!

(Sikich is caught flat-footed due to his Hesitation defect. He needs to make a DC 15 Agility Check; roll is 9 -2 = 7. He’ll burn a Luck Point to retry; roll is 16 -2 = 14, still no good. Luckily, he only takes 5 points of damage.)

“The colllld! It burnssss!” shouts Sikich as he’s hit with the freeze ray!

Soggul and Kronic were prepared for trouble and will respond quickly. Vash and Jumrak were paying enough attention as well to be able to take actions in the first round. Cobb and Thrakazog were exploring other areas of the warehouse, however.

What are your actions?


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8 Responses to “65 – Fresh Shipment”

  1. Hearing Sikich scream, Thrak hurries back to the entrance as fast as he can, rifle raised at the ready. He didn’t see any of what occurred, so can only gauge by the sound of pain in his companion’s voice that the hovering robot somehow turned on those standing near the door.

    (OoC — This seems a reasonable assumption to make.)

    Thrakazog’s first priority will be taking out the sentinel robot and then tending to Sikich as best as he can. Or leaving that to somebody better prepared, frankly. Thoughts of fish and a rumbling belly fade to the back of consciousness now as danger presents itself.

  2. I can see that thing clearly enough to smash it with my axe! I’m gonna take this thing down!

  3. They moved it towards the doorwar… do I have a shot with the rifle? If so inc cover fire. Otherwise I keep my post and make sure any ruckus doesn’t draw any unwanted attention we don’t want to miss seeing. If a shot presents itself, I will take it.

  4. “BASTARD!” Soggul thrusts the energy pike towards the lower end of the machine with his two right arms. He hopes the strike will cripple the robot from making any more attacks. Somehow, the mutant knew this thing was going to go crazy on them eventually.

  5. Kronic does have a clear shot with his rifle at the robotic menace, so I assume he’ll go for it.

  6. “Nooo, nooot aaagaaiin” screams Sikich, lamenting the fact he seems to be a target for every ancient-spawned creature, while trying to figure a way out of his predicament.
    Hestitating briefly, he remembers that spirit infested creatures of the ancients are sometimes bound to certain areas. With this in mind he tries to race out of the still open door and around the corner so he is out of sight of the creature. Hopefully it cannot follow.
    Hopefully he has not hesitated too long…

  7. “NO! HE ISN’T A LOBSTER!” Vash shouts, moving immediately to tend to Sikich. He looks to the machine. “He’s a person! Shut down?!” He orders. He looks through his medical gear, including the scanner. Perhaps something will help to treat for freezer burn.

  8. Cobb follows Thrak back to the scene of the atack and looks around for any sort of wiring or anything on the robot trhat he can make for to try and disable it. (OoC- That is, if Disable Device will apply in this situation.)

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