64 – Fish Warehouse

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(You’ve discovered that your silver access card grants you access to the ‘humming’ building (Map Area #32). When the great bay door opened, a cold fog rolled out from within – it appears to have maintained sub-zero temperatures inside, apparently since the Fall! Your group (minus Kronic) was just about to enter the warehouse.)

(But first, let’s back up a few minutes to before you left camp…)

Back at the Ranch

Deeper Caves Map

While resting in your hilltop hideaway, Cobb gets Blinky out. “So, maybe one of you guys who can speak its language ought to tell Blinky to clean up this place. Maybe putting him to work will cheer him up, and we can’t heal right in a dump.”

Sikich carefully explains in Ancient to Blinky that it would be nice to get the place cleaned up a little.

“Go to hell!” responds the robot, who sulks in the corner for a while before Cobb puts it back in his pack.

Meanwhile, Sikich grabs one of the small chitin shields (he may smell like a lobster but anything to avoid being turned into lobster food like almost happened just recently). Kronic has been looking at the remaining chunks of chitin as well. “I think this one would fit me as a breastplate.” he says to Soggul. Being pint-sized isn’t always a flaw…

Soggul hacks up some pieces of steel rope and fashions crude straps to the chitin. (Kronic gets +1 Defense.) Once the modifications to Kronic’s armour are complete, Soggul also cuts about a 20-foot length of the rope to take with him.

Vash is happy at the chance for a little rest. Still, he is like everyone else, curious about the world beyond the walls. He checks on Kronic before the move down to visit the larger building. “I’ll be right back.” He was not about to abandon a member of their group, especially now he is wounded. “I’ll try to be extra careful about getting first aid supplies.”

Kronic responds that he definitely needs more rest time after the water ordeal. “If things go bad and Mongo’s or some swarming stuff starts happpening… Sikich, you can hit me with some meds. Not sure what old medicine will do to me but I’d risk it if it gave me a chance to survive versus getting eatin. I ain’t goin down without no fight!”

Kronic then finds a nice spot that offers a view of the ‘humming’ warehouse and a clear shot with his laser rifle. “I can watch your backs from here. Didn’t we have two of those ‘walkie talkie’ thingies?” (Yes, you do. But you don’t have binoculars.) Vash takes a few minutes to teach Kronic how to operate the device. (Vash will carry the other one with him for now. Also; I’ve already assumed that you recharged your e-clips during your rest.)

Finally ready, the party heads out. You look around as you move down the hill, glancing to the tree sized mushrooms and to any noises. Who knows what could lurk out here?

(And now to the warehouse…)

Misty Doorway

Everyone readies their weapons as Cobb approaches the console – just in case. Slowly, cautiously, he extends his lily-white hand with the silver keycard and pushes it into the slot. For a brief second all is silent, then with a quiet ‘beep’ a green light appears on the console, and the heavy bay door begins opening upwards.

Heavy fog rolls out from beneath the door, spreading into a cloud at your feet. You all step backwards to avoid the fog, but it quickly sweeps over your position. The white cloud is cold, but seemingly harmless. Peering within the building reveals a dark, frosty interior that is murky and miserably cold. Apparently the entirety of the building is refrigerated!

The mist will obscure your vision to just a few feet, even with a light source. From within the warehouse, Thrakazog can discern the unmistakable scent of seafood…

His caution somewhat reduced by the pang in his belly, Thrak takes several large breaths of the air that rolls out from the door.

“Rock lobster,” he grins. “But this time, I think it’s the good kind. You know, the stuff that one of you said goes well with butter!”

Flicking on his light and wielding it again with his tail, Thrak shoulders the butt of his rifle and takes the first steps across the threshold into the cold storage building. “If this place has been locked up like this, not to mention as cold as it is, I don’t see how there could be anything in here waiting to tag us, you know what I mean?”

Still exercising caution, he swings his light back and forth, training his rifle over the arc of the beam, trying to pierce as far into the cold as he can, but to no avail. He flicks on his night-vision goggles as well, to see if they can penetrate the fog, but the cold fog interferes with the goggles, rendering them as useless as high beams in a blizzard. Thrak wants to ensure the way is as safe as possible, but he also wants to fill his belly if he can do that here!

