53 – Sogor’s Hoard

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(You’ve defeated the cybernetic monstrosity that you found in the infirmary (Map Area #16) and have looted the medical supplies from within. Soggul returned to the group after the battle ended, so you’re all reunited.)

(A heavy steel door (locked) blocks access to the last unexplored chambers beneath the stadium (Map Areas #19 and #20). There’s still no sign of any mongoliants; Mraag and his men must have retreated down the tunnel (past Map Area #23).)

The Infirmary

Beneath the Stadium

Thrak sheaths his fullblade and swings his light around the room in a sweeping arc. The revealed cache of medical “treasure” comes as a relief to the big mutant, especially in light of Jumrak’s injuries at the blades of the freakish cyborg. He suggests that the two first-aid kits go to different party members, and that the other things like ’stimshots’ be investigated further.

(I’ll split the gear between Vash and Sikich, who both have some medical training. Each will take a first aid kit and a selection of the other loot.)

“Does anyone know what any of this other stuff actually does?” Thrak mumbles. He refuses to take any of the medical stuff for himself, and unless the surgical tools can be used as impromptu weapons, he doesn’t see much use for them. And as for the cybernetic implants, Thrak is repulsed by even the thought of any sort of marriage between flesh and metal, preferring the quick and deadly courtship his fullblade pays when wielded. Most of the items here are of no immediate use to him.

“Actually,” Thrak says mostly to himself, “I could hide a scalpel or something down a boot or tied to my leg for emergencies.” And he sets about doing just that. “Now then,” he announces after standing back upright, “who wants the honour of going first into Sogor’s room across the hall here?”

(Done; Thrak takes an emergency knife.)

Kronic helps load up all the swag, and nods to Thrak “Looks like you and I are still in the best shape here in case there is a threat… We probably should go in first maybe?”

Kronic also gives Soggul a pat on the back as he goes by too. “We’ll get these monsters sorted out for this sort of thing, those slavers too… We’ll get em.”

Soggul remains completely silent, still shaking. If he had not been freed, would he have ended up like the monster lying lifeless on the ground? The thought keeps Soggul occupied while the rest do their looting.

Vash sighs out in relief now that the cyborg is defeated. He looks at the medical supplies and just blinks in surprise. “Oh my… Jackpot!” He says. He steps up, stepping up to help restock their supplies. He looks to scanner. “May I?” He asks, looking around. “I can look around and see what supplies we absolutely need?”

Once he’s restocked his medical gear, Vash looks around at everyone. “Are you okay? Is anyone hurt?” He asks.

(I assume you will stick with the meds that you know are safe. Vash and Sikich use their first aid kits to treat his injured allies, ‘Taking 10’ on the Treat Injury checks. Kronic, Soggul, and Jumrak all regain some Hit Points; Vash and Sikich get 10 XP each.)

Cobb looks a little relieved as he stands up next to the corpse. He was a bit concerned about actually being able to strangle that thing.

With the threat gone and Thrak’s flashlight illuminating the treasure hoard, Cobb lets out a low whistle. “Wow. This stuff is worth a fortune. Those mongos didn’t know what they were sitting on. It will definitely come in handy.”

(Cobb does a Scav Scan in the event that the initial survey of the room by the group didn’t uncover anything too obvious. GM rolls a Perception check in secret; Cobb doesn’t turn up any new gear. Looks like you’ve got everything.)

At the mention of Sogor’s chamber Cobb’s eyes light up and he turns his head in Thrak’s direction and he smiles. “Exciting isn’t it? After all this time, we get to go into that room. Even Mraag couldn’t get in there apparently, and someone wanted in BAAADDD.” Cobb clenches his fists and holds them to his chest in gleeful enthusiasm.

Kronic’s logical words bring him back to reality however. “You have a point Kronic. How about if I open the door and you guys go in first?” Cobb can’t bear the thought of not being a part of opening that door!

