58 – The Slime Cave

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(After a rather exciting whitewater rafting experience, you’ve managed to breach the Second Dome. All of you are a little bruised and battered; Kronic and Thrakazog are drenched after a little swim in the lake. Following your original plan, your two little boats have approached a half-submerged cave along the wall of the cavern (Map Area #34). Thrakazog has noted a terrible stench emanating form within.)

(Before we continue, though, let’s wrap up your farewell to the Freemen…)

Freemen Flashback

Deeper Caves Map

(The following events occured before your departure from the upper caverns.)

With pride, Soggul offers each of the Free his hand. “Be safe on the road ahead of you. I look forward to seeing each of you again on the surface.” After the shaking the hands of each, Soggul bows to them. Watching them walk away, a joy finds its way into the mutant’s heart. This is a good day.

Before they leave, Vash does give the Freeman a look over to make sure that none of them were injured or harmed. Since they had found so much medical supplies and he can’t certainly carry them all, he does leave some of the supplies with the Freeman. At least it will help on that difficult road ahead.

(The surviving Freemen are in pretty good shape. You share some of your general medical supplies with the Freemen before they leave. You keep any of the more unusual drugs – there’s no way to be sure they wouldn’t have a reaction to the Ancient medicines. 50 XP to Vash.)

At the mention of scavenging the Lost City as needed, Cobb winces, thinking of the plunder he may miss out on, but he knows he’s better off traveling with his comrades than the Free.

Soggul tells the location of the room with the boxes of ammo, in case they can find weapons. He also offers his pistol to any of the Free who choose to take it.

(That’s unusually trusting and generous, but in-character for Soggul. 150 XP for the sacrifice.)

The Freemen are awed by your offer, and the jaws of several of your party members drop as well. One of the Freemen steps forward, a small mutant named Haines. “I am a fair shot, and will defend the lives of my allies.” he says. Soggul hands over his Beretta pistol before the other party members can interfere (Cobb and Kronic, in particular, are literally stunned by Soggul’s action).

Hex steps forward to speak for the Freemen again. “We owe you all a great boon, our saviours from the mongoliant menace.” Turning to their generous three-armed benefactor, he continues: “Should we escape to the surface, I swear to spread word of your heroism, Soggul.”

The ammo storage room is locked with Cobb’s key, so you escort the Freemen who take a share of the 9mm ammo for the handgun, then lock it up again afterwards. (Several PCs grumble at the loss of the supplies to the party, but do not interfere; there is a whole lot of ammo, after all.)

The Slime Cave

(And now back to current events…)

Climbing back into the boat, Kronic mutters: “Well that was fun… lets avoid that next time!” He then checks his gear to see what he is missing or retained, smiling that his pistol appears undamaged. (All Kronic’s major equipment is intact, though wet. The pistol’s still there) Looking around, Kronic suggests that you consider other options other than a stinky cave. “Surely we can just avoid it and find a place to rest and dry out first!” he says.

(Strange luminous fungus grows on the land directly across from the cave (Map Area #27). Further into the Second Dome, you see some areas that are free of fungus.)

Battered and annoyed, Thrak likewise makes a quick pat of his possessions to see what of value has been washed away in the torrent. He’s especially concerned about the rifle at the moment. (Your weapons look intact – though also wet. You’ve lost a few minor items, but again nothing too significant.)

Smelling the pungent stench that’s emanating from the cavern, he warns the rest of the group in the boats to pull to shore first before proceeding. “Heave to the shore and get your weapons out, lads,” Thrak starts out loudly. “There’s something foul in the air here… and strong.”

(There is no obvious ‘shoreline’ at the mouth of the cave; there’s enough room for your boats to enter, though. You’ll have go inside to search for some ‘dry land’.)

Slime Caves

Thrakazog then pulls out the high-powered flashlight with his tail and whips the beam into the ominous darkness of the cavern (see map, at right). As he sighs with relief once his hands retrieve his soggy AKM rifle, he ensures the auto fire mode is set to burst and trains the muzzle into the cavern, tracing the same path as the beam of his flashlight.

“Hope the bullets still fire all right if they’re wet,” he mutters to himself. “My face will be the first thing to find out…”

Soggul helps to bring the boats ashore and looks around at the cavern. Feeling the world tighten around him again, the three-armed pike-wielder shrinks a bit. Fighting back the fear to the best of his ability, he tries to steady himself. “What does it smell like?” Soggul didn’t smell anything, but Thrak seemed to have a better-than-average nose. The former slave readied his pike, pistol and shield and moved to the entrance to the cave. Feeling the fear come more intensely, a shudder runs through his body and he hides himself behind his large riot shield.

