63 – Cold Storage

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(You’ve spent a day resting in a storage building atop a small hill (near Map Area #32). You spotted a number of interesting sights, but other than the occassional swarming of small flying mutant animals, the deeper caves have been quiet. One of the nearby buildings (Map Area #32) seems to be ‘active’. A console located outside its large front doors features an inviting keycard slot.)

(Unfortunately, your food supplies are dwindling. You’ve got enough left to last for another day, at half rations.)

Further Discussion

Deeper Caves Map

Thrak shrugs his large shoulders and glances wistfully at the packs with the groups dwindled food supplies. He’s feeling hungry again already, even though he’s nearly fully healed from the ordeal on the water. His big frame needs its sustenance, and he doesn’t want to wait too long to get it.

Looking at the food supplies, he also notes the well-stocked medical supplies that Vash is tending and he begins to think out loud.

“You know guys, that noisy building nearby has certainly gotten me curious, so I imagine we all want to check that one out first, especially since Cobb looks like he might have a key card that could work to get us in. But after that, we gotta start thinking with our bellies a little bit too. We found food and medical supplies back in the last dome, and I bet where we find one in good supply here, we find the other. I’m thinking about those big towers in the middle of the dome. From the display screen we saw back in Sogor’s room, one of them buildling had a big ‘H’ on the top. From what I remember being told about pre-Fall days, that meant serious meds. And I have to think that means food, too.”

Thrak pauses to look around at the gathered mutants and humans. “We get ourselves with full bellies and the ability to take care of our hurts, ain’t nothing gonna hold us back,” he asserts with a firm line to his mouth and a supporting nod of his head. Subconsciously, his tail flicks in a sort of assent as well.

Vash is happy like everyone else to be back on solid dry ground. He looks around the small storage building with the rest of them, chuckling at seeing the duct tape. “They use to call that the handy man’s secret weapon.” He points out.

Vash’s curiousity was picqued at the noise coming from inside the warehouse. He scrunches up his face, rather curious. He moves immediately to Kronic, moving to help him back to the smaller building. “You definitely need rest. Perhaps we should even more than just one day.” He says with concern.

He, himself, is glad for a little rest, getting off his feet. He keeps a watchful eye on the wounded, looking at his medical equipment to see if anyone of them would more hopeful. He digs into his pack, getting out the medical scanner, seeing if it gives more information.

He looks back towards the others. “You think it is safe for a fire?” He asks. “It would certainly help to keep us comfortable and dry us from that water.” He looks to Cobb. “Maybe Blinky might be helpful too.”

(For the moment, you elect to forgo a fire. It might draw unwanted attention…)

Now that Jumrak has had a moment to relax, he has also noticed that he is also hungry. Your dwindling reserves aren’t much for satisfying his stomach. On the surface, he would have no problem finding something, but down here in this poisoned place… “If you think that place has food, I’m in for getting it, once we’re ready to go.” The thought of fresh cooked meat can’t escape his mind. Catching a glance at the nest above: “I wonder if those flying things are safe to eat?” Jumrak ask, even if the idea of eating anything from down here is repulsive.

Soggul takes a spool of wire and measures out a length of seventy-five feet. He cuts the wires and makes a loop to carry over his shoulder. “Should be sturdy enough to climb, if needed.”

(75 feet of industrial wire rope is pretty heavy; this isn’t the light monofilament stuff. You’ll be encumbered if you carry that length of wire; you could carry about 20 feet without getting weighed down, if you prefer.)

Next, he looks over to the mushroom fields and gets both curious and concerned. Mushrooms would be a good source of emergency food, but the glowing ones were certainly tainted.

Upon mention of the batlike creatures, Soggul looks to Jumrak with a smile. “There is only one way to find out if they are safe to eat. When we get to that point, you and I should be able to hunt or trap a few.”

The building Cobb had the key for made the three-armed mutant bristle with anticipation. How did Cobb get the key? Where did he get it from? Shrugging involuntarily, Soggul looks for an alternate means of entry to the building, in case it was needed. Perhaps through the window on a higher floor using the cable-rope he just acquired?

(Cobb looted it from a building in the flooded quarter. As every scav who loots tech relics knows, a silver access card is quite rare and valuable.)