Vash steps up as they are able to open the large door and blinks in surprise at the fishy smell. “I think we found our food… hopefully.” He looks around, smiling to the large man. “After you.”

Sikich steps forward and carefully looks around the corner to determine if there is a working keypad on the inside of the building. Then he checks around the door for tracks, specifically mongoliant tracks.

(Yes; there is a keypad inside the doorway. This one has no keycard slot but a big green button with the word ‘OPEN’ labelled on it. 25 XP for checking. You can find no tracks – mongo or otherwise – outside the doorway. Inside the building, there is a thin layer of frost on the ground, with no trace of recent intrusion.)

After securely stashing the security card away Cobb warily approaches the threshold of the door, clinging tightly to his weapon just in case. He peers into the fog ahead trying to discern any features of the interior. His blindsight is able to pierce the fog, but is relatively short-ranged. Nearby, he is able to discern stacks of boxes or crates, seemingly unopened.

“Maybe I’m just excited, but I’m thinking this place may be untouched, unless the mongos had the right kind of key card too.” He flashes his sharp toothed grin at Soggul. “Ya hear that Soggul? Untouched!” he whispers this last with barely contained exuberance.

Back to the task at hand, Cobb enters cautiously, wary of any mongo traps.

Soggul half-hears Cobb’s exicited comment as he peers inside. “If we get trapped inside, it will be the death of us. If we go forward, we must be cautious.” The pike wielding mutant thinks a moment. “We could prop the door open with the spools of cable?” Soggul says this more like a question than a statement, wondering what his friends will decide to do. Feeling the cold air come out, he looks back to the group. “We will need to wrap in warm clothing if we are to go inside. The Deadcold could take our bodies even if we are in there a short while.”

Kronic hears Soggul’s comments over the walkie-talkie. “I’ll bring some down.” he says.

You wait a few minutes for Kronic, but before he arrives the begins to beep!

Jumping back in alarm, you all ready your weapons for conflict. Instead, the bay doors slowly close (all of you are still outside the building). Stepping forward, Cobb inserts the card again and the door opens.

“A timer?” says Vash. “Perhaps the door automatically closes after a while?”

You are still pondering the mystery when Kronic appears carrying four empty metal spools. They look strong enough to prop open the large bay door, should it decide to close on you again. You set the spools in place beneath the heavy door.

(Kronic – you can head back up to camp or stay down with the rest of the party, your choice. Alternately, you could stay outside the building with the keycard in case something happens. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume you return to your sniper hole.)

With his axe ready, Jumrak peers in and tries to survey the room as best he can before stepping back. He’s definitely going to need to bundle up with something if he wants to spend any real time in there. “It’s no surprise that the blasphemous ancients would create winter in a structure like this! We better bundle up, I’ve seen my share of death from the cold in the mountains.”

Soggul nods at Jumrak’s comment. “I too have seen what harm the cold can do. I’ll go see what I can find.” The mutant begins to walk around, scanning the area in order find some makeshift cold protection/clothing from the surrounding area.

(15 XP to Jumrak for thinking of that. You don’t have much equipment on you that would be suitable cold-weather gear. You take your bedrolls, however, and repurpose them as makeshift rags that will at least protect your exposed skin.)

Bundled up as best you can, the group is finally ready to enter the building.

The Fish Warehouse

Entry within reveals a dark, frosty interior that is murky and miserably cold – so cold as to leave frost on exposed flesh and objects after only a minute or two. Apparently the entirety of the building is still refrigerated to the temperature of a pre-Fall commercial freezer.

(With your makeshift winter gear, you can stay in here for about five minutes – in increasing discomfort – before taking damage.)

This building is, or was rather, a mundane fish warehouse completely automated for maximum production and efficiency. When the Lost City fell into the earth following the apocalypse, by some miracle the building was preserved, continuing its functions to this day. Stacked in neat rows in the building are literally tons of boxed frozen fish kept in perfect storage here despite their great age!

Not wanting to spend any longer than necessary in the cold, you begin to tear apart the boxes immediately and load up on food.