Sogor’s Hoard

You cross the hallway, and Cobb finally has the chance to try the key he swiped from Sogor’s corpse (50 XP to him for keeping it safe). To everyone’s relief, there is a loud ‘click’ as Cobb turns the key in the lock. The heavy steel door (which had resisted Mraag’s protracted attempts at entry) stands unlocked before you! It’s difficult to remain cautious – but you manage to keep your head and control your excitement.

Kronic and Thrak lead the way, entering the small room beyond the doorway (Map Area #19). This old chamber is is currently being used as a munitions stockpile. Within are kept two crates of 7.62mmR ammo (about 400 rounds total) and two crates of 50 fully loaded boxes of 9mm submachinegun ammo (thousands of rounds!). A canvas curtain separates this antechamber from Sogor’s personal quarters, beyond. Flickering light filters through the fabric.

Carefully pushing aside the curtain, you peer inside. This inner chamber (Map Area #20, the Stadium power control center in pre-Fall times) was taken over by the self-styled ’emperor’ of the mongoliants, Lord Sogor, a particularly intelligent specimen – who was also quite psychotic. Although the warlord of the mongoliants dwelt here alone, his chamber is a sty of its own caliber. Trash and bits of electronics lay scattered about the chamber in various states of cunning reverse engineering (apparently the Lord has an interest in learning the secrets of the Ancients).

Deeper Caves Map

Old computer consoles (some still functional) adorn the walls, their glowing displays illuminating the chief’s collection of badly-soiled books (a quick survey reveals Sun Tzu’s Art of War, an ancient history of Alexander the Great, an in-depth biography of Clausewitz, medical and surgical texts, etc.). One of the screens displays what appears to be live video feed of a ruined underground cityscape that’s different from the portions of the Lost City that you’ve explored thus far (see map at right)!

On a bench is a piece of equipment laid out for further examination. It is a hand-held metal device, festooned with buttons and featuring a prominent display screen on its topside. The mysterious artifact is somewhat scuffed, and any writing that was once on its surface has worn off. Searching the room further, you also find a camouflage fatigues (normal-sized, with web belt), Ancient armour made from some sort of white metal (again, sized for a normal human), a set of goggles (purpose unknown), and another six e-clips.

It is obvious that Sogor was in fact the brains behind the entire mongoliant community, and his death will likely bring an end to their technological dominance over the Lost City. Without this unusually intelligent master, it is almost certain the mongoliants will break apart as a result of internal struggle.

What are your actions?


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9 Responses to “53 – Sogor’s Hoard”

  1. “Well boys,” Thrak says with a grin, “let’s stock up!”

    Unable to tell at a glance whether either sort of bullet will accommodate his own Ruger revolver or the AKM machine gun, he samples each to see if he can re-stock either or both of his projectile weapons.

    After, looking at the display screen showing a different sort of underground community of sorts, Thrak supposes that there is where the remaining mongos must have fled, assuming the as-yet unexplored tunnel leads there, and Sogor had the display set up to keep an eye on the activity of whoever (or whatever) calls that place home.

    Drawn to items that could possibly enhance sight in any way, Thrakazog grabs up the goggles and begins an immediate investigation, going so far as to try them on without too much care for caution. Curiosity gets the better of him in this instance.

    After the others have delved into the hoard and had their say, Thrak suggests leaving the bulk of the ammunition here behind the locked door, and the group can return to re-stock if the need arises before the surface is eventually reached. Given the battering the door has already withstood, it seems the safest place to store a valuable munition dump like this.

    “And so,” Thrak utters, “have we agreed that we want to keep going in this subterranean environment, or does the surface call too loudly now? Me, I’m fine to keep at it under here for a while yet, and who knows what else awaits us on the other side of the tunnel to that big place on the screen, there.” He pauses briefly. “Perhaps the way up to the surface is that way.”

    Thrakazog thinks again. “Now that I think about it, is there anything here or in the med room that would help us find out what that little robot thingie does that we picked up a while back? Where the hell is that, anyway?”

