60 – Rock Lobster

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(You’re under attack by a giant crustacean in the reeking slime cave (Map Area #2). Sikich, grievously injured, is currently grappled by the beast; while Cobb, Jumrak, and Kronic have also been thrown into the water when their lead boat capsized. Still in the trailing boat are Soggul, Thrakazog, and Vash, closer to the cave entrance (Map Area #1). Ahead of you (Map Area #3), the cave becomes more shallow – about hip deep (for a normal-sized humanoid). The situation is pretty chaotic and your sole light source inside this dark cave is Thrakazog’s spotlight.)

(Most of the party was caught by surprise in the initial attack; they roll for Initiative now. Initiative order is Chuul 21, Vash 19 +1 = 20, Thrak 18, Kronic 15 +2 = 17, Jumrak 16, Sikich 16 -4 = 12, Soggul 7, and Cobb 2 +2 = 4.)

Rock Lobster

Slime Caves

(The chuul gets first attack; things don’t look good for Sikich…)

Holding Sikich gingerly in its pincers, the creature transfers the struggling mutant to the writhing tentacles that emanate from its mouth. (Move equivalent action, automatically successful since Sikich is grappled. Sikich attempts a DC 19 Endurance Check; roll is 14. Sikich burns a Luck Point to retry… roll is 7.) Sikich gives a strange, hissing scream as the ooze-covered tentacles close around him. The scream is cut short as Sikich falls limp in the beast’s grasp; you’re unsure whether he’s dead or simply unconscious.

(The GM makes Luck Checks for the PCs in the water. Cobb gets 17 +3 = 20, Jumrak gets 17 +4 = 21, and Kronic rolls 13 +3 = 16. The chuul’s attacks Kronic next, who is still caught flat-footed because he hasn’t acted yet. Attack roll is 17 +12 = 29. Hit for 11 damage; Kronic is down to 3 HP! Automatic grapple check of 18 +17 = 35.)


Simultaneously, the crustacean traps Kronic in its other pincer and crushes the scrappy pit-fighter before he has a chance to react! Kronic, too, is grappled. This beast is absolutely deadly!

Vash continues to scan the interior of the cave while the large crustacean attacks. “My God, is that a… Rock Lobster?” he asks, having heard of the great song from the lore. (50 XP to Vash for the comment.) He had his rifle ready. Since his companions are grappled, he can’t be certain of a clear shot, but he fires anyways. (Attack roll is 19; a critical hit! I’m going to assume that since it’s a crit that Vash avoids hitting an ally, damage is a whopping 27 points!)

The Rock Lobster shudders and convulses for a moment as Vash burns a hole through part of its brain. Apparently it was a part that the creature didn’t need, however, as it isn’t killed by the blast (though it is very badly wounded now)! Working quickly, Vash slings his rifle and leaps out of the boat, swimming towards the wounded Sikich. His plan is to drag him somewhere safe and solid so he can treat him – if he can get his ally away from the beast!

Assuming a wide-legged stance in his boat (at least, as much of one as the width of the boat will allow), Thrak steadies his tail to highlight the chuul in his flashlight’s beam and jams the but of his rifle into his left shoulder as he sights down the barrel to take another burst shot at the offensively reeking beast (GM rolls for wet ammo and gets 41%. Attack continues on a roll of 7 +2 = 9), but he is over-cautious in trying to avoid his allies and misses.

Kronic takes a deep breath and tries to avoid passing out from blood loss. Caught in the beast’s pincer, Kronic’s memories swim back to his years of pit fighting in close quarters… “Claw vs. claw to help get away.” he thinks as he rends at the lobster thing. (Full Attack; two swipes for 11 +7 = 18 and 13 +7 = 20 on the rolls. Two hits; damage is 7 +3 = 10 and 6 +3 = 9!)

The chuul was bringing Kronic toward its tentacles when Vash’s laser shot distracted it. Hanging only a few feet from the creature’s maw, Kronic plunges his deadly claws into a weak spot in its carapace and shreds. The Rock Lobster suddenly goes limp, and its vice-like grip is released!

(Sikich, too, is let go. Vash grabs him as soon as it is safe to do so and is relieved to find that he is still alive.)

The chuul’s now dead body starts to sink slowly into the water…

(Frikkin awesome; three critical hits against the chuul and no party deaths! I thought that Sikich was a goner for sure. 600 XP apiece for the kill.)


Cobb, already in the water, assists Kronic to the shallows – all the while terrified that another monster may be reaching for him in the murky water. Once he’s taken care of Kronic, he quickly ensures that he didn’t lose his pack in the water (worried about Blinky!) and readies an attack in case any more of these creatures appear. (None of Cobb’s items are missing.)

Vash pulls Sikich to the shallows and immediately administers First Aid (3 HP healed and Sikich regains consciousness). The other party members move forward to the shallows as well (Map Area #3), defending the healer as he tends his patient and wary for any more attacks. (GM rolls occasional Perception Checks.)