(Thrak looks for lobster, but alas doesn’t see any. ‘Tis a shame…)

Suddenly, from deep in the mist you hear a broken, mechanical voice (in Ancient) that seems cold and alien:

“I’m sorry, we’re out of sturgeon, we’re out of salmon, we’re out of cod, we’re out of halibut…”

You ready your weapons and back towards the doorway, prepared for an attack. The voice approaches your direction and a solitary ‘creature’ emerges from the fog. It appears at first to be a tall and bulky metal humanoid, but instead of legs it hovers over the ground at a height of 6 to 12 inches. Its head is entirely featureless and brightly silvered like a gleaming mirror. It has two articulate metal arms, and in one hand it holds a chromed box-like instrument with a pulsing blue crystal at its tip.

The metal figure repeats in a distorted tone its odd incantation, apparently oblivious to your raiding of the supplies. It does not attack.

What are your actions?


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10 Responses to “64 – Fish Warehouse”

  1. “Looks like one of Blinky’s larger relatives,” Thrakzog mutters to his friends. “I hope it’s just as harmless and a little less obnoxious.”

    So long as the golem makes no threatening gestures or actions, Thrak will leave it unmolested for now, but is deathly curious about the glowing blue box-thing it carries in one hand. “An opportunity to get our hands on another piece of Ancient technology? When we all make it back to the surface, we’ll have it made!”

    Saying this, though, Thrak is still thinking with his belly, and wants to see how edible the new trove of frozen food really is. “Sure wish we could make a safe fire so we don’t have to gnaw on frosty fish bits. Any other means of heat in here before we get back to the shelter?”

    Regardless, Thrak wants to come back and see what else is in the building, and what that golem with the shiny blue light can do.

  2. Sikich takes a risk and talks to the creature. “Itsss Oook, weee taakeee wwhaat yooou gooot.”
    Seeing the gleam of greed in Thrak’s eyes and trying to wrack his brains for the right terminology, Sikich tries to move the creature towards to the doorway (so he can talk to it without freezing and so the others can act unobserved – either to get more food or to plan the creatures capture) by saying, “Coomeee oooveeer heeree, weee dooo aaan… iiinventoory ooof ssstoock.”

  3. Cobb is momentarily startled at the unexpected sound of the voice in the dead cold of the building, but his eyes widen as well when he sees the robot hover to the fore. “Look! A floater! That thing is worth a fortune!”

    “Ooh! Sikich, ask it if it has emergency supplies, like a first aid kit.” Cobb will peer around for anything like an office or locker room in the area.

  4. I’ll stick outside and cover the door from the sniper position and keep the walkie talkie going… I can keep the card to go down and open the door if Cobb will part with it. Otherwise I keep hidden as much as possible and look out for my comrads backs.

    If the door peeps consistently when we prop it open I will close it to make sure we do not attract too much attention from Local Mongo’s… keeping a place like this our little secret is most definately in our best interest.

  5. Soggul immediately circles the Ancient creature with his weapon at the ready. He looks like he will pounce at a moments notice.

  6. (The machine approaches Sikich at the doorway, and continues it’s litany. “I’m sorry, we’re out of sturgeon, we’re out of salmon, we’re out of cod, we’re out of halibut…”)

  7. (OOC: Sorry to say, Soggul isn’t going to do much except hold an attack in case this thing decides to go nutso on us.)

  8. Vash looks around slowly at the interior as they venture in. He practically jumps at the floating contraption, first thinking it is another new mutant beast. He starts to grin. “Incredible!” He looks around, seeing how it floats. He looks to the machine. “Hello, how are you?” He greets, knowing how talkative that Blinky is. “What is your name?” He looks to the others. “Is there any edible foodstuffs in here?”

  9. What demonic force allows this metal contraption to fly – and to hover in place like a hummingbird? I step back and keep an eye out for any more of these things. It seems harmless, but it could be a ruse as it waits for its allies. I will see if I can get an idea of where it came from and inform the group of anything suspicious.

  10. Yikes, guys – sorry for the extended delay. So much for having ‘free time’ on my vacation. I haven’t forgotten the game, and will return ASAP.

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