(The caves will again trigger Soggul’s phobia. Looks like he’s getting into a lot of tight places today.)

“I can’t quite place the smell.” says Thrak. “It reminds me of something from my childhood…”

Vash helps with his oar as you move towards the cave. At the first sign of warning, he reaches for his laser rifle. He pauses before squints at the weapon, perhaps there is a light source on it.

(No light source on Vash’s laser, but with Thrak’s spotlight out now you can see the cave better.)

The entrance leading into the caves (Map Area #1) is about 15 feet wide and flooded about halfway with cold dark water from the underground river. It will thus be possible to navigate your small craft inside without fear of striking the walls or ceiling.

Cobb brandishes his weapon and sniffs at the air trying to smell whatever it is that Thrak smells. “What is it Thrak? Mongos?” He’s wary but tries to peer ahead into the darkness and make some sort of judgement about his bearings from the rough and tumble trip.

“It’s definitely not mongoliant stink; this is something else.” responds Thrakazog. “Perhaps the cave is the lair of some beast?”

You can all smell it now; not mongoliants, not sewers, but definitely very organic.

You cautiously bring your boats further into the cave (Map Area #2). This large natural cave has a ceiling about 20 ft above the waterline; the water itself is about deep. An awful smell drifts into the chamber from deeper in the cave system. The floor of the cave (underwater) is littered with the digested bones of various creatures; mostly mutant beasts strange to you, but you spot the bones of a Mongoliant or two.

Strange green slime coats the wall in places. Ahead the cave becomes much shallower – too shallow for your boats (Map Area #3). Other than the distant waterfalls and the sound of your own movement, the cave is quiet.

Thrakazog snaps his fingers suddenly. “Lobster.” he says. “It smells like rotten lobster.”

What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “58 – The Slime Cave”

  1. Cobb looks sidelong at Thrak. “What the hell is a lobster?” Undaunted, he stalks forward, listening intently and scanning the ground for more traps, or prints of any kind showing what may have come through here.

  2. “I’ve got a bad feelng about this,” Thrakazog mutters loudly enough to be heard. “There’s chewed-up beasties under the water here, the stink of someting awful that leads me to believe it could be alive, and nothing that remotely resembles a defensible position. I say we get outta here.”

    Thrak is really quite nervous at this point. Having just taken a tumble from the boat going through the rapid, injuring his body and his pride in doing so, he’s very hesitant to snoop further into the cave with nothing but the rocking boats to serve as transportation and potential defense. He wants solid ground under his feet if anything nasty happens!

    He adds, “Let’s get back across to the other side, park these boats, get some ground under our feet and decide then what to do.” Thinking back to the video feed of the second dome, he suggests the small building (map area #32) just north of the glowing fungus.

    If the rest of the crew insists on going forward in the cave, Thrak will go along with them, but he certainly voices his preference to get back out. “Probably a good plan, eh Soggul?” he says, knowing the mutants aversion to closed spaces.

  3. Soggul responds to Cobb, but doesn’t look at him as he is constantly looking around for danger. “Before my time in the holes, when I was on the surface, we called them Red Klackers. I used to swim down and gather them to eat.” The mutant’s head jerks ahead, thinking he heard something. “In my travels, I-I met many people. Some d-did not know how to get f-food properly.” The good memories coming back were getting washed away by the increasing panic coming on. His breathing gets heavier and heavier as the group moves deeper in the cave. “Friends… I long for the s-surface. Let us p-put an end to this q-quickly.”

  4. Looking to Thrak, Soggul smiles. “Yes, a very good one.” He nods rapidly before his head swings wildly behind the group in paranoia.

  5. Alright get all your gear together… this cave better lead to somewhere! Lets get out of the boats and drag them with us empty, Thrak and I will be at the front, Soggul you take the rear. the rest push the boats and stay in the middle. Keep the boats to the outside so you have a bit of a barricade betweem yourselves and… well whatever is in here. I hope this pistol still works wet if we need it.

    What do you all think?

  6. Well I’ll pull a boat too of course! but lets drag them with us just in case… maybe they will afford us some cover. Or maybe we will need them on the other side??

  7. (Note that you haven’t found dry ground yet in the cave, the water just gets shallower up ahead.)

    (You’re already concealed from outside observers in your current location in the cave.)

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