“I’m… I’m alllive?” asks the lanky reptile as his eyes flutter open. “I wasss going to go lllimp; pretend to bee unconsscious.”

“You were unconscious due to paralytic poison from the Rock Lobster.” responds Vash. “Luckily its anaesthetic qualities prevented additional damage from shock. You’ll live.”

Next, Vash tends to Kronic’s wounds (4 HP healed). “Should I try out any of these meds?” asks Vash, eager to test the medical relics on a willing guinea pig.

“Horrid monster! To the shore!” Soggul pushes off the creature’s corpse with his long weapon, using it to push the boat towards the shallows. Sweat began to pour from beneath the three-armed man’s armor as his lungs labored hard from being on the verge of panic.

Once Thrak is certain that Kronic is okay, he repeats the clawed enforcer’s words: “Get your gear together,’ he says…‘This cave better lead to somewhere,’ he says.” The sarcastic tone in his voice is more a product of suppressed fear than any real enmity toward Kronic.

Cobb and Jumrak dump as much water out of the capsized boat as possible to make it seaworthy again. It’s starting to get pretty beat up, given the whitewater rapids and lobster-related damage, but still floats.

Panic slowly recedes as it appears that you will live another day after all. There is no indication of any further Rock Lobsters in the vicinity, though there are still dark and unexplored corners in the slime cave.

What are your actions?


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10 Responses to “60 – Rock Lobster”

  1. “Well, I guess it can’t get any more dangerous in here than that,” Thrakazog mutters. “May as well see how much farther into this cave these shallow waters will let us go.”

    With Vash tending to Sikich and Kronic, Thrak suggests that Cobb and Jumrak accompany him on foot through the shallows to see what else lies in the cave. “But first,” he adds, “I need to see to my weapon.” He intends to dry out the rounds in his rifle’s clip and ensure that the barrel is also free of obstructions and excess moisture. Then he wants to see what’s around the bend.

    With his light clenched in his tail, he stalks cautiously through the shallows, keeping an eye both on the depths of the cave as well as the water at his feet.

  2. Soggul gets an idea. The creature’s shell was hard and may provide good protection for the group. He disrobes in front of the group and leaves his gear in the boat. “I will be back in a moment.” Grabbing his dagger, Soggul dives under the water to try and remove some of the creature’s shell. He stayed clear of the pincers, worried about the poison they might contain.

    (OOC: Lightweight, durable. Should be good for most of the group here. Hopefully we can prevent further damage to the group. Besides, gives me a hobby to work on in the future. Soggul’s Store: Hides, Smithing and Taxidermy. 😛 )

  3. (That should work, given some time and tools. Chitin armour is considered a medium armour (see the Basic Equipment List), but you could also craft ‘light chitin’ or a ‘chitin shield’.)

  4. (Whatever can help the group out, I’ll try my hand at. 🙂 )

    After several minutes underwater, Soggul comes up with a shellful of smelly meat. “We should make camp soon. Anyone care to try and cook?” The mutant gives a smile as he drops the meat and shell into in the boat and heads back into the water. Swimming gave Soggul some calm as the past few days have brought on so many wild swings of emotions. It was a bit of peace that was to be treasured for however long it could last.

  5. Vash continues to tend to the wounded members of the party. “Hmm, perhaps you can rest in the boats? You’ll be out of the water, plus we can make you more comfortable.” He says before looking at his new experimental medicines. He rubs his hands together. Someday…Someday. He looks to Soggul. “I have read once that Lobster meat is delicious with butter.” He looks to the other concerned party members, taking a paddle and poking at the surrounding water. “If you use the paddles, we can make sure that there are no more Rock Lobsters lurking?”

  6. Sikich is absolutely shattered after the trip down the rapids and his near death experience at the hands of the Rock Lobster. Lying there, he considers how much food it much take to feed a creature this size, so although it will be a grizzly task for someone he figures we may be able to find out what other creatures live in the second dome by examining any remains so he suggests, “Crreaturre feedss much… lllook for bodiess.” He also considers the value of using this creatures lair as a place to rest, reasoning out loud that, “Sshoulld be sssafe… no oother creatures ssillly enough tooo come herre.” At that he slumps back, exhausted.

  7. As requested by Sikich, the three-armed mutant searches for any other bodies down in the water on his next dive.

  8. (I’ll cover the details of what Soggul finds underwater in my next post. Don’t worry – it’s nothing fatal.)

  9. (Hopefully it pays to have a natural swimmer in the group. 🙂 )

  10. After that harrowing experience, I tend to agree that a survey of the area is needed. We don’t want any surprises, especially when the group is beat up. “Let’s take a look around…” or in my case, a listen and feel. “Once we’ve established that we have some level of safety, we can make camp.”

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