54 – The Black Tunnel

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(Your group has broken into Sogor’s inner sanctum (Map Areas #19 and #20). Loot abounds, and you spend some time to enjoy the spoils. Of note here is also a video display that depicts another separate city area, heretofore unknown to your group.)

(There’s still no sign of any mongoliants; Mraag and his men must have retreated down the tunnel (past Map Area #23).)

Stocking Up

Beneath the Stadium

“Well boys,” Thrak says with a grin, “let’s stock up!” Unable to tell at a glance whether either sort of bullet will accommodate his own automatic rifle or sub-machinegun, he samples each to see if he can re-stock either or both of his projectile weapons.

(Thrak’s AKM rifle takes 7.62mmR rounds, his Ruger SMG takes 9mm rounds, Soggul’s Beretta handgun takes 9mm rounds, and Sikich’s GSh-18 pistol can accept 9mm rounds.)

Cobb looks around the room in dismay. “I was sort of hoping to trade in the old spear for something with a little more bang, but it looks like they kept the guns somewhere else. Lots of ammo though. Hey Vash, what sort of ammo is the most common here? Just on the off chance that I come across a gun I’d like to have some.”

(Not much ammo has survived intact to the present era. 9mm is relatively common. The 7.62mmR is an odd round; it was used by the forces of the Great Enemy in the wars before the Fall. There’s enough here of both types to keep you supplied for quite some time. Where did the mongoliants manage to find such a trove?)

(Note that Cobb’s spear was destroyed when the cyborg parried it with his chainsword.)

Looking at his plethora of firearms, Thrak comments: “Uh, Cobb, I didn’t think too hard about… what do you call it… the equitable distribution of fire arms among our little party here. Sorry about that. Here.” And with that, Thrak hands over the fully loaded Ruger MP-9 SMG. “As you can see, there’s plenty of ammo for it here now!”

Thrakazog sticks to stocking up on 7.62 mmR rounds for his rifle, sort of glad that he doesn’t have to concern himself with two different guns at hand. And still feeling a little sheepish about not thinking about the other party members.

Drawn to items that could possibly enhance sight in any way, Thrakazog grabs up the goggles and begins an immediate investigation, going so far as to try them on without too much care for caution. Curiosity gets the better of him in this instance.

(Intellect check is 18 +7 = 25 for Thrak. He tries on the goggles and finds that he can see clearly throughout the room – even the portions in shadow. They’re nightvision goggles, and provide the equivalent of darkvision to the wearer.)

Looking at the silvery armour, Thrak comments: “Somebody be sure to make the best use of that armour there, eh? If it was stashed here with Sogor, you’d better bet that’s some sweet loot. Way too small for the likes of me.

Cobb responds: “I have this force-belt-thingy, but if you guys don’t want the armor I’m sure I can put it to use.”

(Cobb tries on the shiny armour, but it’s too cumbersome to be of much use (medium armour, and Cobb’s non-proficient). Who else wants it? It’s of Ancient manufacture, which is unusual because metal armour of this style from before the Fall is almost unheard of.)

Another thing he wants to check for is sunlight. With a possible exit somewhere ahead he’ll be on the lookout for garments to cover his sensitive skin from the sun.

(The camo fatigues will do a better job at blocking light than Cobb’s current rainment. He’ll outfit himself in the clothing in preparation for the cruel light of the surface world.)

Soggul looks around in wonder. Maybe some things could be of use in here. The three-armed mutant uses his Scav eyes to see if he could find anything that was not immediately obvious. Cobb scans the room as well for anything useful and unnoticed.

(GM rolls a Perception check for Soggul; 7 +1 = 8. Cobb gets a 3 +5 = 8. The tools scattered here would constitute an electronic toolkit. Other than that, you don’t spot anything else that may be useful.)

