62 – Warehouse District

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(After defeating the chuul, you’ve searched the slime caves (Map Area #34) and found the remains of various creatures that the rock lobster fed upon. With no dry land to set up camp, you’ve returned to the open water and performed a quick survey of the deeper caverns. Now you’re trying to decide where to find refuge for a rest.)

(By the way, the chuul attack seems to have damaged one of the boats – the one that already had a slow leak. One of you has to continually bail while the others paddle.)

Group Discussion

Deeper Caves Map

Back in the boat, Thrakazog wants to set up a camp somewhere so the rest of the party can sit and heal up as best as possible. He’s not in the worst shape like poor Sikich or Kronic, but he’s still hurting from the trip across the rapids and would like to get some solid, dry ground under his feet again.

“There’s that small building jutting out into the water just around that near point. I say we pull the boats up there and hole up for a day or two, set guards and see if we can’t get ourselves back into some sort of fighting shape before striking out to investigate more of this dome.” (The small building just north of the train tracks by Map Area #32.)

“Once we feel up to it, I feel an urge to see what’s inside those huge buildings there!” (The downtown core.) “I’ve never seen anything that big on the surface, and there’s bound to be something we can use inside ‘em.” Thinking back to the recent fire fights with the mongoliants he also adds, “And it gets us further away from the mongos behind the wall there. I’ve had enough of them for a while now, but it’s a good reason to keep a guard up at all times. Gotta watch our backs extra careful now…”

Thrak wants to see what loot can be found here, but not at the expense of any more danger than needs to be faced.

Soggul scans the city with his eyes as the boats glide forward from the last stroke from his paddle. His Scavenger instinct kicked in, realizing there would be much to discover within the broken city before him. He wanted to see the surface badly, but the thought of discovering something new within the city combatted those thoughts to a stalemate. The three-armed mutant decided he would like the rest of his fellows choose the next course of action to take.

Sikich thinks about the layout of the caverns. He realises there is a building that would allow them a good view of the mongoliant compound as well as a fair view of much of the rest of the cavern. He still remembers the cruel treatment he received at the hands of the mongoliants and wants to be able to observe them – see if there is any weaknesses in their defenses.

With this in mind, he points towards the building on the hill (left of Map Area #32). “Good viewsss ffrom tthere. Hide boatss behind hill.”

Vash listens to both of them as he keeps an eye on both of the patients. He glances in the direction that are being pointed out. “Both are in the same general direction. We can stop at Sikich’s place first since it is by the water. If it is not a useful shelter, we can move on to Thrak’s. Plus, even if we can hold up on the hill, we can still scout out that Thrak’s building, right?”

“I’m all for regrouping and healing up before the swag hunting begins.” says Cobb. “I agree that getting to a place that provides us with a view of the mongos is a good idea, and one of those tall buildings may be more defensible.”

Soggul nods to Cobb with a smile on his face. “Swag hunting… I like that.” The three-armed mutant remembers a time when he was above ground, scouring broken cityscapes like this for forgotten treasures. It filled his heart with fond memories and gave him hope for a new life. “We shall find great things in this graveyard, my friend.”

Warehouse District

Pulling your boats out of the water, you perform an initial reconnaissance of the area. The crumbling structure atop the hill proves to be a storage building containing heavy industrial equipment. (GM rolls Perception Checks for the PCs, then some random rolls on the swag tables.) You do a thorough search and find only a few items of interest:

  • A can of red spray paint, unknown uses remaining.
  • A roll of duct tape, still in shrink-wrapped platic.
  • Thick wire cable, coiled on spools. There are dozens here, all extremely heavy.

The gaping windows afford a good view of the surrounding warehouse district, as well as the fungus farm and mongoliant fortress in the distance. The buildings of downtown also beckon, their preserved status hinting at the wealth still to be found within. You decide that this will make a fine spot to camp, and pull your boats within before exploring the adjacent regions.

Next, you move towards the building that Thrak spotted from the distance (Map Area #32). From the thinning forest of gigantic mushrooms and fungus fronds stands what appears to be a large warehouse. As you approach the enormous structure you hear a slight subsonic rumble emanating steadily from within.