Sikich uses the time available to talk to Soggul about fashioning him some light chitin armour from the remains of the Rock Lobster. Given the amount of abuse his current armour has withstood, it’s remarkable that it is still staying on Sikich’s bony frame.

Soggul nods to Sikich. “I shall try to fashion some light pieces for you to wear. If time and materials permit, I will also make another shield for the group to use.” He hoped that he could make something useful for his friends in order to prove his continued worth to the party.

(Soggul enhances Sikich’s studded leather armour, granting a +1 Defense bonus by adding chitin plates. 50 XP to Soggul. Sikich smells a bit like lobster now.)

Sikich is also concerned about the flying creature – not so much as individual creatures, but he would hate to have to face a swarm of them, so he spends some time observing their flying patterns to see if he can determine a pattern. If he can work out their activity cycle he will make sure we leave when it is at an inactive period. (If they ever fly close he will try and determine if they are psionic in nature by scanning with his Detect Psionics power.)

(Good idea; 50 XP. As the flock nears your hidey-hole, Sikich detects the tell-tale aura of psychic power on the little beasts. The flying creatures are psionic; individually quite weak, but reasonably strong when swarming.)

(GM rolls an Intellect Check for Sikich; result is 12 +11 = 23. Sikich can discern no pattern to the swarming.)

Although Sikich has a score to settle with the mongos, he feels it is prudent to try and collect up any weapons of the ancients that are in these caves to aid us. He is interested in visiting the humming warehouse, the battle scene (maybe there will be weapons there) and then the building with the ‘H’ on it as suggested by Thrak.

Before we go, Sikich turns to Kronic and Jumrak, both still wounded, with a Medispray in one hand and a syringe in the other. “Wwhoo wantsss ssome?”

Kronic evades Sikich’s offer of meds. If you want to go out and get some food I’d stay here and rest some more. Knowing my luck I’ll have to go in and fight some more wherever we end up. As tough as I am I am not ready for another shot at my title just yet…

“Krooniiicc, I caan heeel yoouu, juussst hoold ssstiil” exclames Sikich, moving towards Kronic while holding an alarming array of syringes and untested medical supplies.

(The GM is tempted to see what happens if he lets Sikich poke Kronic with a syringe, but in the end decides not to mess with the characters’ actions.)

Thrak sees little need for a small shield for himself. His huge frame and glowing skin need more cover than what can be provided by a little carapace, however well moulded to suit. He’ll content himself with the armaments he has at hand (and tail), and hope that something bigger and sturdier will be made available that can accommodate his size.

(There’s enough chitin leftover for Soggul to fashion the two small shields, if anyone wants them.)

With the added discussion now, Thrakazog is starting to itch to get back out and exploring.

Cold Storage

Deciding that it’s time to start exploring again, the group (minus Kronic) heads out towards the humming warehouse (making sure that the flying creatures are inactive first, of course). You approach the console and heavy bay doors, Cobb with silver security card in hand. You spend the time for a final ‘safety check’ of your surroundings before continuing onward.

(Perception Checks for the group; highest roll is Vash with a 19 +9 = 28. Everything appears safe.)

Everyone readies their weapons as Cobb approaches the console – just in case. Slowly, cautiously, he extends his lily-white hand with the silver keycard and pushes it into the slot. For a brief second all is silent, then with a quiet ‘beep’ a green light appears on the console, and the heavy bay door begins opening upwards.

Heavy fog rolls out from beneath the door, spreading into a cloud at your feet. You all step backwards to avoid the fog, but it quickly sweeps over your position. The white cloud is cold, but seemingly harmless. Peering within the building reveals a dark, frosty interior that is murky and miserably cold. Apparently the entirety of the building is refrigerated!

The mist will obscure your vision to just a few feet, even with a light source. From within the warehouse, Thrakazog can discern the unmistakable scent of seafood…

What are your actions?


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9 Responses to “63 – Cold Storage”

  1. His caution somewhat reduced by the pang in his belly, Thrak takes several large breaths of the air that rolls out from the door.

    “Rock lobster,” he grins. “But this time, I think it’s the good kind. You know, the stuff that one of you said goes well with butter!”

