Sikich AWOL

Gah; sorry about the lack of posts – it’s been a pretty tiring week. I’ll try to get something up ASAP; you’re probably pretty eager to find out what’s in Sogor’s hoard.

On another topic… Sikich’s player has gone AWOL. Feel free to run him as a ‘shared’ PC until I find a player to take him over.

And if you’re a lurker here, chime in anytime for Sikich. He’s a fine mutant mind mage, dreadfully intelligent and strangely compelling (though fearfully weak).

Check out Sikich’s character sheet for more info. You can get a hold of me at k-slacker (at) if you’re interested.


~ by K-Slacker on 08-Feb-08.

One Response to “Sikich AWOL”

  1. OOC — indeed, quite eager to see what’s in Sogor’s hoard. But with a fairly new spawn still infecting your own doorstep (never mind that first one), it’s relatively understandable about a certain dearth of time, you know…

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