It appears that by some miracle the building has remained preserved and active, continuing its functions to this day! Circling the building, you find a console located outside its large front doors (loading doors, together being big enough for a railcar to pass under). The console has a clearly labelled slot to one side.

“Keycard security access.” says Vash. “If the building’s defenses are still active, we’ll need the appropriate keycard to get in.”

Cobb rifles through his pack for a few moments, then reveals a silver-hued card: “Would something like this work?” he asks, moving towards the console.

Kronic, still bleeding from the rock lobster’s attack, quickly moves to intercept Cobb. “Rest first, then explore.” he says, wincing with pain.

Heeding Kronic’s advice, the party returns to the building atop the hill for a much-needed day of rest.

Day of Rest

You hunker down in your building and allow yourself the chance to relax. You eat sparingly from your ready-meals (very tasty wonders of pre-Fall food preservation), but realize that your stocks will not last you very long. Vash continues to tend to Kronic and Sikich once they’ve rested, using supplies from your first aid kits.

(You’re down to about 1 ready meal per 2 party members now; food’s running low again.)

(You know, you still have the medical gear you looted from the mongoliant infirmary. Anyone want to try it out?)


You watch from your hideout the events in the deeper caverns. There is very little activity from the mongoliant fortress. You occasionally catch sight of mongo soldiers patrolling the wall, but overall it appears poorly manned. You are able to catch sight of the creatures living in the ‘nest’ in the roof of the cavern. The bizarre creatures appear bat-like at first, but on closer inspection you see them to be the same as the some of the corpses in the water of the slime cave. The cat-sized creatures swarm out at various intervals and fly around the cavern in a great flock, but they avoid your little camp.

As the hours tick past, a few of the more adventurous party members perform another quick reconnaissance on foot.

To the north, overlooking the rubble stands what appears to be a huge tower, fractured and crumbling (Map Area #35). The air here is dead quiet, and tiny dust particles seem almost suspended in space as a reminder of the stillness of this forgotten place.

To the south, past the humming warehouse, you spot a scene of some carnage long ago (Map Area #33). A variety of military vehicles appear to have been ransacked and burned in the city street. Skeletons of all kinds are scattered everywhere around, as if a bloody battle took place here. The place is deathly quiet.

You’ve had a day to rest and recuperate, and now your supplies are starting to run low again.

What are your actions?


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11 Responses to “62 – Warehouse District”

  1. Thrak shrugs his large shoulders and glances wistfully at the packs with the groups dwindled food supplies. He’s feeling hungry again already, even though he’s nearly fully healed from the ordeal on the water. His big frame needs its sustenance, and he doesn’t want to wait too long to get it.

    Looking at the food supplies, he also notes the well-stocked medical supplies that Vash is tending and he begins to think out loud.

    “You know guys, that noisy building nearby has certainly gotten me curious, so I imagine we all want to check that one out first, especially since Cobb looks like he might have a key card that could work to get us in. But after that, we gotta start thinking with our bellies a little bit too. We found food and medical supplies back in the last dome, and I bet where we find one in good supply here, we find the other. I’m thinking about those big towers in the middle of the dome. From the display screen we saw back in Sogor’s room, one of them buildling had a big ‘H’ on the top. From what I remember being told about pre-Fall days, that meant serious meds. And I have to think that means food, too.”

    Thrak pauses to look around at the gathered mutants and humans. “We get ourselves with full bellies and the ability to take care of our hurts, ain’t nothing gonna hold us back,” he asserts with a firm line to his mouth and a supporting nod of his head. Subconsciously, his tail flicks in a sort of assent as well.

  2. Vash is happy like everyone else to be back on solid dry ground. He looks around the small storage building with the rest of them, chuckling at seeing the duct tape. “They use to call that the handy man’s secret weapon.” He points out.

    He follows the rest of the group to the larger warehouse, raising his eyebrows at the noise coming from inside. He scrunches up his face, rather curious. He moves immediately to Kronic, moving to help him back to the smaller building. “You definitely need rest. Perhaps we should even more than just one day.” He says with concern.