Vash walks through the chamber slowly, examining the interior. He walks over to the books, taking them to see what kind of shape they are in. He looks to the medical and surgical text. “These can help me a lot in treating people.” He glances to the others. “Do you mind?” He asks. He pauses and looks to the video screens. “They had controlled all of that? That’s almost a city onto itself. We should be careful if we head out. We don’t know how many are out there.”

(Many of the medical texts delve into the lost science of cybernetics. The books are worth a fortune to the right buyer! Alternately, given enough time to study them, Vash may be able to learn perform such surgeries himself.)

(Vash also tries to decipher the mysterious metal device. Intellect check is 2 +10 = 12; not good enough. Vash figures it’s some sort of scanner, but can’t tell anything else.)

After the others have delved into the hoard and had their say, Thrak suggests leaving the bulk of the ammunition here behind the locked door, and the group can return to re-stock if the need arises before the surface is eventually reached. Given the battering the door has already withstood, it seems the safest place to store a valuable munition dump like this.

(Between the group, you’ll be able to carry enough ammo on you that I won’t be bothering to track bullets for quite some time.)

Meanwhile, Jumrak looks upon the chamber in disgust. “This Dark Lord desecrated the place and infected it with his evil.” he thinks. Horrified at his allies’ enthusiasm for acquiring more of the Ancients’ tainted gadgets, Jumrak refuses to enter. Instead, he will keep his eyes and ears on the passages around this area…


While everyone is busy stocking up on ammo, Thrak asks the room of party members about the possibility of plugging our little “robot” into some of the electronics that Sogor left lying around to find out what the heck the annoying little light-box thingie actually does. “Now that I think about it, is there anything here or in the med room that would help us find out what that little robot thingie does that we picked up a while back? Where the hell is that, anyway?”

Upon mention of the little robot, Cobb perks up. “You mean Blinky? I have him right here.” He brings forth the little bot and hands him to Thrak. “I tried to figure him out, but I’m not really sure what he does. I hope it’s something useful.”

Thrak takes “Blinky” from Cobb with a note of thanks and turns to the little robot in his hands and contemplates how best to find out what it does. He casts a pleading glance around at the rest of the crew, hoping that somebody with more Tech background can lend a hand.

(Vash is the best suited to tinkering with Ancient robots. He searches the workshop for appropriate tools and begins to work on Blinky… Intellect check is 11 +10 = 21. Pretty good; 50 XP.)

“Now, let’s see if we can’t figure out what you are, my little friend. And where you come from.”

Vash finds a sonic screwdriver and manages to remove the panel on the bottom of the robot. Upon inspecting the innards, he realizes that the blinking light is associated with the device’s power cell. “Low power indicator? I think it’s out of juice.” says the tech shaman. “I might be able to rig up something with our e-clip recharger.” Vash then notices some tiny print on the back of the panel that he has removed to open up the robot. “Sikich – translate this!”

Sikich examines the words. “Sani-bot, Build 10:29:17. Warranty void if seal broken.” It looks like Vash broke the seal when he opened up the robot.

(You can try to recharge the little guy before moving on, if you wish.)

The Deeper Caves

Deeper Caves Map

While Vash is tinkering, Thrakazog looks at the display screen showing a different sort of underground community of sorts. He supposes that there is where the remaining mongos must have fled, assuming the as-yet unexplored tunnel leads there, and Sogor had the display set up to keep an eye on the activity of whoever (or whatever) calls that place home.

Cobb also spends some time watching the monitor to see if he can recognize any of the structures or signs on the structures as the kinds of buildings he has had luck scavenging in the past (just general architectural commonalities).

(You spend time examining the video feed from the Deeper Caves. The fields of glowing fungus are obviously a post-Fall feature, obscuring whatever structures once existed in the area. You recognize luxury apartments and office towers (Map Areas #37 and #38). There’s a hospital (Map Area #43). The barge is unusual, to say the least (Map Area #41). And there’s a very large building in much better shape than the others (Map Areas #47/48); its purpose is unclear.)