    Flicking on his light and wielding it again with his tail, Thrak shoulders the butt of his rifle and takes the first steps across the threshold into the cold storage building. “If this place has been locked up like this, not to mention as cold as it is, I don’t see how there could be anything in here waiting to tag us, you know what I mean?”

    Still exercising caution, he swings his light back and forth, training his rifle over the arc of the beam, trying to pierce as far into the cold as he can. He flicks on his night-vision goggles as well, to see if they can penetrate the fog any better than his own, muted, sight. He wants to ensure the way is as safe as possible, but he also wants to fill his belly if he can do that here!

  2. (The cold fog interferes with Thrak’s nightvision goggles, rendering them as useless as high beams in a blizzard. Note that Cobb’s blindsight is unaffected by the mist, but it’s relatively short range.)

  3. Vash is happy at the chance for a little rest. Still, he is like everyone else, curious about the world beyond the walls. He checks on Kronic before the move down to visit the larger building. “I’ll be right back.” He was not about to abandon a member of their group, especially now he is wounded.

    He looks around as they move down the hill, glancing to the tree sized mushrooms and to any noises. Who knows what lurks out here. He steps up as they are able to open the large door and blinks in surprise at the fishy smell. “I think we found our food… hopefully.” He looks to Thrak, smiling to the large man. “After you.”

  4. (Before leaving) Cobb gets Blinky out. “So, maybe one of you guys who can speak his language ought to tell Blinky to clean up this place. Maybe putting him to work will cheer him up, and we can’t heal right in a dump.

    I’ll try to be extra careful about getting first aid supplies.”

    (At the door)
    After securely stashing the security card away Cobb warily approaches the threshold of the door, clinging tightly to his weapon just in case. HE peers into the fog ahead trying to discern any features of the interior.

    “Maybe I’m just excited, but I’m thinking this place may be untouched, unless the mongos had the right kind of key card too.” He flashes his sharp toothed grin at Soggul. “Ya hear that Soggul? Untouched!” he whispers this last with barely contained exuberance.

    Back to the task at hand, Cobb enters cautiously, wary of any mongo traps.

  5. (K: 20 feet is better than nothing. I’ll take it for the time being. 🙂 )

    Soggul half-hears Cobb’s exicited comment as he peers inside. “If we get trapped inside, it will be the death of us. If we go forward, we must be cautious.” The pike wielding mutant thinks a moment. “We could prop the door open with the spools of cable?” Soggul says this more like a question than a statement, wondering what his friends will decide to do. Feeling the cold air come out, he looks back to the group. “We will need to wrap in warm clothing if we are to go inside. The Deadcold could take our bodies even if we are in there a short while.”

  6. Sikich will grab one of the light chitin shields – he may smell like a lobster but anything to avoid being turned into lobster food like almost happened just recently.
    The first thing Sikich does is determine if there is a working keypad on the *inside* of the building. Then he checks around the door for tracks, specifically mongoliant tracks.
    If there is no keypad on the inside of the building he suggests setting a guard outside with our keycard. At least one of our group would prefer not to go inside.

  7. **ooc: Think Kronic can get a breast plate out of the chitin since he is Pint sized flaw?**

    Well, I am not around I guess as I definately need more rest time after the water ordeal, but I could possibly hide in our hide out with binoculars or one of our rifles (if it has a scope) and watch your backs perhaps? Can I see the door from somewhere I can sniper from and still rest?

    Also did we not have 2 of those “walkie talkie” thingies??? we could try and use em if we have that spare cell. I can also use the universal charger we have and see if I can charge up any power cells that need recharging while I rest?

    If things go bad and Mongo’s or some swarming stuff starts happpening… Sikich, you can hit me with some meds. Not sure what old medicine will do to me but I’d risk it if it gave me a chance to survive versus getting eatin. I ain’t goin down without no fight!

  8. With my axe ready, I peer in and try to survey the room as best as I can before stepping back. I’m definitely going to need to bundle up with something if I want to spend any real time in there. “It’s no surprise that the blasphemous ancients would create winter in a structure like this! We better bundle up, I’ve seen my share of death from the cold in the mountains.”

  9. Soggul nods at Jumrak’s comment. “I too have seen what harm the cold can do. I’ll go see what I can find.” The mutant begins to walk around, scanning the area in order find some makeshift cold protection/clothing from the surrounding area.

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