    He, himself, is glad for a little rest, getting off his feet. He keeps a watchful eye on the wounded, looking at his medical equipment to see if anyone of them would more hopeful. He digs into his pack, getting out the medical scanner, seeing if it gives more information.

    He looks back towards the others. “You think it is safe for a fire?” He asks. “It would certainly help to keep us comfortable and dry us from that water.” He looks to Cobb. “Maybe Blinky might be helpful too.”

  3. Now that I’ve had a moment to relax, I have also noticed that I’m hungry. Our dwindling reserves aren’t much for satisfying my stomach. On the surface, I would have no problem finding something, but down here in this poisoned place… “If you think that place has food, I’m in for getting it, once we’re ready to go.” The thought of fresh cooked meat can’t escape my mind. Catching a glance at the nest above: “I wonder if those flying things are safe to eat?” I ask, even if the idea of eating anything from down here is repulsive.

  4. Soggul takes a spool of wire and measures out a length of seventy-five feet. He cuts the wires and makes a loop to carry over his shoulder. “Should be sturdy enough to climb, if needed.”

    Next, he looks over to the mushroom fields and gets both curious and concerned. Mushrooms would be a good source of emergency food, but the glowing ones were certainly tainted.

    Upon mention of the batlike creatures, Soggul looks to Jumrak with a smile. “There is only one way to find out if they are safe to eat. When we get to that point, you and I should be able to hunt or trap a few.”

    The building Cobb had the key for made the three-armed mutant bristle with anticipation. How did Cobb get the key? Where did he get it from? Shrugging involuntarily, Soggul looks for an alternate means of entry to the building, in case it was needed. Perhaps through the window on a higher floor using the cable-rope he just acquired?

  5. Sikich uses the time available to talk to Soggul about fashioning him some light chitin armour from the remains of the Rock Lobster. Given the amount of abuse his current armour has withstood, it’s remarkable that it is still staying on Sikich’s bony frame.
    Sikich is also concerned about the flying creature – not so much as individual creatures, but he would hate to have to face a swarm of them, so he spends some time observing their flying patterns to see if he can determine a pattern. If he can work out their activity cycle he will make sure we leave when it is at an inactive period. (If they ever fly close he will try and determine if they are psionic in nature by scanning with his Detect Psionics perk.)
    Although Sikich has a score to settle with the mongos, he feels it is prudent to try and collect up any weapons of the ancients that are in these caves to aid us. He is interested in visiting the humming warehouse, the battle scene (maybe there will be weapons there) and then the building with the ‘H’ on it as suggested by Thrak.
    Before we go, Sikich turns to Kronic and Jumrak, both still wounded, with a Medispray in one hand and a syringe in the other. “Wwhoo wantsss ssome?”

  6. Soggul nods to Sikich. “I shall try to fashion some light pieces for you to wear. If time and materials permit, I will also make another shield for the group to use.” He hoped that he could make something useful for his friends in order to prove his continued worth to the party.

  7. (I’ll allow Soggul to modify Sikich’s armour by adding chitin plates. Give me a bit of time to decide the properties of this impromptu armour.)

    (He’ll also be able to fashion two small shields quickly from additional chitin plates. Who is interested in them?)

  8. If you want to go out and get some food I’d stay here and rest some more. Knowing my luck I’ll have to go in and fight some more wherever we end up. As tough as I am I am not ready for another shot at my title just yet…

  9. “Krooniiicc, I caan heeel yoouu, juussst hoold ssstiil” exclames Sikich, moving towards Kronic while holding an alarming array of syringes and untested medical supplies.

  10. (Metagame comment: Kronic is a near-human, so he doesn’t have to worry about medical incompatibility. Can I assume that Sikich will try to stick him with something?)

  11. Thrak sees little need for a small shield for himself. His huge frame and glowing skin need more cover than what can be provided by a little carapace, however well moulded to suit. He’ll content himself with the armaments he has at hand (and tail), and hope that something bigger and sturdier will be made available that can accommodate his size.

    With the added discussion now, Thrakazog is starting to itch to get back out and exploring.

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