(Occasionally you see leathery-winged creatures flit across your field of vision on the monitor. Not bats, but you’re not sure what they are. The rest of the ruins appear relatively calm at the moment, though it’s really too dark to tell much detail.)

The Black Tunnel

“And so,” Thrak utters, “have we agreed that we want to keep going in this subterranean environment, or does the surface call too loudly now? Me, I’m fine to keep at it under here for a while yet, and who knows what else awaits us on the other side of the tunnel to that big place on the screen, there.” He pauses briefly. “Perhaps the way up to the surface is that way.”

Returning to the black tunnel (Map Area #23), you examine the chamber again. It appears that the mongoliants have performed manual excavations of this chamber, using metal braces to shore up the ceiling to provide a clear passage beyond. The crude passageway extends into darkness beyond the range of Thrak’s flashlight (and also his nightvision goggles).

Emboldened by your successes thus far, you decide to venture onward.

(The GM rolls Scav Scan checks for Cobb and Soggul… Cobb gets 4 +5 = 9, while Soggul rolls 16 +1 -2 = 15; 50 XP to Soggul.)

Soggul, shaken from his claustrophobia, takes a few extra seconds to examine his surroundings before continuing onwards. He notices something that the others have missed… In the debris scattered along the corridor is a cunningly concealed wire. It runs as far as you can see forward into the distance, and at points is attached to a putty-like substance.

“Wait, friends… What is that?” he asks.

You pause for a closer look, puzzled. (GM rolls Intellect checks, in secret.)

Vash recognizes it. “Plastic explosives.” he says with dread. “This tunnel is booby-trapped.”

What are your actions?


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5 Responses to “54 – The Black Tunnel”

  1. Cobb freezes in place and cautiously looks around to see if there are any more about to be bumped into. “Damn! Good catch Soggul! Vash, can you tell if it’s been recently set? Any dust bunnies or anything on the wire? Cause if the mongos didn’t set it for us, then they could have been trying to keep something else inside the city. That would mean another entrance too.”

  2. At the sound of ‘booby trap’, Thrakazog freezes in place and looks around a little nervously. He will wait for somebody else to take care of whatever wire is hanging about that he can’t see. Either to snip it or mark it so that it can be stepped over. The thought of the surface, all of a sudden, seems momentarily a whole lot more appealing.

    Distracted by the unexpected emergency, he asks Vash if he plugged Blinky into the e-clip recharger and what, if anything, it did. “And what the hell’s a sani-bot, anyway?” he murmurs out loud. “Perhaps Vash and I can take a few more minutes to check out the robot, Cobb and Soggul – our more attentive members – can look about for a potential hidden tunnel or something, and we can decide whether to step over that trip wire or cut it or something. And once we get out of this tunnel: doubly cautious, eh?”

  3. (The trap appears recently laid, and Thrak can still smell the stink of mongoliants here. You suspect that you’re the intended victims.)

  4. (Just a note, Soggul would try on the armor found in the chamber to see if it was a good fit for his mode of combat. Think like Spartans in 300. Very mobile, shield and spear combo. Also, if can remove pieces of it to make it more mobile, he would be very open to that.)

    Soggul nods in response to his fellows kind words. He re-grips his weapon over and over again as the confined spaces of the dark tunnel tests his will. “I will help look for other traps a-ahead, but my ears do not serve me well.” The three-armed mutant looks almost ashamed of his hearing impairment as he speaks of it.

    Soggul will also offer what aid he can in regards to disabling or circumventing the trap. He desperately wants to kill the remaining mongoliants in an attempt to free himself from the painful memories in his head.

  5. “What if we send that, what was it called? A Sanibot? What if we send that thing in? Can it move? If we let it spring the trap, we can wait here and ambush whoever comes back to check it out!” I can’t help thinking that the armour that the crew found in Sogor’s chamber might be better than what I’ve got on – I’m already wearing tainted gear, would it be so bad to switch it up? This armour has served me well, although perhaps the curse is slow in its effect.

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