  2. Using the electronic gear right here in Sogor’s ‘workshop’ might give you a chance to reveal the robot’s true function…

    (OoC: I’ve added more information about your firearms to the character sheets. Thrak’s AKM rifle takes 7.62mmR rounds, his Ruger SMG takes 9mm rounds, Soggul’s Beretta handgun takes 9mm rounds, and Sikich’s GSh-18 pistol can accept 9mm rounds.)

  3. Soggul looks around in wonder. Maybe some things could be of use in here. The three-armed mutant uses his Scav eyes to see if he could find anything that was not immediately obvious.

  4. I look upon the chamber in disgust. This dark lord desecrated the place and infected it with his evil. I cannot enter, and am horrified at my allies’ enthusiasm for acquiring more of the ancients’ tainted gadgets. I will keep my eyes and ears on the passages around this area.

  5. While Thrak gets busy thumbing rounds into both his automatic weapons, he asks the room of party members about the possibility of plugging our little “robot” into some of the electonics that Sogor left lying around to find out what the heck the annoying little light-box thingie actually does.

    Once his clips are full, Thrak flicks his AKM to burst mode and the Ruger to single shot. He then looks for the best way to carry as much ammo as is reasonable along with him.

    (OoC: since the 9 mm come in their own boxes, Thrak will take one or two boxes – whatever can fit reasonably in his satchel. If the 7.62 mmR rounds are just loose in their crates, then he’ll grab something from the med room to hold his spare rounds. Again, whatever size or amount are reasonable to be seen toting around.)

    “Somebody be sure to make the best use of that armour there, eh? If it was stashed here with Sogor, you’d better bet that’s some sweet loot. Way too small for the likes of me. Now where the hell’s that robot thing?”

  6. Vash walks through the chamber slowly, examining the interior. He walks over to the books, taking them to see what kind of shape they are in. He looks to the medical and surgical text. “These can help me a lot in treating people.” He glances to the others. “Do you mind?” He asks. He pauses and looks to the video screens. “They had controlled all of that? That’s almost a city onto itself. We should be careful if we head out. We don’t know how many are out there.”

  7. While Scav scanning, Soggul looks for a knapsack or satchel and loads it up with ammo. He figures he may as well carry extra for other members of the group.

  8. Cobb scans the room as well for anything useful and unnoticed. Upon mention of the little robot he perks up. “You mean Blinky? I have him right here.” He brings forth the little bot and hands him to Thrak. “I tried to figure him out, but I’m not really sure what he does. I hope it’s something useful.”

    Cobb looks around the room in dismay. “I was sort of hoping to trade in the old spear for something with a little more bang, but it looks like they kept the guns somewhere else. Lots of ammo though. Hey Vash, what sort of ammo is the most common here? Just on the off chance that I come across a gun I’d like to have some.”

    Cobb also spends some time watching the monitor to see if he can recognize any of the structures or signs on the structures as the kinds of buildings he has had luck scavenging in the past (just general architectural commonalities). Another thing he wants to check for is sunlight. With a possible exit somewhere ahead he’ll be on the lookout for garments to cover his sensitive skin from the sun.

    “I have this force-belt-thingy, but if you guys don’t want the armor I’m sure I can put it to use.”

  9. Thrak takes “Blinky” from Cobb with a note of thanks and realises, chagrined, that he’s hoarding fire power.

    “Uh, Cobb, I didn’t think too hard about… what do you call it… the equitable distribution of fire arms among our little party here. Sorry about that. Here.” And with that, Thrak hands over the fully loaded Ruger MP-9 SMG. “As you can see, there’s plenty of ammo for it here now!”

    Thrakazog sticks to stocking up on 7.62 mmR rounds for his rifle, sort of glad that he doesn’t have to concern himself with two different guns at hand. And still feeling a little sheepish about not thinking about the other party members.

    Distracted, though, he turns to the little robot in his hands and contemplates how best to find out what it does. He casts a pleading glance around at the rest of the crew, hoping that somebody with more Tech background can lend a hand.

    “Now, let’s see if we can’t figure out what you are, my little
    friend. And where you come from.”

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